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  1. The Lion King is beloved, but those expectations should be reserved for immensely awaited films. Endgame is a great example of a film that was reasonably expected to break past $2 billion. The Lion King has not been anticipated as much as Endgame was.
  2. RT scores don't mean shit for movies like this. TLK is still going to make more than $1 billion, I feel. The Mouse will still be fed.
  3. So, the most important question I have is: Does this mean McDonald's will bring back its Szechuan sauce? Because I know this is going to be huge already...
  4. Also, I'm actually quite glad that they aren't pulling a Justice League despite KotM's performance. That didn't go over well.
  5. Yeah, if this movie is a success, it's not going to make fantastic numbers. It will just make enough to generate a decent profit.
  6. Some of the CGI was actually a bit rough in certain spots, but for the most part they were okay.
  7. Not really sure what to say about this that people don't already know. The chemistry between Hemsworth and Thompson works well enough, but everything else falls flat. Really flat. You're not missing out on anything by choosing to skip this movie. I like the MiB series, but this one will likely be forgotten by most people in less than a year. I enjoyed it slightly more than Dark Phoenix at least.
  8. Yeah, I think some people are high strung about this little tidbit. Whatever reason they may have, it is silly. Some of us are sticking around. The nature of the box office fascinates me. Also, you won't see many of us going into threads about DCU or MCU films bashing superhero films, or Disney films, or the people who love them. On another note, talking smack about box office numbers is pointless.
  9. Jordan isn't directing another MonsterVerse film, as much as I wish he would. He's still trying to get the Metal Gear Solid film off the ground. We're still here.
  10. Which is fine. It would be weird forcing one right out the gate two months after KotM's release.
  11. They aren't going to sell it to Netflix. They may not even be able to depending on WB's contract with Toho.
  12. I think one other issue people aren't taking into consideration is that Toho is distributing in Japan. This means they either get a cut of, or all of the money grossed there. I'm not sure what the agreement is. If it's all of the money, then you may as well take Japan off of the list.
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