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  1. Movie doesn't really capture my attention. I think the Black Widow trailers have been much better.
  2. For me: Godzilla vs Kong (which I just saw) The Night House Antlers Plus, I'll add Dune and Matrix 4 are near my most anticipated also.
  3. I thought the humor was at least much better here than in Skull Island or Kong of the Monsters.
  4. Hopefully we get another Kong sequel after this. I kinda doubt we get another Godzilla Legendary film given KOTM underperformance.
  5. Now this I am excited for! I am hoping to see this trailer before Kong vs Zilla this weekend.
  6. While I love the film, I completely agree that we needed a fight scene at the airport.
  7. I'm a fan of both Zach Snyder and Godzilla vs Kong....which means only one thing.... Zach Snyder directing Godzilla vs Kong vs Gamera!
  8. Now that's a weird release date. I wonder the reasoning for September?
  9. I much prefer Adam Wingard over Skull Island's and G2's directors, so I can't wait for this!
  10. Hey Kal how are you? I actually liked the anime series, haha! 😛
  11. I really hope this is a good movie. My most anticipated film of the year.
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