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  1. Mods..... There’s 9 pinned threads just now, it’s a bit much. Other content is getting lost down the bottom. Can some of them be moved elsewhere, the general chat ones, TV, sports ones and games*? *Theres something called Box office Casino that no one has clicked on since 28th March. Surely there’s no demand to have it pinned.
  2. The trailer played before John Wick 3 last night and it said “Godzilla II: King Of Monsters” is that the same everywhere else? I Never noticed the 2 before
  3. In that case will have to use the international markets then, markets where it didn’t open as far ahead of the previous record holder.
  4. Yet whenever I called IW a part one film last year people said I was wrong and that my posts were just bait. Glad those people finally realised that IW is a part 1 film now that they’ve seen Part 2.
  5. Season 3 has been my favourite so far. Starting season 4 now. The only thing I dislike so far is there isn’t enough justice against the evil characters. Hopefully that changes a little bit. I have been warned about season 8 lol.
  6. She seems so genuinely excited. Patty came across great throughout the Wonder Woman press tour, I loved that she was such a huge part of it. You don’t see that very often.
  7. I thought $40m range for the weekend which would’ve already been a huge increase over the sequel. Seeing it in a few hours. A hit for Halle Berry yay lol
  8. I’m working through Game of Thrones for the first time so haven’t watched much recently, John Wick 3 tonight, superscreen! Last nights episode was “The Red Wedding” and I’m still shocked to the core lol.
  9. Absolutely, simply because fear is subjective lol Plus, horror films can be fun. Freddy vs Jason doesn’t scare me, but I still absolutely adored it.
  10. That’s an insane increase for John Wick. John Wick 2’s Friday was $11m. Wow. Avengers is having another 50%+ drop, it has a holiday weekend next week though.
  11. Ha, same! I went to see Curse of La Llorona and just before it started realised there was (sold out) preview of Booksmart on at the exact same time That’s fine, I thought you were just doing it deliberately to try and make them seem like disappointments when they aren’t
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