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  1. West Indies, Pakistan and Sri Lanka all self destructed at the end of their innings. WI and Pakistan both needed to not take risks against Starc and they would have won. India almost gave the game away but the review against Smith was crucial.
  2. This summer is trash ( @CJohn) . From now till the end of summer I don't see anything opening above 30M apart from Toy Story, Spiderman, Lion King and Hobbs, maybe Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. And I'm not keeping a high bar, just 30M
  3. Watched Murder Mystery. Not bad, probably the best Sandler comedy for Netflix, and in general the best Sandler comedy in a long time. Takes a while to get going but once the murder happens it's pretty well paced with a pretty good action scene at the end. They even do the "steering wheel on the wrong side" joke better than MIB International did. Aniston and Sandler have no chemistry though, would have been so much better with Drew Barrymore who I think plays off Sandler very well.
  4. And that's a thing to remember. This is literally dumping most of the footage they have in narrative form. There will be reshoots and edits to tighten it up by the time it releases.
  5. I rewatched MIB this week and it's surprising how small scale the entire thing is. It feels huge but there's not a single huge action setpiece in it. The final action sequence is Will Smith screaming at a cockroach while stepping on other cockroaches. It ends with the iconic saucer crash but the actual action is very limited in scope in the movie.
  6. The format should just be like the World T20s, gives enough countries a chance, lesser games but still favors the higher ranked teams. Or even the 2011 World Cup format which worked so well. The worst thing to ever happen to Cricket's development was India and Pakistan being knocked out by Bangladesh and Ireland in 2007.
  7. This tournament is an embarrassment due to the weather and the stretched out schedule. It's a world cup, they should have put 2 games a day instead of this nonsense. I'm hoping India vs Pakistan is washed out on Sunday as that's the only way the ICC will change anything.
  8. I have the feeling that this movie will suffer the same thing as Dark Phoenix where audiences are more interested in what is next for the franchise than the current movie.
  9. Holder and Braithwaite made a mistake at the end. Play Starc out through singles instead of the big shot and West Indies pull it off.
  10. MIB has done that in previous movies with Stallone and others. I'm sure they get the celebrities permission first.
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