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  1. How do you think the 3 seashells came to be? Lack of toilet paper. LA and other places are already ticketing people who are outside during the no gatherings rule, just a step away from ticketing people for swearing
  2. They almost lived up to the title https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/590544-zac-efron-almost-died-after-catching-lethal-bacterial-infection
  3. Not just passing it, contracting it and potentially dying. A lot of people already have underlying medical conditions they don't know about. Everyone should stop acting like they are immune to it. I completely agree with Mark Cuban here, if a company truly values its workers then this is the time to show it. Give people a job guarantee for the 2 months or so needed and people will repay it with loyalty instead of being a Hobby Lobby or a 24 hour fitness or a Gamestop https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/25/coronavirus-mark-cuban-warns-against-rushing-employees-back-to-work.html And the bright side is getting to stay alive. Businesses, jobs and the economy can be rebuilt - lives cannot be.
  4. They can deliver the virus and the testing: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2020/03/24/amazon-warehouse-workers-coronavirus-positive/
  5. "Rally around the flag". Normally people would not say anything against the President in times like these, that clearly isn't the case right now.
  6. There is a "rally around the flag" that happens during crises. Despite that, he's at 45% when any other President would be over 70 at least. Wisconsin and Arizona will decide who will be President without needing to wait for Florida.
  7. And this is where the Government needs to step in. The entire reason there is a government is to ensure people don't suffer. It's easy to do as well - UBI for everyone, freeze rents and mortgages, no evictions, national guard for food delivery. There are ways to do this without encouraging spread. But of course Trump is a moron and the GOP is out to kill people at the expense of corporations anyway.
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