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  1. this is going to flop, if it was a little more mature looking like a Pixar or spider-verse movie then at least it could bring in a teen and young adult crowd, the fact that it's made for a very young audience but releasing just when schools are opening back up is a very stupid decision
  2. i mean while not a Dune 2 boost, making close 100M more than your predecessor on a significantly smaller budget is still a big win also helps the merch and toy sales are better than any non batman and spider-man superhero property
  3. Yeah for the next GxK movie if it wants better DOM holds it should look for a summer or winter vacation date
  4. can discuss season 1 and speculate on season 2 + it's spin-offs
  5. really interested in the cinema score because this movie was clearly made by someone who isn't from America and doesn't have a full grasp of its modern political climate it's a movie about a civil war in modern America that desperately doesn't want to be about a civil war in modern America
  6. Honestly I understand the GA Reception to KOTM but i'm still confused on what made it the worst MV movie for critics?
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