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  1. Seems like they're going light hearted filled with cringy comedy like in Annabelle 3. Ugh.
  2. I felt like the character development didn't really start until the second half, I didnt have any feels until then, unlike the first movie. The first half felt rushed and more of just "we're back"
  3. I was soo happy to see Ice Age 2 and 3 do phenomenal overseas. But now I want to see Frozen 2 do beyond phenomenal!!
  4. I guess we will find out soon, but based on merchandise sales, I'd say the film is still loved.
  5. I never bothered to see it, although I want to now, but how come Moana did far less than Frozen at the box office? When reviews were even better? Didn't capture young girls hearts like Frozen did? I am rewatching Frozen, and damn this is a great movie. I love the little details in the movie, like showing Anna and Elsa have faults/ supposed "oddities" despite being princesses.
  6. Where do we think Frozen 2's 5 day opening trajectory will be at based off these tracking numbers?
  7. I'm back for the release of Frozen 2! Sadly, most of my big recent movies have flopped, but this one should at least be huge! I'm hoping for 500 mil! What is everybody expecting?
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