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  1. Finding the Meaning of Life: AD Astra over 150 mil DOM Reasons: I said so Other Space Adventures such as Interstellar and The Martian have Original movies can break out, such as A Quiet Place and Us A great director A good release date with limited competition May be an Awards film Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones Fox’s last major film produced without Disney, I hope they go out with a bang We haven’t had a serious space movie break out since The Martian, people may be itching to see another
  2. In my opinion, what Legendary needs to do is make the Kaiju even more intelligent than they are now. Make them less animal instinctive, more human. That way, people can connect to them more, plus having intelligent Kaiju I don’t believe has been done before. It could be quite freaky to have an intelligent villain Kaiju as well. Otherwise, we are just watching giant animals fight each other.
  3. So like Alita but on a bigger scale. But hopefully it surprises us today.
  4. People don’t watch monster fights to see the monsters fighting each other. We want to see them wreck havoc. Which is why Jurassic World and The Meg do better than say Rampage and now maybe this. People like to see disaster, not monster fights. Which is also why G14 has a huge opening weekend, because the trailers were promising a disaster movie. Godzilla needs to be a bad guy in the next reboot, or at least an anti hero. (Even if it works better for him to be a hero for a potential series)
  5. I wouldn’t exactly call Skull Island’s marketing great. It was in an overcrowded March also.
  6. I still believe that the video game like CGI is turning off people. The scene where Godzilla runs towards Ghidorah looks like it was actually ripped from a video game.
  7. At the very least guys, we get to see Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah for the first time in a big budget film!!! and we get another Kong VS Zilla movie!!!!
  8. I was hoping this would improve on Skull Island’s China gross, I’m guessing that’s not possible now?
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