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  1. So what you telling me is that we need Lawrence Kasdan to write a star wars film directed Wan.
  2. Tomorrow's gross is gonna be a hard pill to Swallow
  3. A Knights of the Old Republic film will Slaughter Aquaman Domestically. Solo made: $213.8 million at NA box office Aquaman made: $335.1 Solo was a movie nobody wanted, had one of the most subpar marketing, 3 months prior to release getting it's first teaser and still having Terrible WOM. Aquaman might not have been a movie people wanted but it was marketed well, well liked and released in the christmas season.
  4. Honestly the fact that a film coming off a Divisive film and being critically slammed still makes 500+ Dom is Ridiculous, star wars is really unprecedented in it's staying power in NA. Star Wars just needs to find a way to appeal to OS, easier said than done but not Impossible.
  5. Hot take: they can both co exist by thriving on the markets where they are strong. Though I think we should lower the standard to what these f star wars films should reach. I think 600-800 Million would be a good baseline.
  6. so we might be looking at 27 at most for Friday thats not good.
  7. I wasnt a registered user but I was reading the thread My heart sank that day.
  8. someone on box office reddit claiming TROS is getting an extended cut in theaters lmfao
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