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  1. Hichki didn’t drop at all in its second weekend @a2k @NamakFiskKa. Smallfoot opened to 2M on Friday and was 10M Saturday and 13M Sunday. Both movies with great word of mouth.
  2. Looking at China numbers and a Bollywood movie didn’t drop at all in its second weekend and has a 9.4 audience rating. Smallfoot has a 9.3 audience rating. Both should hopefully have long runs. Smallfoot actually opened to 2M Yuan and on Sunday did 12M Yuan.
  3. First Man's hold makes me think audiences don't want a silent contemplative Gosling in movies. All his big movies are the charming, smiling Gosling types. He's basically Julia Roberts from the 90s, only her charming roles worked.
  4. Mortal Engines looks right, might even be overestimated. Spiderverse might open a bit better. As with all holiday releases, the big deal is with legs as opposed to a big opening. These movies are at a disadvantage since this year the big holiday legs will be for the openings on the 19th and 21st. These movies should do 3-4x legs, the 19th and 21st openers will do 5-6x.
  5. Good preview number, the weekend depends on how frontloaded to Friday it will be. Probably a 60-65M weekend currently. Maybe it can get to 70. Reading the Deadline report, I saw that Paranormal 3 opened to 8M midnights. That franchise had a huge fall from grace at the end.
  6. True, but nostalgia hadn't begun to eat itself at that time. A property which has true nostalgic feelings attached to it is a license to print money nowadays. The reviews are telling people that its a return to when Halloween was good, they got John Carpenter back, got Curtis back, the iconic score and the bad remakes in between helped people realize what they were missing. It's kind of the path Star Wars took. All that previous continuity is trash, let's return to the true continuity with some things you recall fondly.
  7. A mixture of a few things - the hot streak that horror is on this year, Jamie Lee Curtis returning and the marketing/quality of the movie (along with the release date). Halloween already did great numbers once before using the exact same tactic with H20. The issue for Texas Chainsaw or Friday the 13th is that they don't have the iconic foil to the monster that Halloween has with Jamie Lee Curtis, and they definitely lucked out that she had a long and respected career. I think, if New Line can get Robert Englund and Heather Langenkamp back together for one last Elm Street movie, that one can do big bucks as well. It's the only other franchise to have a somewhat iconic foil to the villain, and an iconic actor playing the villain as well. In fact, I won't be surprised if we get an announcement for a new Nightmare movie after this weekend.
  8. Speaking of great timing: https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3528166/friday-13th-legal-battle-drags-sean-cunningham-filed-notice-appeal/ Looks like at least a few more years in limbo for Jason
  9. The writer won the initial judgment. No way that goes unchallenged by the studio. Will be a while till F13 hits screens again.
  10. Why does he look like Johnny Depp?
  11. Hallmark are apparently doing 22 Christmas movies starting next week.
  12. They scheduled it on Feb 7 after Bond was already on Feb 14. So I’m going to assume no. This date let’s them have a good second weekend hold thanks to the Extended weekend as well.

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