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  1. Not even going to begin to try and parse the above nonsense, esp. when I am supposedly blocked by that user.
  2. It will be hilarious to me if Avatar 2 takes over during a Biden presidency - Blue coming back when the blues come back!
  3. Given current culture I'd say no. Personally I don't care what he does or does not do in his personal life, I enjoy his films. I also still enjoy Kevin Spacey films too though, so I may be in the minority here.
  4. Past 7 days: Inland Empire - 8/10 Blue Velvet - 9/10 Lost Highway - 7/10 Wild at Heart - 6/10 Elephant Man - 9/10 Dune - 5/10 Eraserhead - 9/10 Mulholland Drive - 10/10 True Romance - 9/10 Bringing out the Dead - 8/10 Leaving Las Vegas - 9/10 Nadja - 6/10 Surveillance - 5/10 Boxing Helena - 3/10 Chained - 6/10 Hisss - 1/10 (One of the worst films I have seen in a very long time - even for JL) The Straight Story - 9/10
  5. Super interesting, I would have thought BOT would have been another one of the places with the 1% rule. I guess it's more proportional. Thanks again for these further numbers, and I do hope you're right on your initial point - hopefully the end of COVID and some big movies will get people back and posting.
  6. 597 to 'around 300'. I guess if you see a nearly 50% drop as 'solid', personally I'd say those numbers prove my initial speculations correct, so thank you, and I do appreciate you sharing those numbers. I'll stick around to see how the Avatar 2 thread ticks along I suppose, unless it gets nuked (or if the site continues its decline maybe it'll just shutter - I hope not). And again, I don't 'seem to think' people are 'fleeing' the site, seems plain as day to me, and you (based on your own numbers), that they are. It's a real shame.
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