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  1. The showdowns currently are pretty awful. You can either look at how much a movie made on a given day, or what the total gross was for the movie, but not both. And no weekends and weekly totals are included in the showdowns anymore. They made something that was very simple into "WTF is this nonsense" https://www.boxofficemojo.com/showdown/sd456914436/
  2. They have gone from a very intuitive design in which everything led to somewhere else logically to whatever this new arrangement is. It's like they tested to find out what the most annoying interface would be and decided to use that one.
  3. This feels like a low end estimate for OS in the article
  4. They didn't let people know the Box Office Mojo forums were closing. This forum is a direct descendant from that overnight closure.
  5. This really sputtered out after 2015. Has 2 months to make 6.7M https://www.boxofficemojo.com/title/tt0290296/?ref_=bo_rl_ti
  6. Don 1 is one of the best uses of an audience's knowledge being turned against them. Since it is a remake and we see that the villain has been changed from the original, we assume that is the one change made to the movie to differentiate it. Then they hit us with the crazy twist at the end which recontextualizes the entire movie. It's so so well done.
  7. Even Saand ki Aankh looks bad because of the young actresses not being able to convey being old, try as they might.
  8. With the BOM update, Joker has made more OS than the target of this club Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $213,820,373 35.2% + Foreign: $392,900,000 64.8% = Worldwide: $606,720,373
  9. This is pretty huge news: https://deadline.com/2019/10/hbo-max-studio-ghibli-streaming-rights-1202762553/ First time ever Ghibli will be streaming anywhere.
  10. Ang Lee’s first back to back critical and commercial failures. Technology is swallowing him whole and turning his recent years into the equivalent of Zemeckis’s MoCap phase.
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