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  1. All that matters is that the rock can be mined. Don't need indigenous life for that.
  2. As someone who generally prefers the DC movies over the Marvel ones, I still cannot get over what a total disaster Justice League was.
  3. Right answer. Wrong reason. It contains the words "director of Titanic." EASY MONEY.
  4. Did you decide to visit yabbadabbadublab in his universe where Jim doesn't have the top two movies of ALL TIME?
  5. Yes! I'm actually happy he made it to the top 100. Proud to say I included him on my list.
  6. The "man" who has done something no one else has been able to achieve twice. We are not "fans" as that would entail fanaticism. We state cold hard facts. 2.78 BILLION COLD HARD FACTS LUBLUBLABDUBBALUBDUB - that's something that no amount of conjecture or spewing of nonsense on your part can change.
  7. In direct opposition to the director of the movie. Glad we have you here to give us all the super secret inside facts Jessie.

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