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  1. One of the things that prevents superhero stories from ever attaining the status of true modern myths or legends is that they are open ended. An essential quality of a legend is that the events in it are clearly defined in time; Robin Hood is driven to become an outlaw by the injustices of King John. That is his origin. He meets Little John, Friar Tuck and all the rest and forms the merry men. He wins the tournament in disguise, he falls in love with Maid Marian and thwarts the Sheriff of Nottingham. That is his career, including love interest, Major Villains and the formation of a superhero group that he is part of. He lives to see the return of Good King Richard and is finally killed by a woman, firing a last arrow to mark the place where he'll be buried. That is his resolution—you can apply the same paradigm to King Arthur, or Sherlock Holmes too. You can't apply it to most superheroes because the commercial demands of a continuing series mean they rarely have a resolution. Most find it difficult to embrace any of the changes in life that the passage of time brings for very similar reasons, making them less than fully human, as well as falling far short of true myth.
  2. In so long as I can be guaranteed @IronJimbo.
  3. It has taken me 5 years to realise that the 'like' icon is the one from T2.
  4. As one of the few members who read Watchmen when it came out - the show feels tonally very different from the comic, I wasn't impressed by Ep1 but I'll give it a fair shake.
  5. Genuinely, I do think you'd bring some much needed rationality to the staff here.
  6. 100% @ZeeSoh - fully deserving of the remuneration that the staff here are given.
  7. Jim will never allow this, anyone claiming it will go on D+ doesn't know the first thing about JC. He's all about the theatre experience and blowing your mind on the biggest and most visually impressive screen possible.
  8. It depends what @Nero's predition is, happy to make terms once he's given suitable predictions against my own. An aside, @Permanent Magnet FYI it's usually referred to as MI6, never with a lower case 'i' if you're referring to the UK SIS.
  9. Right back at you Zatt! Well done for being so steadfast and being one of the very few posters who was always happy to engage in serious discussion. Enjoy the win!
  10. Finally! Massive congratulations to Disney and Marvel for finally toppling Jim. No easy feat! This is a huge win for the movie industry in general. I was tiring of bespoke single vision movies and think that more interconncted universes and committee based film making are honestly better for those on the ground to have their voices heard. I'm just glad Disney did it fair and square in the end. Enjoy the victory MCU fans, it's tough at the top!
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