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  1. I’d still say Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were financial hits. $3.1billion over 4 films. Those are hits. Justice League yeh, but it doesn’t mean the previous films weren’t financial hits.
  2. Is the DCEU decimated just because of Justice League? What about the 4 other films that were box office hits? Don’t they have an average of $750m over the five films? Their plans have definitely been knocked off course, but are the other films decimated? Lol
  3. Watched Jurassic World last night, still love it. The assistants death is still genuine nightmare material.
  4. Trailer is attached to Deadpool 2 here in the U.K.

    Flops don’t lose money. They’re both more profitable than Tomb Raider is. None of them were breakouts, they both had wide releases. But they didn’t flop.
  6. I hope Wonder Woman 2 can match the first films opening weekend or even increase. We’ll see. Both my most anticipated films of 2019 are sequels to $300m+ grossers. Ew.
  7. A Quiet Place made $17.7m in China on opening weekend, good news for horror films there. Will pass $300m worldwide during the week. Incredible.
  8. Um, does anyone know why Overboard does so well on Sundays? 1st Sunday -6.6% 2nd Sunday -12.8% 3rd Sunday -10.1%

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