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  1. Isn't Wes Anderson's audience millennials with disposable income rather than the older gen X and boomers
  2. "set in the Batman universe" =/= The Batman. A Batman movie requires the setpieces. Making a movie without those would be like making a Bond movie where he's just sitting and contemplating his alcoholism and mortality.
  3. This is definitely going to lead to additional gun safety measures on movie sets for sure. Prior to each take, the gun will be fired at a bag of sand as precaution or something similar.
  4. Most movies are not produced by a Disney, WB or Universal directly. They set up a shell production company for each individual movie which operates as its own business entity. This is so that all expenses, production costs, box office etc. is attributable to that legal entity, and that entity (which is basically part of the studio) pays the studio money for using their sets, for distributing and marketing their movie and so on under ridiculously inflated numbers. This allows movie studios to show that movies have not made a profit (how can they with those distribution expenses and
  5. Ray Fisher is the most bitter man in showbiz. He just has to insert himself into everything.
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