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  1. No movies will happen till 4th of July weekend. That feels like a good target for studios and the US government. Biden won't allow theaters to open up till 100 days at least which is first week of May, and audiences will take further time. Venom 2 will be the first movie back. I expect Black Widow to do the premier access thing and F&F to likely go to Christmas.
  2. Tagging @Jason @DAR @IronJimbo @Brainbug @matrixdmath5 @Daxtreme @4815162342 @Jake Gittes @Pandamia! @filmlover @Morieris @JamesCameronScholar @Slambros @Rorschach @Blankments @CoolioD1 @aabattery @MrPink @grim22 @Ethan Hunt @Porthos @Spagheditary @DeeCee @Wrath @Jandrew @Cmasterclay @Kalo @AndyLL @Jayhawk @Jay Hollywood @franfar @Water Bottle @Chewy @#ED @Empire @Fancyarcher @TalismanRing @captainwondyful @kayumanggi @Sam @The Futurist @Noctis @redfirebird2008 @RichWS @ddddeeee @K1stpierre @Ozymandias @a2k @The Stingray @Lordmandeep @MovieMan89 @Claire of Themyscira @tribefan695 @DAJK @Gopher @ElastiRoc @chasmmi @JJ-8 @Spidey Freak @YourMother the Edgelord @Arlborn @Nova @RobrtmanAStarWarsReference @cookie @grey ghost @lilmac @Jack Nevada @James @RandomCat @ChipMunky @elcaballero @MCKillswitch123 @angeldelmito @CaptainJackSparrow @Captain Craig @baumer @cannastop @75Live @Goffe @Tower @Napoleon @rukaio101 @Michael Gary Scott @POTUS @Walt Disney @darkelf @ChD @ShouldIBeHere @SchumacherFTW @Eevin @Alpha @Fullbuster @Mattrek @AJG @Webslinger @Kalderic @boomboom234 @vc2002 @Valonqar @Mulder @Blaze Heatnix @Shawn @sfran43 @Biggestgeekever @Thanos Legion @MrGlass2 @cax16 @Darth Lehnsherr @TLK @ACSlater @trifle @Exxdee @misafeco @Barnack @Ithil @StevenG @Finnick @Rebeccas @FantasticBeasts @CoolEric258 @Sheikh @Boxofficerules @KeepItU25071906 @LonePirate @titanic2187 @Olive @ZeeSoh @Jim Shorts @Mekanos @raulbalarezo @The Fast and the Furiosa @m3racer123 @That One Guy@SchumacherFTW @Telemachos@reddevil19 @chasmmi
  3. 1. Doesn't matter 2. I have no idea about Portrait, people put it on their lists I guess 3. Discretion on my part
  4. It isn't as even if those are public screenings, it won't be able to be seen by a large majority of this forum.
  5. Yeah. No The Father, Nomadland, Minari and similar movies. Not sure if One Night In Miami actually came out yesterday, if it did it is eligible.
  6. Hi all, It's that time of the year again. Due to 2020 being, shall we say, unique in terms of movie releases, there will be no Top 25 for the year. I will do a top 10 movies countdown instead. What is this list? This list just attempts to collate and consolidate the top 10 movies that box office forum members felt were the Best movies of 2020. Best is a relative term and this list attempts to get the consensus from the people who choose to participate. What am i asking for from the forum members? Not much, just send me your ranked list of best movies for the year by either PM or by posting in this thread. Any number of movies can be included in your list, but PLEASE RANK THE MOVIES. How will this work? I will take all responses received, and assign points to each position a movie is ranked at. The points will be distributed so that the top 3 movies in each list benefit more than lower ranked movies, and #1 benefits the most. Cool, till when do I have time to submit my list? I am aiming to have all responses in by February 5th. This gives people over a month to catch up on movies they may have missed. If enough responses are received by February 5th, then I will collate, assign points, calculate everything in 3 days and have the reveal on Superbowl Sunday as is tradition. Which movies are eligible? Any movie which premiered in 2020 in a form available to most general audiences - so festival premieres don't count. Any movie with a release date between Jan 1 and Feb 28 which are Oscar eligible are not eligible for this list. Are recorded versions of Broadway musicals eligible? No. That is it. Nothing else is asked or demanded of you. Just send me your list of top movies of the year. Include reasons why you have ranked a movie as #1 or #2 or whatever if you feel like it and I will do the rest. Let me know if you would be willing to send in a list. Hoping for a good response. Grim.
  7. Merry Christmas Everyone. @Blankments drew Spaghetti. @Wondy drew Chas. @chasmmi drew Blanks. @Ethan Hunt drew Gamer. @Fancyarcher drew Ethan. @MrGamer drew Panda. @grim22 drew Water Bottle. @The Panda dre Fancyarcher. @RobrtmanAStarWarsReference drew Schu. @SchumacherFTW drew Grim. @Spaghetti drew Robertman. @Plain Old Tele drew Captain Wondyful. @Water Bottledrew Tele. Now you know who to thank or blame or ask for a receipt to exchange the gift
  8. Received my gift and also sent to my recipient. The gift I received is more for my daughter than for me, she will love it.
  9. I don't see any scope for a big increase in tickets sold and stuff, mainly because CA, NY, IL and many other big states are still closed and show no signs of opening up again. Will be hard to have big presale increases with limited markets, but maybe it can make it to 15M OW?
  10. WB's decision is the only way Dune gets a sequel. That movie would bomb otherwise.
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