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  1. I never said Eisner said it about Disney, learn to read. NCSoft challenging Scholar for the record of most Wang blow outs.
  2. How is this possible if FOTR only got 3 #1 spots? So Titanic did get the most #1 spots or not? Also how did it get that low and have 2/3 of the top spots? I don't understand what this statement is actually saying...
  3. Not true, I think that Cameron should be doing original movies too, I could not care less about the sequels as art, they're about making money. Nothing in what I just said was anything to do with the sequels that are coming! Stop projecting pls
  4. “We have no obligation to make history. We have no obligation to make art. We have no obligation to make a statement. To make money is our only objective.” – Michael Eisner, Disney CEO (1984-2005) he said it in 1981, so he changed his mind in those 3 years? I doubt that.
  5. The difference being we stopped committing horrendous crimes against our own population... Bet against @JamesCameronScholar he'll actually take you up on it, although you'll have to do something less pathetic than 'don't come back here' XD
  6. Mad Max: Black & Chrome Edition Clerks Dr Strangelove Dead Man Sunset Boulevard Godzilla Rashomon City Lights Hard to be a God The Elephant Man It's A Wonderful Life 12 Angry Men La Strada The Seventh Seal Ivan's Childhood A Letter to Three Wives L'avventura Diabolique Seven Samurai To Kill a Mockingbird Paths of Glory The Mark of Zorro Metropolis Double Indemnity Pi 8.5 Manhattan Psycho Satantango Battleship Potemkin
  7. Shunning might be a thing in India, but in the west we really don't do the whole caste system thing.
  8. Glad you remained civil in the face of them calling you shit like "Avatard" JCS. Eloquent as usual
  9. It's actually a little bit sad to see Avatar deposed by something as corporate as AEG, it's like movie making is going the way of video games, where Fifa and COD just keep coming out each year and selling millions. The numbers were so insanely manipulated too I think it shows Disney really doesn't care about much, even Iger and Eisner have said plainly that Disney is about making money and nothing else. Here's to another hundred live action remakes and Marvel movies eh. I wonder when they'll move onto the 1960s to start dregging up old cultural icons for us all to co
  10. 1. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 2. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 3. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 4. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back 5. Titanic Is my guess for top 5.
  11. That final pic actually looks like a Terminator movie : I CAN'T WAIT
  12. Avatar one of my all time faves, listen to it a lot in the background when I am in the garden or smth like that.
  13. This is scary, the best thing we can do to help others is not have children. It's bad for everyone involved. I would never be that selfish tbh.
  14. Holy shit. I'm sold more on this alone than the first trailer.
  15. I have to see this on the biggest screen I can find. Based Tom.
  16. I agree with your sentiment tbh, I think you have to be sort of messed in the head nowadays to wants kids or some kind of sadist. It's like knowing cigarettes are killing you, we in the west know that civilization is really in for some real shit in the next 30 years who wants to put a kid into that?
  17. Looking forward to hearing more news out of SDCC! Jim stealing the show as usual.
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