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  1. Relic 2/5 Its a really unique idea, but the whole execution is so generic. Unsolved Mysteries 3/5 some interesting episodes, particularly the French one. Some ridiculous lies (the UFO one lol). Chewing Gum 3/5 Michaela Coel is hilarious. Looking (two seasons & film) 4/5 Realistic writing, genuine friendships, great dialogue. Amazing soundtrack. Fantastic lead performance.
  2. This is a lot more mature than the “we’re not playing Universal films then” argument from earlier in the year. Will be good for low budget horror movies from weekend 3 onwards.
  3. From ScreenDaily: The UK and Ireland box office grew 15.8% from July 24-26, compared to the previous weekend, as Covid-19 lockdown measures are eased and cinemas continue to reopen. Total box office takings for the UK and Ireland across the three-day weekend were £599,048, up from the previous weekend’s £482,335, according to Comscore. This was from 187 sites (including 39 in the Republic of Ireland and four drive-ins), up from 155 sites. It was older titles that continued to dominate the box office chart, with Disney leading with Pixar animation Onward taking £60,000 and Universal’s Trolls World Tour grossing £35,000. The highest new opener was Warner Bros’ re-release of Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring and Altitude’s indie drama Stage Mother, taking £24,000 and £19,000 respectively. It paints a more positive picture of growth compared to the previous weekend, when the box office rose just 1.81% - a symptom of US studios holding back major new releases.
  4. This is the only reasonable decision: release everywhere and let struggling countries wait until they have Covid under more control. Looking forward to seeing it in August.
  5. Feel a bit bad for fans that have been waiting decades for this and now it’s just straight to video for most of them.
  6. I just watched A Secret Love on Netflix, what a heartwarming story about a beautiful couple. True love. Tearjerker.
  7. This. That article hinted at an international release date and a slow roll out for struggling America, only in the cities that have managed to get Covid under control.
  8. Robbie Collin sums it up well in the Telegraph this morning: “In other words, it’s crunch time. Will Hollywood pluck up the nerve to press on without America, or keep spinning out the delay and thereby hasten the demise of countless cinemas worldwide? If those August dates hold, Tenet and Mulan will almost certainly bomb by pre-Covid standards, unless they end up playing for months on end. But perhaps studios just have to accept those losses as a kind of down payment on the industry’s continued existence. If cinemas start expiring en masse in 2020, good luck breaking even in 2021.” Pushing for studios to release their films worldwide, leaving America out. Fully agreed
  9. They could put it on Disney+ in America 6 weeks after they release it properly in cinemas everywhere else. America aren’t coping with Covid or taking it seriously, so it’s time to leave them behind frankly.
  10. I agree with Robbie Collin for the Telegraph on this one https://www.telegraph.co.uk/films/0/open-no-films-will-americas-covid-crisis-spell-end-britains/ time to release films normally worldwide now, and let America wait, or leave them out.
  11. Frozen 2: 2 out of 5. I had forgotten all of the songs as soon as they finished. Disney dead parent cliche continues. Boring and laugh free. The Old Guard: 4 out of 5. Great cast, genuine gay couple, no queer baiting. Charlize is fantastic. A twist that works, great fights and violence. Sometimes poorly lit and the soundtrack is dreadful.
  12. Nice to see The Hunt passing $10m I guess. That film deserved so much more. Glad it’s been doing well on streaming and digital.
  13. Interesting that a small Irish indie horror like Sea Fever went top 10. Good for them! The Grudge is still the worst film I’ve seen all year.
  14. They’re going to lose so much money on Mulan. Most families who planned to see it probably already have Disney+, so no new subscriber money. and they’ll know, because of Onward, that when it’s up for VOD, it’ll be streaming for free a few weeks later anyway.
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