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  1. Finally caught it and mostly agree with the complaints people have about it. While I'm not sure it will ever be my favorite Nolan movie, I could see myself with multiple viewings (and with a subtitled home release) being pretty into it. The main reason I wanted to post about it here, is having now seen the movie I don't understand why anyone at WB or around Nolan thought that Tenet was the right movie to bring people back to theaters with. I mean after months of being pretty much stuck at home, I would think the last thing someone would want to see first is a movie that requires a
  2. I had a thought. Considering there's basically nothing major coming to theaters for the next month (and likely longer when Black Widow moves) apart from Death on the Nile, I feel like if Paramount or Universal wanted to there's a spot to bring back Quiet Place 2 or Halloween Kills to this year. If they put one of those out on October 30th or something, they could catch the people wanting to see a horror movie around Halloween crowd, and with them being small budget films, they don't have to make the kind of money Tenet has to make. Does this seem like the kind of thing that could work with whe
  3. Must be a So Cal thing. The two in Northern California (Concord & San Jose) have yet to say they are showing it (their website says they are showing movies so I don't think they are shut down due to the smoke) and a brief glance at the New York area didn't come up with anyone of them that are playing it.
  4. In addition to making Part 2, there are 5 more novels from the original author + many released after his death. So if the movie gets a following, it could last for a very long time.
  5. Can't speak to other counties but Santa Clara (where San Jose is), is not opening movie theaters despite moving to the red tier due to a local Risk Reduction Order. San Francisco per Deadline, is delayed another week despite indoor theaters not being listed at all on the mayor's reopening plans at all. Deadline also says Los Angeles could come at the end of the month but that personally seems unlikely to me (but I live in the Bay Area so I'm not on the ground there).
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