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  1. This is really interesting, I think you guys might have found something here - as Wikipedia hasn't updated their total gross to reflect this extra money. I just had a glance through the history of edits and no where was this extra money added to the total gross after 2012. Is there a discrepancy in how Wikipedia collates its data against bom?
  2. No it's not. That would be using evidence of admission. The purpose of the thread is to count where possible, and calculate the rest. Don't try and obfuscate more than already has been.
  3. Could you link me your source? I'm struggling to find it and @peludo seems to think the 2749 is also incorrect.
  4. Agree 100%. It is interesting that people have become very interested in other metrics of all a sudden, when before original runs and admissions were mere trivialities of the business. The dollar is still king in my book.
  5. Can someone tell me what A's original run was? I'm seeing people say 49 something, I was under the impression it was 55 OR, and 88 after re-release?
  6. Why has no one called out this lie? A's OR was $2.755B - where are you getting your number from?
  7. I think because a lot of the techniques that were invented on Avatar were used on TJB and TLK. Concepts like a 'volume' and a 'load' for example are now being used far more when they were unique in '09.
  8. Read the interview JF and JC did together, they discuss a lot of the finer technical details - I think I posted it in the A2 thread also.
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