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  1. Didnt mean to haha react to this even though I completely disagree with you. At least we agree on Trump.
  2. I think President Trump should be punished also for some of his handling of the Corona virus. (By means of impeachment, of course).
  3. That's an old cereal they are bringing back. Its actually quite good. Also, the Winnie the Pooh cereal from the early '00s was great also.
  4. I can not wait to see this! I hope it plays in a theater near me!
  5. It's based off the classic story from the 1800's. There is a reason she stays.
  6. I watched the 1961 adaptation Thr Innocents yesterday, and I can see why it is one of the horror classics. Even my Dad enjoyed it, and he is not a big horror fan. I really hope this one is good also.
  7. I'm going to have a blast this month with Underwater, Doolittle, Gretal and Hansel, and hopefully this.
  8. Anyone else love the Palpatine cult/ritual Lovecraftian influence? Felt so creepy and epic to me. I hope we learn more about the cult in the future. As a Lovecraft fan I loved that scene.
  9. Seems like they're going light hearted filled with cringy comedy like in Annabelle 3. Ugh.
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