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  1. I watched the 1961 adaptation Thr Innocents yesterday, and I can see why it is one of the horror classics. Even my Dad enjoyed it, and he is not a big horror fan. I really hope this one is good also.
  2. I still think it looks like a fun animal filled adventure movie, I cant wait to see it this Friday.
  3. I'm going to have a blast this month with Underwater, Doolittle, Gretal and Hansel, and hopefully this.
  4. Anyone else love the Palpatine cult/ritual Lovecraftian influence? Felt so creepy and epic to me. I hope we learn more about the cult in the future. As a Lovecraft fan I loved that scene.
  5. Seems like they're going light hearted filled with cringy comedy like in Annabelle 3. Ugh.
  6. I felt like the character development didn't really start until the second half, I didnt have any feels until then, unlike the first movie. The first half felt rushed and more of just "we're back"
  7. I was soo happy to see Ice Age 2 and 3 do phenomenal overseas. But now I want to see Frozen 2 do beyond phenomenal!!
  8. I guess we will find out soon, but based on merchandise sales, I'd say the film is still loved.
  9. I never bothered to see it, although I want to now, but how come Moana did far less than Frozen at the box office? When reviews were even better? Didn't capture young girls hearts like Frozen did? I am rewatching Frozen, and damn this is a great movie. I love the little details in the movie, like showing Anna and Elsa have faults/ supposed "oddities" despite being princesses.
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