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  1. The first Mortal Kombat movie was 100 minutes long. I'm not sure why the Snyder cult seems to think this one needs to be 3 hours.
  2. That's probably just Google being wrong about runtimes. We won't know the actual runtime till theaters are notified by the MPAA.
  3. This is the peak of the monsterverse. There's no more 2 iconic monsters than Godzilla and Kong, even further movies in the series won't get this much hype.
  4. It's the perfect movie for this exact time in the world. There hasn't been a big movie in a while and nothing screams "watch it in theaters" like a giant monkey taking on a giant lizard. I have my doubts if any other blockbuster could have done this kind of business this weekend with the same circumstances. It also has no references to the real world or tries to say anything political or make a statement about anything apart from "watch these 2 fight". So it's a good, tension free watch for most people.
  5. Because the rape gang are pretty clearly with the bad guys? Pepe would have been with the good guys. It's not that hard to parse
  6. He is pretty bad in this movie though. He's basically the Woody Harrelson role from 2012.
  7. Moves back one week for some reason I'm guessing some big movie is moving to Valentine's Day weekend? Because otherwise this makes little sense, open on the extended Valentines Day weekend and get a good drop over extended Presidents Day.
  8. Perfect example of a movie knowing why people are watching it and giving the audience exactly what they want. Once the setup is dispensed with in the first 40 minutes, the next hour is great. The GvK fights are great and I am so thankful there was no hiding the monsters like Godzilla 14, and no obscured night time fights like Pacific Rim, and no rainy debris filled fight like KOTM. Was most surprised by this scene being in the movie tbh
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