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  1. 5 hours ago, Walt Disney said:

    What you said was factually incorrect. You said that Eisner said that about Disney. I said that he was talking about movies in general while working at Paramount. Stop trying to backtrack. You were wrong. Accept it and move on. 

    I never said Eisner said it about Disney, learn to read. 


    5 hours ago, NCsoft said:

    You're intentionally changing the narrative. It's never about being a "little indie movie", there is a reason that we're on a box office website not a annual award season blog. The indie movie industry is actually quite healthy now,  I'm not worried about that. it's the "blockbuster industry" that is the problem. 


    Despite costing hundred of millions of dollars, Avatar was a singular directorial vision, a original film break out (one of the last of its kind, along with Inception), one of the greatest risks undertaken in films, and brought about massive technological film advancements from performance capture to 3D, and had one of the greatest global box office run of all time. Something can feel fresh and revolutionary without being "a little indie film". We're not lamenting the lost of small budget indies, we're lamenting the loss of groundbreaking original blockbusters that changes the outlook of films.

    Despite costing hundred of millions, Avatar is not a pointless reboot of a 80s and 90s franchise, it is not a sequel or spin off and literally everyone dreaded (like Dark Phoenix, or MIB:I), it's not the 10th live action remake of a 90s animated classic, and it is not the 35th installment of the lastest superhero universe with source material dating all the way back to the 1950s. Avatar should not be punished because of its unprecedented success, it was unique because of that.


    Avatar 2,3,4,5 turning "corporate" doesn't erase the fact that Avatar was this original groundbreaking film deservedly holding the all time crown, you can dispute the sequels being corporate but that has nothing to do with Avatar holding the crown. 

    Regarding Avatar 2-5, I see it as Cameron trying to create his own legacy franchise akin to LOTR and Star Wars OT. Would I have preferred him sticking to original films? Probably. But at least Avatar sequels will still be a singular directorial vision, at least they're not based on ancient pre-existing source material and there is a well realized world where the story could literally go anywhere, at least they are a product of this era and not a nostalgia based cash-grab? Does this generation not deserve its own creation and it's own legacy franchise? And if the guy behind Avatar, Titanic, Terminator, True Lies, and The Abyss wants to do a couple of sequels, I say he's earned to right to do it.



    NCSoft challenging Scholar for the record of most Wang blow outs. :Gaga:

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  2. 6 hours ago, 4815162342 said:

    For about 2/3 of all lists submitted, this was firmly in the #1 spot, until the final gamut knocked it down to the fifth spot. The film that overtook it is the film that ultimately is out #1 for 2019.

    How is this possible if FOTR only got 3 #1 spots? So Titanic did get the most #1 spots or not? Also how did it get that low and have 2/3 of the top spots? I don't understand what this statement is actually saying... 

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  3. 12 minutes ago, Permanent Magnet said:


    Instead of taking the L with some respect you will Cry harder, no Wonder.

    Yes Disney is the only corporate that is here for only making money, while JC is making those Avatar sequels for scientific purposes and certainly not for money.

    And yes cry about sequels and remakes while at the same time you cheer for 4 sequels, the true meaning of hypocrisy really.

    Not true, I think that Cameron should be doing original movies too, I could not care less about the sequels as art, they're about making money. Nothing in what I just said was anything to do with the sequels that are coming! Stop projecting pls

  4. 5 minutes ago, Walt Disney said:

    Eisner did not say that about Disney. Eisner said that movies were about making money. He said that when he was working for Paramount.

     “We have no obligation to make history. We have no obligation to make art. We have no obligation to make a statement. To make money is our only objective.” – Michael Eisner, Disney CEO (1984-2005) he said it in 1981, so he changed his mind in those 3 years? I doubt that. 



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  5. 1 minute ago, Nero said:

    Also you are mentioning the caste system but is there any country who doesnt know what Germany has done?

    The difference being we stopped committing horrendous crimes against our own population...


    4 minutes ago, Nero said:

    Fine then I won't leave but tell me the real reason. Why are you so hesitating? 5B or not? It's really interesting that you make such bold prediction but can't back it? 

    Bet against @JamesCameronScholar he'll actually take you up on it, although you'll have to do something less pathetic than 'don't come back here' XD 

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    1. Mad Max: Black & Chrome Edition
    2. Clerks
    3. Dr Strangelove
    4. Dead Man
    5. Sunset Boulevard
    6. Godzilla
    7. Rashomon
    8. City Lights
    9. Hard to be a God
    10. The Elephant Man
    11. It's A Wonderful Life
    12. 12 Angry Men
    13. La Strada
    14. The Seventh Seal
    15. Ivan's Childhood
    16. A Letter to Three Wives
    17. L'avventura
    18. Diabolique
    19. Seven Samurai
    20. To Kill a Mockingbird 
    21. Paths of Glory
    22. The Mark of Zorro
    23. Metropolis
    24. Double Indemnity
    25. Pi
    26. 8.5
    27. Manhattan
    28. Psycho
    29. Satantango
    30. Battleship Potemkin
    31. Notorious
    32. The General
    33. The Thin Man
    34. Safety Last
    35. All About Eve
    36. The Big Sleep
    37. Jezebel
    38. 400 Blows
    39. Ikiru
    40. A Street Car Named Desire
    41. Bicycle Thieves
    42. King Kong
    43. Down by Law
    44. Wild Strawberries
    45. Citizen Kane
    46. Tokyo Story
    47. The Apartment
    48. The Grapes of Wrath
    49. Casablanca
    50. The Wages of Fear
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  6. 2 hours ago, JamesCameronScholar said:

    Finally! Massive congratulations to Disney and Marvel for finally toppling Jim. No easy feat!


