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  1. Had I known this club existed, I would have joined. Hellboy is going to struggle to touch $30 million, let alone RIPD's domestic cume. Its worldwide cume is also likely toast. Damn good club.
  2. NoobSaibot

    HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

    Oh God, where do I begin? Without going into details and writing a book (or review), there are so many problems with this movie. Editing. Some of the acting was laughable at times. Also, the movie moves too fucking fast. They hop from scene to scene like it's something that most movies do. I think a lot of the issues could have been fixed by tightening up the script and getting an experienced and competent editor. It's like they screwed around during principal photography and then realized they had a movie to make, then patched this thing up together. I can't remember the last time I was this disappointed after seeing a movie. Probably the 1998 Godzilla adaptation. I wanted to BELIEVE, damn it!
  3. NoobSaibot

    HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

    Fuck. I made plans to see this with friends tonight. I hope it's so bad it's good, and not just bad because it IS bad.
  4. The trailers for the 2014 film hid a lot more. We only saw brief glimpses of Godzilla, and the MUTOs were a mystery for the most part. The spots and trailers for Godzilla: King of the Monsters have been going all out.
  5. I've heard from friends who took their kids to see this that the movie was overall more depressing than necessary. (More depressing than the original film, even.) If this is true, I think that is why Dumbo is faring so poorly in the box office. But I haven't seen it yet, so my thoughts likely mean nothing.
  6. NoobSaibot

    HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

    Lionsgate once again drops the ball with its marketing. Judging by their trends, they really suck at this.
  7. Okey-dokey. Either way, it would at least make sense for them in this case, because Godzilla; King of the Monsters is disaster/science fiction. It will be competing with a horror film and a biographical film. They're still very different genres.
  8. Blumhouse announced Ma's release date after Godzilla was shifted to May 31st, but I think Rocketman was there before Godzilla took the spot. (Please correct me if I am wrong.) If anything, Blumhouse is confident in its own products and rightly so. They're serious competitors, particularly in the horror industry. They have a good reason to feel that way as well, especially with a film that has a production budget which will likely be less than $50 million dollars.
  9. He didn't necessarily say it would. His statement was a valid point. The 2014 film didn't make as much as anticipated. But it's not going to open with a little over $40 million. Not with the marketing that WB is pushing for this. They didn't go this far with Kong or the movie 5 years ago, either. Again, it's all about the legs.
  10. Regardless, it's not going to open with such a low gross. That was my main point. As I said in my last post, the legs will determine how well this does domestically. If it's as dynamic as most people think it will be, the legs will likely be much better than the 2014 film. They aren't hiding anything this time and they're going all out.
  11. I said it already in the Godzilla thread, but these same guys low-balled Kong: Skull Island two years ago. They predicted that it would open with $40 million and end with $100 million. It actually opened with more than $60 million, and with decent legs, it nearly grossed $170 million by the end of its run. Now, will I say that this movie will be WB's crown jewel this year? No. I think Detective Pikachu will.
  12. Really, what's going to make or break this film will be its own legs. If it's good, more people will likely see it. If it has an underwhelming reception like 2014 did, then I could see it struggle to break past $110 million. I'm pretty sure that won't be the case this time. Kong had decent legs, opened with more than $60 million and ultimately grossed $168 million at the end of its run. If Godzilla has a stronger opening and has good legs, it should pass Godzilla 2014 quite firmly. It ultimately comes down to what people will want to see, and if people are willing to give the movie a chance after what the previous film offered, then it should be fine.
  13. Two years ago, Box Office Pro predicted that Kong: Skull Island would open with a paltry $40 million and finish with $100 million. We all know how that ended.
  14. Sounds like this is a special preview being shown only this weekend, fellas.

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