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  1. I think it seems that way! WB really need to sort their plans out for international release in Europe. 13th consecutive day at #1 here in the UK for WW84, still rent only, at £15.99. Disc release on 22nd March.
  2. 9th day at #1 on UK iTunes, despite being a rental only and costing £15.99.
  3. They lost money with Soul, so I’d imagine they’re waiting to see how other films do before deciding whether to delay or just put it on Disney and take the loss.
  4. Sonya with the exact same look as the first 90’s film, sigh. Hopefully she changes during the film. Also hope they release a UK strategy in advance. Hard to get excited about a film when we don’t know if it’ll be available.
  5. $7.2m from PVOD in Canada https://variety.com/2021/film/news/wonder-woman-1984-box-office-1234882053/
  6. Illegal piracy downloads or is it out on PVOD?
  7. So about $400k in previews. Is it previewing for 2 days only? What are you expecting opening wise during the pandemic? The original opened just under $4m
  8. It went fresh again yesterday, still 60%. Seems it’ll yo-yo in between. Top critics remains at 71%. Any update on the Australia numbers? PVOD premiere is this Wednesday in the UK for a 48 hour rental.
  9. People keep touting “normalcy” as if that’s a thing in 2020. Let’s be real. Negative numbers get far more attention than the positives on this forum, unsurprising. I’ve seen two posts max about the great Australia numbers. Anyway, now we know it’s the biggest PVOD film of the year and the biggest opening of the pandemic era. The end.
  10. Why, is there competition looming from another film?
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