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  1. INDIAN WOMEN BEAT AUSTRALIA IN HOCKEY!!! Completely unexpected.
  2. Alright, I see this thread isn't going to improve or change by the looks of it. Let's take another time out.
  3. India make the Hockey semifinals for the first time in half a century. It's a huge emotional thing for India to finally get there again.
  4. The 180-185M range looks most likely. It's now behind the first Ant Man in dailies, following that movies daily numbers exactly would get it to 190+ from here, but it's behind that movie by about 30% daily and it held better going forward as well.
  5. It just feels like musicals face an issue with audiences in general. And this didn't have a big showstopping number unlike The Greatest Showman.
  6. Really good deep dive into the ScarJo case. Pretty much will come down to whether the court considers emails or not, if it ever actually goes to trial, which it won't because Disney will not want discovery
  7. Genuinely good pilot episode there, and then it just collapses. The book was fine as well.
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