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  1. I'm going to say IN because I can't see why it wouldn't, expect maybe due to the crowded Summer 2018 schedule. However, there won't be many horror films during that time, so I think it's likely we'll see it with one of the higher grosses next Summer.
  2. I think if the film is on DoFP levels of acclaim, the ceiling for this is $750 million. But I wouldn't complain if it made more than that...
  3. Alright. I admit that I was so wrong about this. It has my attention now, at least. But with a synopsis like It's hard not to have low expectations for it.
  4. The synopsis I read for this is fucking garbage. I already hate this, and the teaser isn't even out yet. Impressively bad...
  5. As sad as it is, I have to say that I am IN.
  6. Well....two of these things are mostly true and sometimes parallel reality, if you think about it.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if this film grossed less in China than its predecessor. It just doesn't look very appealing. It's a forced sequel that clearly lacks Del Toro's influence. I want it to be good, but I also want it to stay true to the first film and feel connected to its universe. I feel they only did the bare minimum for this one.
  8. Saw it. I believe it was worth the price of admission, and as expected, it's something that mostly kids will enjoy. My niece loved it, as did so many other kids at the showing. This is coming from a guy who hates watching musical numbers in films. It was solid.
  9. I got the trailer with My Little Pony, oddly enough. People laughed at it. Without Del Toro, this is going to be a disaster.
  10. So far, the monster design that was revealed is the first thing I've seen that I actually like about this. The rest needs improvement. I guess I'll find out later tonight after MLP: The Movie since I'll be working while the trailer for this premieres.
  11. Pulling an Independence Day: Resurgence, basically? It would be a bullshit thing to do, but I am anticipating it.
  12. Tuesday Box Office, AM 2.0, IT 1.39, LEGO .643

    Tomorrow, IT will pass The Sixth Sense's domestic total, not including inflation of course. It's less than $300,000 shy of that mark.
  13. First one made me do a double-take because it reminded me so much of Legendary's design for Godzilla. They have my interest at the moment.

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