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  1. I didn't even know this was releasing this weekend until reading your posts today MovieGuyKyle! I hope the film is good.... I have yet to see the trailer..
  2. So ex co worker just added me as a friend on Facebook today. She was super flirty with me, and gave me hints that she wanted me to ask her out. This was before I was laid off. Anyway, last week or so I told her friend at work I was planning on visiting our work to say hi to her and give her a treat. (And I said that I like her). But I never did go to our work to see her, is her adding me as a friend a hint from her?
  3. So I rewatched both Order of the Phoenix and the Half Blood Prince for the first time since they released in theaters. Back then, I thought 5 was mediocre, while 6 was downright boring. I still find 5 to be mediocre, but ohhhh boy, I am now in love with 6! I especially love the camera work! You can not tell me David Yates directed both 5 and 6. Nuh uh. I don't buy it.
  4. Rowling's comments are clearly transphobic. I can't believe she is a trans supporter when she says stuff like that. I did not know about her former abuse, so I feel bad for her for that.
  5. I watched this for the first time Monday, and I loved it. I rewatched it last night, and am rewatching it again tonight.
  6. I don't like the Venom or Conjuring title, too silly.
  7. Captain Marvel (I love Brie Larson though) Endgame Annabelle 3 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Frozen 2
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