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  1. 11 minutes ago, JGAR4LIFE said:

    I would agree if this were The Little Mermaid or something like that but Cruella seems like it could be more like Dumbo or The Lady and the Tramp

    Yeah, I actually agree. Cruella is a character who was designed to be reviled. She lacks the class of Maleficent and she certainly isn't a Disney princess. Idk if she'll have the same star power that Disney princesses have. Again, we'll have to wait and see.

  2. 5 hours ago, JGAR4LIFE said:

    I am starting to wonder if this will actually stay in November. I hope not but now with this composer announcement plus the rating revealed already, it might come out much sooner.

    I don't expect any major "blockbuster" release to stay in its current spot--not even Tenet or Mulan with an inevitable jump in cases.


    But we'll see.

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  3. 50 minutes ago, TerwillikerInst said:

    Yeah, but Kong:Skull Island featured a totally different lead monster, tone, and look from both Godzilla 2014 and KOTM. It's not really a coincidence that the most successful film of this franchise was the only one that didn't feature Godzilla at all.

    A lot of these are good points. Each film has been different in style and tone.


    The same should be expected for Godzilla vs. Kong. Whether audiences will bite remains to be seen.

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  4. West Virginia is the only state without a confirmed case. 31 tests have been submitted. 26 have turned up negative, while 5 have yet to be determined.


    Considering how unhealthy people generally are in this area, I'm very surprised that we have not acquired a single case yet. Then again, we lack a dense population, and international travel is uncommon among state residents.





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  5. Saw it today, as I had the day off. This beat the hell out of Birds of Prey, and I'm sure I would enjoy it more than any other February release this year.


    Keep in mind, I was someone who initially wanted to see it 10 months ago because the design was so bad and wanted a laugh. I still got some laughs from this. It's worth at least one matinee viewing.

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  6. If it's likely to be finished in less than six months, release it in March. If it's not, push it back. Just don't throw it to the wolves during the Summer.


    I have a feeling that these films can thrive much better outside of the Summer months anyway. Kong: Skull Island proved that releasing them in the heat of May or June isn't necessary, as long as the movie itself appeals to audiences.

  7. 4 minutes ago, OdinSon2k14 said:

    Well ya take half a decade, and let audiences think about not seeing Godzilla, in the Godzilla film in 2014...the ship has already sailed. KOTM is actually a good movie, so maybe they have awoken the audience from their long, 5-year slumber. Maybe Godzilla vs Kong does decent numbers.

    Yeah, if this movie is a success, it's not going to make fantastic numbers. It will just make enough to generate a decent profit.

  8. Not really sure what to say about this that people don't already know. The chemistry between Hemsworth and Thompson works well enough, but everything else falls flat. Really flat.


    You're not missing out on anything by choosing to skip this movie. I like the MiB series, but this one will likely be forgotten by most people in less than a year. I enjoyed it slightly more than Dark Phoenix at least.

  9. 42 minutes ago, kaijukurt said:

    I hope that wasnt intentional, but theres no need to sound mean-spirited about some members just because they arent posting here right now. 


    Besides, nothing wrong/delusional with the line of thinking that "Godzilla & even more monsters" would gross more than "just Godzilla." People are free to speculate. 

    Yeah, I think some people are high strung about this little tidbit. Whatever reason they may have, it is silly.


    Some of us are sticking around. The nature of the box office fascinates me. Also, you won't see many of us going into threads about DCU or MCU films bashing superhero films, or Disney films, or the people who love them.


    On another note, talking smack about box office numbers is pointless.

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  10. 2 hours ago, John Marston said:

    WB need to sack Adam Wingard (why was this guy hired? Lol) and bring in either James Wan or Jordan Vogt Roberts to take over 

    Jordan isn't directing another MonsterVerse film, as much as I wish he would. He's still trying to get the Metal Gear Solid film off the ground.


    2 hours ago, Minnale101 said:

    Where are the Godzilla fans on this site. All of them disappeared lol

    We're still here. 

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