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  1. How would Jim run out of time? Is the Universe going to collapse? Probably far greater yes. We have to adjust for moderation deflation. I'm hoping for 16th Dec, but won't be holding my breath.
  2. There is probably the 86th MCU movie to update. They don't waste time on movies like this. NOTE THIS IS A JOKE.
  3. I am serious with my predictions, in as much it is what I believe to be possible. The devaluing of the US dollar is not to be underestimated.
  4. That's funny because I've had multiple warning in the past when I am quite obviously joking. Yet, even when I explain this to be the case those warning posts were not removed. I'll ensure to preface all future comments to ensure I avoid falling into that trap. Thanks for the tip Venom.
  5. Future tense is a thing. Read the thread. People thought we were stupid for saying it would do over 2 Billion not 2 years ago. So insinuating that people are on drugs is okay? Brilliant. I'll keep that in mind.
  6. When hyperinflation kicks in and a loaf of bread costs 10 bucks it's on the table. Still, people bad mouthing Avatar and Jim in our own thread is trolling over and above even if people were predicting 1 trillion.
  7. The real trolls are the people who come into an Avatar 2 thread on a Box Office Forum and slander Jim's good name and claim A2 won't make over 2 Billion. @IronJimbo I hope you've kept that list of members who must commit sudoku when it booms past 2 billies.
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