    This is a huge win for the movie industry in general. I was tiring of bespoke single vision movies and think that more interconncted universes and committee based film making are honestly better for those on the ground to have their voices heard.


    I'm just glad Disney did it fair and square in the end. Enjoy the victory MCU fans, it's tough at the top!

    Glad you remained civil in the face of them calling you shit like "Avatard" JCS. Eloquent as usual

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  7. It's actually a little bit sad to see Avatar deposed by something as corporate as AEG, it's like movie making is going the way of video games, where Fifa and COD just keep coming out each year and selling millions. 


    The numbers were so insanely manipulated too I think it shows Disney really doesn't care about much, even Iger and Eisner have said  plainly that Disney is about making money and nothing else. 


    Here's to another hundred live action remakes and Marvel movies eh. I wonder when they'll move onto the 1960s to start dregging up old cultural icons for us all to consume again :whosad:

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  8. On 7/18/2019 at 3:19 AM, 4815162342 said:

    #21 Avatar (2009)


    Composed by James Horner



    573 Points

    Top 5 Placements: 5


    2015 Placement: NOT RANKED


    2017 Placement: NOT RANKED



    And now we arrive at perhaps the biggest climb of all for this year's Top 100. The infusion of new participants helped drive up a number of James Horner works to new heights. Horner when hired by James Cameron promised to not work on any other project other than Avatar while production was underway, and worked with various persons, including an ethnomusicologist to craft a naturalistic musical culture and feel for the Na'vi. Horner himself described the film's score as being a fusion of two very different types of music, one for the Na'vi, and a more traditional orchestra for the humans. 




    The Top 20 is nigh, we'll visit that realm tomorrow.

    Avatar one of my all time faves, listen to it a lot in the background when I am in the garden or smth like that. 

  9. 9 hours ago, JamesCameronScholar said:

    All temps in (C) - 

    + 0.0°C = History of Human Civilization
    + 0.5°C = Safe Limit
    + 1.0°C = Massive Die-off of Insects & Animals, Increasingly Severe Weather Events, Huge Forest Fires, Massive Flooding, Droughts, Increasing Societal Destabilization, Increasing Disease, Lowering Life-Spans, Feedback Loops (Ocean Collapse, Permafrost Melt, etc) Triggered, (all happening now) 
    + 1.5°C = Increasingly Extreme Weather, Increasing Crop Failures, Increasing Forest Burn-off 
    + 2.0°C = Increasing Violence & Societal Breakdown, Re-introduction of Ancient Plagues Thawed from Permafrost 
    + 2.5°C = Severe Environmental Collapse, Long Humid Heat Waves Which Kill even Healthy People within Hours, Completely Unstable Food Production, Fish-free Oceans, Mass Starvation, Global Transition from Living to Surviving 
    + 3.0°C = Increasingly Hellish Conditions, Dead Oceans, Complete Forest Burn-Off, Pets & Wildlife likely already Hunted to Extinction 
    + 3.5°C = Apocalyptic Collapse of Organized Society
    + 4.0°C = Human Survival Unlikely 
    + 5.0°C = Human Extinction Very Certain, Likelihood of Permanent Environment Burn-off to non-life supporting Planet like Venus
    + 6.0°C = Our Current Trajectory this Century


    Sources 1 2 3


    If you do have children, or decide to have them, I'd advise getting them survival training classes. 

    This is scary, the best thing we can do to help others is not  have children. It's bad for everyone involved. I would never be that selfish tbh. 



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  10. 6 hours ago, JamesCameronScholar said:

    So that's how you sleep at night. You choose to be blind to what climate science is telling us. As I said previously, I wasn't talking about population changes, I was talking about an individuals' moral choice when having children. I merely pointed out that I could not bring a child into the world knowing full well that in the next 20-30 years they're in for a very rough time, to put it mildly. My generation has done so much damage to this planet, I really couldn't see something I love hurtling towards what I know will be a very bleak future given current trends.


    It's all theoretical anyway, I didn't realize it at the time but being gay ended up being more of a blessing than I could have ever hoped for, saved me those hard choices.  

    I agree with your sentiment tbh, I think you have to be sort of messed in the head nowadays to wants kids or some kind of sadist. It's like knowing cigarettes are killing you, we in the west know that civilization is really in for some real shit in the next 30 years who wants to put a kid into that? 

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