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  1. I’m supposed to be spending 3 days in Amsterdam between Christmas and new year, think I’ll just switch it to somewhere else. Sounds like a nightmare just now.
  2. Really enjoyed this. It all looks gorgeous and the soundtrack is to die for. 3 Donna Summer songs?!? I was instantly in. Gaga deserves her raves, but Al Pacino also puts in a great turn.
  3. Encanto down to 5. I think House of Gucci will be #1 on Friday then maybe Encanto Saturday/Sunday.
  4. This. It’s time for studios to stop pandering to that backwards countries. And any of the countries that asked for the gay kiss to be removed from Eternals. They don’t deserve content.
  5. Loved the first two episodes. Already better than the entirety of the other MCU shows, IMO. It should be called Kate Bishop though, Hailee is stealing the whole show already. I have a theory about Vera Farmiga’s character:
  6. I think that’s fine for all 3 lol. House of Gucci a 5 day in the $20m range, Resident Evil $11m maybe (it cost $25m).
  7. King Richard was just tracking at $10m last weekend. But hey, if people want to ignore industry tracking, that’s absolutely fine and their choice! And we don’t need snarky or snide comments in response to people who do like to use it.
  8. Encanto opens at #4. I wonder if the Fri-Sun between Encanto and House of Gucci will be a close race.
  9. I didn’t need or want anything explained. I made an observation that people were reacting as if the new batch of films had underperformed, when it doesn’t look like they’re going to (and we don’t even have opening day numbers yet).
  10. Fixed. You might think it’s not worth caring about, but it’s the only measurement we’ve got to see if a film has met industry expectations or not. Personal predictions aside. The industry tracking is notable at least in one way, because obviously it’s how the trades and media will react to the final numbers. After all, they’re the ones who influence the reception of a films performance.
  11. $3m and $6.25m true Wednesdays would be decent and still secure $20m and $40m 5 days. Both on the high end of tracking. From some reactions already, you’d think this was the Eternals weekend thread again, but it doesn’t look like any of these are missing their tracking.
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