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  1. It’ll probably go crazy on Saturday. I predicted $150-170m If it does $120m I’m blaming the fact of not having another “Let It Go”. I think that song was more important to Frozen’s success than the actual film lol.
  2. Remember Dimension opened the 2006 remake ON Christmas Day. Therefore it had basically only one day of interest 😂 what a dumb idea.
  3. First tracking is $10-12million, according to Deadline. Very solid. “Unaided awareness is similar to Truth or Day and Ma.”
  4. I thought Ford V Ferrari might overtake Last Christmas midweek since its playing much older, but obviously not. WEDNESDAY'S TOP 5 TITLES: 1 - #LastChristmasMovie 2 - #LeMans66 3 - #GoodLiarMovie 4 - #JokerMovie 5 - #MidwayMovie
  5. So maybe. Because you’re ignoring ancillary markets where this will probably find most of its audience. $120m worldwide for a $48m budgeted movie is good, especially one with only $50m P&A. That’s just the start of its run. (I can’t see $120m happening, but for the example)
  6. Yeh that’s the one Scott Mendelson already debunked, he’s been told under $100m. It’s on the previous page.
  7. Frozen 2 $151m Neighbourhood $15m I thought 21 Bridges was Netflix whoops.
  8. Yeh! Looks like this cost less though. I remember when Speed Racer flopped at the start of summer, it was a bit of a surprise on the BOM forums.
  9. Yeh I knew it seemed way off. I guessed around $100m so if they kept it under that, it’s fine. Would anyone be surprised if this pulled a Charlie’s Angels and opened to like $8m?
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