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  1. The Botox Queen is, I suppose, Nicole Kidman. Please make comments after you see more than 10 films of hers. Nobody here is denying Lupita's good but FAR FROM EXCELLENT role. When you have film like "Us", where idea flops during the first 30 mins, screenplay is a mess, cast is kind of ok and visuals are A+, anything that Nyong'o did will be amazing. It's not a bad role, I repeat, but nothing to nominate her for Oscar for. Charlize, on the other hand, well, it's way more than just mask and make-up. As I said, I can assume, along with the critics, most of you still didn't see the film. I knew THAT scene is going to be problematic. There is one more. Overall, the film may not be the best picture winner but it's way better than what these mediocre critics are saying. Ok, leave my opinion aside, open all the reviews from RT and Metactritic at separate windows. Read the first paragraph of all of them. Copy/paste Republican women/superficial because we are (god forbid) listening to Carlson complain while she's working on Fox. Wtf honestly? What kind of analysis is that? Watch the film! Focus on the performances. And if the overall film doesn't show you how anti-Fox and anti-Right is, OPEN your eyes during the last 5-6 minutes. It's like an expose against everything you guys are saying the film is supporting.
  2. But the stupidity of American "progressive" is endless and it's not similar how European youth views politics. And "Bombshell" is not a FAR RIGHT film, not even supporting right at all. The whole point is about irony, and that Kidman scene exactly explains how women activists in US are "understanding". Give me a break. It's sad actually. Theron's role which is questionable for nomination because of a sudden backlash is MILES, MIIIIIILES ahead of Nyongo's, Erivo's and especially Johansson's. This is me talking as a film critic. As a subjective member of audience I'd be even more harsh. Once again - Oscars should not be a charity event which counts diversity quota over the quality of the roles. If it happens that all 5 best performances are by poc - don't nominate white actresses. Period. It just happens so that these poc roles enjoy heavy push just because AMPAS are scared of being called racist. And as someone who's 32, I don't care what half to zero educated film critics in USA have to say. not only that their entire reviews are a superficial analysis of political situation, and not the commentary about the QUALITY (or lack of it) of the film, so I rarely bother reading them. And you can say that the most of them didn't even watch a film.
  3. Erivo is really good, but the film is really on Hallmark quality level. I'd say she's a lock for a nomination, which will be the film's only nomination. Honestly, I'd rather see her or Woodard being nominated than this nonsense over Lupita. Yes, it's a good role, but along with Peele, she is also very, very overrated. It's easy to dominate a poorly written film, which "Us" definitely is. It doesn't lack visuals, but screenplay... Same goes for "Harriet", except Erivo is a way more serious actress in a better role.
  4. I knew people are going to try to hate on this film. Thank god I am not American, easily to brainwash and actually remember this event vividly. 59% my ass. If it was a pathetic story about any other group people love to cry over these days it would have between 90 and 100%. I mean, tone deaf or whatever they are attributing to the film. C'mon. Grow up people. No wonder Trump wins in this country with such a prejudiced and "angry over everything (without knowledge)" left and "progressive left". Theron absolutely deserves to be a frontrunner over Lupita and other nonsense overhyped roles intended to make Oscars "not so white". Ugh...
  5. DECEMBER 13-15: 1. "Jumanji 2" - 41.5 2. "Frozen 2" - 25.5 / 372.2 3. "Richard Jewell" - 12.2 4. "Black Christmas" - 10.8 5. "Knives Out" - 9.2 / 76.0 6. "Ford vs. Ferrari" - 5.6 / 98.3 7. "Queen and Slim" - 4.5 / 32.9 8. "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" - 3.7 / 48.2 9. "Dark Waters" - 2.9 / 9.4 10. "21 Bridges" - 1.8 / 26.5 11. "Playing with Fire" - 1.1 / 43.5 12. "Midway" - 0.9 / 54.7
  6. I really liked the film. All three of them are great, but let's not lie - it's Charlize's film. I'm predicting it will do anywhere between "I, Tonya" and "Spotlight" on box office.
  7. DECEMBER 6-8: 1. "Frozen 2" - 47.7 / 352.7 2. "Knives Out" - 15.6 / 64.0 3. "Ford vs. Ferrari" - 7.8 / 91.8 4. "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" - 6.9 / 43.8 5. "Queen and Slim" - 6.8 / 25.4 6. "21 Bridges" - 3.1 / 24.2 7. "Midway" - 2.4 / 53.5 8. "Playmobil" - 2.3 9. "Playing With Fire" - 2.2 / 42.4 10. "Dark Waters" - 1.8 / 3.0 11. "Joker" - 1.4 / 332.6 12. "Harriet" - 1.2 / 40.6
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