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  1. I have not once overheard someone talk about the Flintstones movies in my entire life, which is why I’m so surprised the first did that well. Were they that bad? Or for their time? Also, on The Numbers website the stated budget for Scooby Doo 2 is just 25 mil, much less than the first.
  2. I hope we get reveals for Big Hero 6 2 tomorrow (Wreck it Ralph got a sequel last year, Frozen this year, hopefully pattern continues) And A Bugs Life 2 (OK, I know this will never happen ) A Pirates reboot Some new Winnie The Pooh stuff News on Hunchback and Little Mermaid remakes Live action Monsters Inc yeah, some of these are far fetched haha! Oh yeah, and something new with The Brave Little Toaster.
  3. Just have a Miles movie next. Have him be the next big Spidey series.
  4. Hey, Emmerich is a great director. This looks awesome, I can’t wait for it!
  5. Actually, studios are adding more humor to their films lately because they believe audiences will have a more “fun” time at the theater.
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