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  1. I expected a delay. Hopefully it's because the movie needs more time and not because Wingard & co. fucked so many things up along the lines.
  2. If this flops, it'll only prove that I don't understand the tastes of Disney fans and what they truly like.
  3. If it's likely to be finished in less than six months, release it in March. If it's not, push it back. Just don't throw it to the wolves during the Summer. I have a feeling that these films can thrive much better outside of the Summer months anyway. Kong: Skull Island proved that releasing them in the heat of May or June isn't necessary, as long as the movie itself appeals to audiences.
  4. I was still going to see this no matter what the score said. Still, it's good to know that while there is a drop off in the score compared to its predecessor, critics aren't outright saying that it sucks. But I don't watch horror films to get scared. I watch them to be entertained. I expect that much from this.
  5. The first one didn't click with me, but I'm glad a lot of other people are excited for this. It just feels weird to see its first sign of marketing with less than three months to go.
  6. I mustered up the courage to watch the trailer. This kind of stuff doesn't endear me to musicals.
  7. I loved KotM, but I'm also a fan of the Godzilla franchise, so I am admittedly biased. Meanwhile, I saw The Lion King when I was....12. That was like, 2003. A lot of the movies from Disney's "renaissance" period were ones I didn't see until YEARS after they were released, so I don't have the attachment to them that other people have. But the 1993 film was so much better. There is no denying this. This remake did not replicate the magic of that film.
  8. My date wanted to see this. Neither of us enjoyed it. "Soulless" isn't the right word for this kind of movie. Based on this, I don't really care to see any other Disney live action remakes in the future. The Mouse™ is bloated. I can always watch the original films in my niece's collection if I want to.
  9. Oddly enough, I'm not as excited for this film as I was with the first part. I guess I'll need to wait for the second trailer.
  10. The Lion King is beloved, but those expectations should be reserved for immensely awaited films. Endgame is a great example of a film that was reasonably expected to break past $2 billion. The Lion King has not been anticipated as much as Endgame was.
  11. RT scores don't mean shit for movies like this. TLK is still going to make more than $1 billion, I feel. The Mouse will still be fed.
  12. So, the most important question I have is: Does this mean McDonald's will bring back its Szechuan sauce? Because I know this is going to be huge already...
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