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  1. Got the trailer for this before Respect. I cannot wait to see it. Easily my most anticipated film the whole of November. And December lol.
  2. Glad to see Mare of Easttown do so well. Mare and It’s A Sin have yet to be matched this year in terms of quality in my eyes.
  3. Exact same top 5 as last weekend. 1. Shang-Chi 2. Free Guy 3. Respect 4. Candyman 5. Malignant
  4. Wow. Best third week hold of any of these films at this level. Nope.
  5. Yeh I wouldn’t describe HBOMax as being in native 4K anyway. But torrents downloaded online certainly aren’t.
  6. Gitesh is going really hard for Shang-Chi today lol. 11 tweets in the past 24 hours.
  7. I’m a big fan of Jennifer Hudson’s so she was easily my favourite thing about this. It’s too long and it’s got derivative moments. Forest Whitaker and Marlon Wayans are well cast to play their unlikeable and annoying characters.
  8. They’ve been spamming it for about a month solid here in the UK already. And it’s not out here til the 15th.
  9. Doesn’t Sandler have a $250m deal with Netflix?
  10. I would question the actual HDR nature of a torrent download tbh. Wouldn’t it be a compressed version?
  11. I think they would’ve eaten into each other by coming out on the exact same day as each other though. That’s a great start for Dune. WB should’ve left the US a month late and last on all of their 2020/2021 films.
  12. Nice holds for both, especially Candyman. Impressive for Malignant considering it’s on HBOMax, but it didn’t have a height to fall from. Great for Shang-Chi and Free Guy worldwide. The wealth isn’t being spread throughout the top 10 unfortunately. Shang-Chi accounting for almost half. Roll on Venom, James Bond, Michael Myers and Dune.
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