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  1. Good tweet thread with legal and mostly free links to all the nominated shorts
  2. Just discussed this with other mods and we will go with one thread for weekdays Monday thru Friday and one for the weekends. Of course, at our discretion we might do daily threads to follow some runs in the future and so on. But for the lean periods it makes sense. @sfran43 this thread will be the weekdays thread for this week @a2k don't create one for tomorrow if you see the numbers first
  3. No Beyonce, no Taylor, no power ballad from Aladdin, no Jessie Buckley Star making performance, no Elton-Egerton duet. The best song really collapsed in a big way from the expected starpower
  4. Looks surprisingly decent. Should do decent business as well. If this is a hit and Venom 2 is a hit as well, Sony likely pulls Spidey out after the 3rd movie next year and goes their own way for a while.
  5. True. Neon has been running great campaigns. They managed to get Honeyland in both documentary and foreign film and of course Parasite in most categories.
  6. A24 was the big loser for sure. They had 3 movies they could have rallied behind and they just didn't. Only one nom IIRC
  7. She should lean into more "women of color" roles. All colors such as blue, Green, red and so on.
  8. Rami Malek was an anchor he couldn't shake off in the end. Rocketman probably needed to wait a year or so. Could have had better box office and more awards.
  9. I can see this happening after Hanks missed with Captain Phillips, Saving Mr Banks, The Post and others since Castaway.
  10. Good numbers for 1917 and Just Mercy. Rise of Skywalker running total will likely fall behind Rogue One on Sunday. Still headed for a 500-510M finish unless it crashes next week with theater loss.
  11. It didn't lose all premium screens. Still playing in Prime and Dolby in most places, and even IMAX in half the theaters. The 4 week engagement ends next week.
  12. That's just a DSS. Not sure why that would be the worst thing you have ever seen. It's basically how every company is run, use the DSS to forecast future demand and revenue.
  13. That wasn't a good trailer, especially after everything the movie has been through.
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