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  1. Weren't they going to have an event to announce all their 50th anniversary movies? One with SRK, one with Salman, one with Aamir and one would be Ajay Devgan's first movie with them.
  2. I liked the first 3 episodes. Watched them at my dentist while getting my teeth cleaned.
  3. Good article about how one pivotal scene is played by the lead in all the 5 different versions: https://www.filmcompanion.in/features/malayalam-features/the-best-scene-in-drishyam-as-performed-by-mohanlal-kamal-haasan-ajay-devgn-venkatesh-and-ravichandran-malayalam-tamil-telugu-kannada-bollywood-jeethu-joseph-baradwaj-rangan/
  4. This is definitely old production info which never got updated. Filming outdoors in Chicago will not be allowed by the state right now.
  5. Why? It's complete and has a pretty good release date with a 4th of July boost for the 2nd weekend as well. Shang Chi isn't a threat to it, especially OS, and no guarantee Shang Chi will even be ready on time.
  6. I think WW84 is done moving apart from maybe one last one to Valentine's Day if needed. If it can't make it by Feb, it will go VOD.
  7. It's not good. Crudup is great, everything else about it is bad. The only thing worth watching on Apple+ is Ted Lasso, now that is a great show. Pretty much the perfect show for this current time.
  8. Which are the non PopTV, non HBO winners so far? It's basically been those 2 networks. Voters got real lazy.
  9. Anthony Anderson is the only guy bringing energy to the show.
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