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  1. Great new trailer. Love the intercutting with the paper art. So, sooo excited.
  2. In the UK we count the full openings. Only Screen Daily doesn’t, for some reason. (see James Bond’s 7 day opening, the first to do it.)
  3. Great holds this week: Hitman’s Bodyguard £1.64m In The Heights £1.1m Peter Rabbit +38% £1.1m £15.3m A Quiet Place 2 -22% £1m £8.3m Cruella -0.19% £731k, £7m The Conjuring -25.8% £500k, £7.7m The Father +0.27% £358k £1.2m
  4. See A Quiet Place 2 for even more impressive longevity, a smaller 4th weekend drop. Great holds.
  5. “#TheFatherMovie had a particularly strong midweek performance this week, grossing £420k on Mon-Thurs - 17% more than it's Fri-Sun total of £359k.” I had a feeling this would happen.
  6. Uh oh maybe time to mute the words on Twitter then, just in case of spoilers. Can’t wait for this, roll on July 7th!
  7. Went to see this last night. After a rough first half hour, I surprisingly really enjoyed it. Emma Thompson easily stole the show for me. The costume design was incredible all round.
  8. Good point, I’m sure a lot of them are still waiting on second dose. Although, Nomadland made £1.8m despite being available for free at home.
  9. 1. A Quiet Place 2 £1.3m £6.4m 2. Peter Rabbit £798k £13.9m -60% 3. Cruella £733k £5.9m -43% 4. Conjuring 3 £664k £6.8m -36% 5. Nobody £574k 6. The Father £395k 7. Godzilla vs Kong £112k £2.5m -30% Great hold for The Conjuring 3. I’m a bit surprised The Father opened so low. Weather has been great all weekend. Maybe it’ll be more of a midweek player anyway. This weekend‘s new releases: Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (14th - 7 day opening) In The Heights In The Earth Monster Hunter
  10. I haven’t seen the first but yikes those reviews are bad. I’d say this is the most marketed film since Tenet in the UK. It’s everywhere.
  11. Speaking of Aladdin, are they any further forward on the one they announced in February 2020? https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2020/02/aladdin-live-action-sequel-disney-john-gatins-andrea-berloff-will-smith-mena-massoud-naomi-scott-1202858935/amp/
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