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  1. Great game. Worth staying up till 2am for. Might end up being one of the best of the tournament by the end as well.
  2. @DMan7 is threadbanned for a week under our zero tolerance policy. Either engage in discussions or stop trolling with every comment.
  3. The hype video in India has been fully hyped. A month of great action ahead.
  4. They are definitely building to the trailer slowly. I would presume sometime next week so it is attached to Jurassic World
  5. There were a couple of scenes which did look bad in terms of CGI, more accurately a couple of shots, but those were minor enough. Thinking on it, my biggest issue with the movie is the tonal whiplash and how the movie seems to jump between like 4-5 different tones every minute almost in the 3rd act.
  6. President Trump will mark 10 years in office of his life-term as President during the opening ceremony.
  7. Hoping Brazil or Argentina win to stop the Europe streak at 3. My dream scenario is an Argentina vs Portugal final to sign off on the Messi-Ronaldo era.
  8. England will win till they get knocked out, likely in the round of 16
  9. JW2 killed Solo. With basically only Japan left, looks like a best case of 180M OS.
  10. I watched Jurassic World 2 today. Didn't like it. It's entertaining enough but the second half is very bad.
  11. At one point Pratt says "She's been tranqd", having spent too much time here I heard it as "She's been Tranked" and thought Josh Trank had tweeted disowning this movie.
  12. Just watched this. I wanted the nerd character to die because he was just so awful. The first half is fun, the second goes off the rails in a big big way. Overall, 7/10 for the first half, 3/10 for the second.

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