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  1. I had a very introspective moment after that club (which I also felt was going to succeed), and questioned whether I had lost some touch with reality at the time.
  2. Please point me to the post where I told anyone they had mental issues. Learn to read what I write instead of libeling people. I wasn't being prescriptive, I was making an observation.
  3. I have a psych evaluation once every 3 months. I do appreciate your concern though - be careful you might get a warning worrying about my own personal blind spots though.
  4. How exactly am I doing this? One of the most common effects of Schizophrenia, and other Schizoaffective disorders is profound delusion. The problem with delusion is that one cannot tell one has the symptom. I already clarified that I was seriously not being glib. If a person I knew told me they thought that the world was going to end, and it didn't (and I know some evangelicals who have told me this and I have the exact same response I have given here), I would advise them to seek medical help, or at least have a check up. I'll keep in mind for future reference that any attempt to worry about the health of fellow members is looked down upon. @DeeCee saying that I was being 'light' is the opposite of the truth. I would never treat any illness, mental or physical as insignificant or unimportant, and would never advise anyone else to either.
  5. It would have been hard to make AoU worse.
  6. JamesCameronScholar

    Alita: Battle Angel ***SPOILER THREAD***

    It could always be better with Jim.
  7. Just trying to look out for my fellow BOT members. Mental health is an issue that isn't taken seriously enough. People should look after themselves.
  8. No joke, if these people really thought this they need to seek help, I understand if they weren't being sincere though.
  9. Imagine ending up being a critic. At least cleaners prevent things like disease. (I understand the deep irony of my statement given my own profession - I regard myself as around the level of a critic).
  10. See a doctor, ask about schizophrenia, your perception of reality might not be what you think it is - I'm not being glib on this either. When you're delusional you don't know you're delusional, if you seriously thought this club had a chance your perception of reality is highly likely to be unstable and/or unreliable.
  11. I hope not, they should be celebrating us getting so much Sci-Fi!
  12. Was Michelle R in the credits? I still haven't seen her, I know who she is in the movie, but wonder if she'll be a bigger part of the future series.

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