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  1. I can honestly say that I have never had a movie make me feel as though I was truly on an alien world, one in which I had been transplanted from my own body into that of another species, until I had seen Avatar. I still vividly remember the scene where the woodsprites float down and settle on Jake, the closest I have come to that kind of experience in the past have been on DMT trips back in my college days. To say that it wasn't a profound and deeply meaningful experience, is, to my mind, to be untrue to myself. Film is a visual medium, and as McLuhan famously said "The medium is the message", I find it hard to believe that you can so easily divorce the delivery from the story. To distill something so powerful in a movie and truly capture that 'magic' is why Jim succeeded over everyone else, you don't make that amount of money and have people going back again and again without it.
  2. Objectively wrong. Jimbo and I have spoken at length throughout the thread as to why Avatar is such a masterpiece, I'm happy to go through them with you if you'd like. Secondly, anyone claiming to be able to do the above should always be met with a certain level of cynicism, because lets be honest, if anyone truly knew just what made Avatar such a success they'd be working on their own movie aiming to dethrone the king right now. Just like you and your jokes about fucking goats right Tele? I'm sure somewhere in those 72 thousand posts there's something that has made your time here well spent... There's something about Jim and big numbers that just feels right
  3. I'm willing to bet I've seen more movies than anyone else on this forum and I found the plot a breath of fresh air. Also lets not forget we're on a box office forum, Avatar is objectively the highest grossing film of all time. There is no argument to be had there.
  4. Elon and Jim are good friends, they flew on the vomit comet together, and I believe Jim was one of the first people to get a Tesla Roadster.
  5. The creation of perfection is a transient and obviously difficult process. It is better to have something later and perfect, than now and low quality. Film making is not a factory process, certainly not for Jim. Not that I expect him to move from the already declared release dates at this stage, and even were that the case he has at no point said they would be released a year apart, year after year. I mean if you want factory made movies that are pushed out year on year there's always Marvel movies and Star Wars, they're quite popular. Yet still, they still haven't come close to threatening the king.
  6. That's not happening. Go and recheck the release dates. That would still be less Avatar made $2.8B and people think it will struggle to break $3B... A2 has a higher chance of breaking $4B than it does of being below $2B, I don't think people seem to realise that.
  7. I was trying to think of the most odious thing possible, I did consider Ayn Rand Institute and Monsanto, but nothing tops TCF
  8. Jim has done the unbelievable many times before. Seeing this always fills me with a strange warmth. I'd rather live no a dead Earth with 5 more Jim films than a living one with only 4 more.
  9. I personally couldn't care if Avatar was under the umbrella of the Clinton Foundation, all that matters is money - anything and everything that can help Jim squeeze every last scent out of these movies is good in my book. Disney is the undisputed master of media ownership right now, and Jim is the master of vision - the two working together so closely will be truly unstoppable (not that Jim wasn't already). Those of you trying to make it into some strange kind of "Disney vs Avatar" fight need to remember a few things: 1. Jim is still King. 2. Your funnybook movies and laser swords will now play second fiddle to Disney's flagship franchise. 3. Jim still owns the IP. In 4 days time we're reach the 2 year countdown mark... TICK TOCK
  10. If anyone can translate Barnack/Jimbo's 'argument' that'd be really useful for me to try and parse this entire thing. It seems quite obvious that 'critics' do get pressured in certain ways, that's been the case for years. Although the actual tangible evidence for it is sparse it's hard not to say that a critic will not be influenced by factors outside of their control (fear of repercussions is a rather obvious one). Although, I wouldn't expect Jimbo to argue over mere speculation in the first place - the only facts that matter are concrete ones e.g. The money that a movie measurably makes at the box office. This also ignores the fact that Barnack has shown in the past his inability to understand some rather basic logical arguments (see our discussion around Logical Positivism and Eliminative Materialism).
  11. Considering Jim saved the life of del Toro's father, I'd say he owes him one.

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