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  1. My copy was delivered yesterday. Looking forward to reading it.
  2. The only one I can think of to match it. Trailer Aug 2014, release June 2017
  3. One thing I have always thought about is if the Dhoom series didn't kill John Abraham and Aamir Khan. Make a Dhoom 4 with another villain and then the villains team up in Dhoom 5 and Hrithik and Aishwarya return to help Abhishek. Always felt this could be huge.
  4. The Tiger Woods biopic found its third act and the framing device today. Oscars for Michael B Jordan as Tiger, Carl Weathers as his dad and Margot Robbie as his ex wife. I'm sure the scripts are already written and at producer's desks today.
  5. Reupping and pinning for some time

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