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  1. I just saw this, I hope a sequel is made! I love the directors work. I also really liked the score, not sure why others didn't like it.
  2. For me: Godzilla vs Kong (which I just saw) The Night House Antlers Plus, I'll add Dune and Matrix 4 are near my most anticipated also.
  3. I thought the humor was at least much better here than in Skull Island or Kong of the Monsters.
  4. Just came back from the theater, Godzilla vs Kong was excellent! I'm hoping for big numbers this weekend!
  5. Hopefully we get another Kong sequel after this. I kinda doubt we get another Godzilla Legendary film given KOTM underperformance.
  6. Now this I am excited for! I am hoping to see this trailer before Kong vs Zilla this weekend.
  7. While I love the film, I completely agree that we needed a fight scene at the airport.
  8. I'm a fan of both Zach Snyder and Godzilla vs Kong....which means only one thing.... Zach Snyder directing Godzilla vs Kong vs Gamera!
  9. I much prefer Adam Wingard over Skull Island's and G2's directors, so I can't wait for this!
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