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    Based on these numbers, there is a chance Aquaman grosses more than MoS’s OS gross before OD in the US. Should be at almost 300M by Sunday and with a lot of openings on Tuesday/Wednesday of next week 377M is just about the right goal by Friday.
  2. The advertising campaigns for both movies have tried to do nothing to dispel that belief. Both focus more on Lord/Miller and PJ's names. At NYCC, PJ even introduced the footage as "Here's 20 minutes from our upcoming movie" and in some theaters I hear that PJ does a short introduction before the ME trailer plays.
  3. If you hated Godzilla 14, you will love this movie. Anyone who hated G14 for the obvious reasons - no strong central protagonist, constant fight cutaways, not enough Godzilla and monster action, will come out of this movie beaming. This movie will have great legs compared to the stumps for legs that G14 had.
  4. UK continued its previews on Thursday, bringing in an estimated £552k ($698k) on 843 screens and maintaining the top spot with a 53% share of the top five films in the market. Aquaman‘s two-day cume is now £1.4m ($1.8m).
  5. grim22


  6. 1.3M OD: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/box-office-aquaman-hurtles-past-150m-overseas-1169392
  7. grim22


    So a 17M opening in markets minus China since China was 135M thru Thursday. More markets open on Friday. Guessing 80-100M might happen thru Sunday depending on the Saturday jumps. That would put it ahead of JL's pace on OW in the territories with a lot of big countries yet to open.
  8. Looking at the presales, I think Aquaman will come in second on Saturday even though it only has shows at 7pm. A lot of theaters near me have added a 4th show now and even those are selling well. I think it will need about 4M from the Amazon Prime shows to come in second on Saturday.
  9. Watching this on Saturday on something called ScreenX, apparently its a 270 degree screen. Should be fun. Staying out of the thread and related discussions to avoid spoilers till then.
  10. Mortal Engines OW < Mortal Instruments OW
  11. Because most of the theaters it is playing in are not ticketed through Fandango
  12. Read the whole thing. It's flagged for the staff to do it. I would recommend incessantly tweeting at the RT staff, that always works.
  13. It now needs to not drop below 70%. Solo was so close to Certified Fresh. It had 59 fresh reviews after 79 reviews. The next 2 which came in were Rotten and then Fresh preventing it from hitting 75%. It never fell below 70, so if the Fresh review was the 80th one, then Solo would have been the edge case for Certified Fresh. Interstellar still remains the edge case.

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