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  1. I await with great interest! Really loving this list so far @Daxtreme
  2. My problem with The Raid movies (and this isn't me disliking them, please don't misread it, I think they're both brilliant), is that the fight scenes always seem a little too frenetic to me. I might have to give them a re-watch actually, maybe I'm just being picky.
  3. I think it shows just how insecure certain fan bases are that they can't beat the King that two posters can make them discuss censorship.
  4. Just realized that one of those is me! The joys of being one of the few "old timers" who loves Kung Fu and all associated movies to use IMDb I suppose. (Also having seen far too many movies).
  5. Couldn't agree more, at least here in the west, I think he gets quite a lot of credit in HK though.
  6. Great write up Dax, makes me so sad to know that Li can't fight anymore. Such a terrible loss for movies.

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