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  1. I think it’s fine, the first did so well in June anyway. The person complaining that there wasn’t enough time between films can rest easy now. From Gals post it looks like this is what they’d originally planned too.
  2. See I was quite strict with newer films being on my list. If I’ve only seen them once or twice, they’re not on it. Nostalgia played a big part in mine though. More impressionable during the 90’s hence why I love 90’s horror the most (I was 12 years old in 1999)
  3. I loved Hereditary and put it on my list, quite low down though I think considering this is of all time. I would never ever consider putting Split in my top 300 nevermind 50 but hey ho.
  4. Great for both, and if Halloween had to be beat for the weekend then I’d rather it was ASIB
  5. The Halloween films have never been big at the box office internationally so that U.K. opening is excellent. The last Halloween film made $6m total internationally, the 07 remake about $20m.
  6. Fantastic drop for ASIB, going to see that again on Tuesday. Here in the U.K, it opened at #3 behind Venom and Johnny English, but last weekend it didn’t drop at all and actually went up to #1 as the other two fell away.
  7. Halloween just delivered the second biggest opening ever for any horror film in history. Even if you include the likes of I Am Legend, World War Z, Signs, War of the Worlds. I couldn't be happier and still can’t believe it.
  8. $77,500,000 What an Incredible opening weekend. Record breaking for its genre. When this project was announced I would never have imaged this.
  9. If Halloween reaches $78m, it’ll be the 6th highest wide opening PTA of the year with Avengers 3, Black Panther, Jurassic World, Deadpool and Incredibles 2.
  10. So -16% Saturday including previews, that’s great news. I thought fan rush might’ve pushed it to 20-25%. ~$78m means it’ll be the best opening weekend ever for its genre, including adjusted, and beating the current record by $38m.
  11. Yay, are you just going to release the full list when you’re finished?
  12. Krissykins

    Halloween (2018)

    I still prefer Halloween H20, that’s my grown up Laurie. But this is third, behind the original and H20. Seeing it again tomorrow
  13. I think it got a B+ cinemascore and twitter seems to be on fire. I think it’s going down well.
  14. Critics, general audiences, fans and the film industry clearly all disagree lol.

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