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  1. They are when the lose money. That Jaws pta is appalling. The Matrix sequel ones are hilarious
  2. Nice for Annabelle. Decent total for Midsommar too considering how strange it is. Jaws and Matrix re-releases pointless.
  3. Ooh SpiderMan only £600k ahead of Toy Story this weekend. Wonder if they’ll switch positions this week.
  4. Wait, from the writer of Rocketman & Billy Elliot and the director of Kings Speech & Les Mis? If anyone can pull it off it’s probably them.
  5. Just seen it in 4DX. The 4DX was great. The film: next time I’m hoping for more Tom and Zendaya together. Less annoying class mates (all of them), less “Happy” and no Nick Fury. Jake was good. 6/10
  6. Holy shit I always forget just how massive a bomb Alice 2 was. Absolutely horrendous. I knew the first film wasn’t as well liked as first appeared.
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