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  1. CaptainJackSparrow

    Box Office Casino 2.0

    I take the second one!
  2. CaptainJackSparrow

    Tuesday Numbers

    Can First Man reach 70 mil then?
  3. CaptainJackSparrow

    AD Astra | 24th May 2019 | Sci Fi | Brad Pitt

    Releasing this in May instead of February shows that FOX sees potential.
  4. I love that the tone seems to be different from many of the Marvel movies.
  5. CaptainJackSparrow

    An Upset is Born : A Star is Born over Venom DOM

    If I can still join, in!
  6. Ugh I hated that trailer, I found it incredibly boring. Yet the movie was fantastic.
  7. I will wait for the second trailer before I judge, as first trailers for X Men movies I notice aren’t the best, probably due to cgi sequences not being done.
  8. I was hoping for more space scenes.
  9. CaptainJackSparrow

    AD Astra | 24th May 2019 | Sci Fi | Brad Pitt

    Will there be a trailer attached with Predator?
  10. CaptainJackSparrow

    Slender Man (2018)

    Is Slender Man in it a lot?
  11. CaptainJackSparrow

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Can anyone name me the movie, I believe fantasy, where a bunch of guys end up in a cage, and one of them eats a rat? Thanks!
  12. CaptainJackSparrow

    Disney's Christopher Robin (2018)

    Ah, but will I be satisfied with how they are represented? Thanks for answering!
  13. CaptainJackSparrow

    Disney's Christopher Robin (2018)

    Ah, are they just cartoons?
  14. CaptainJackSparrow

    Disney's Christopher Robin (2018)

    Please don’t be joking!! What do they look like?!

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