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  1. Great weekends for obviously Godzilla Vs Kong but also Nobody and The Unholy. Raya benefiting from no family competition. It has that market to itself for another 6 weekends.
  2. Ah yeh, unfortunately the great unwashed will be all over illegal versions.
  3. Yeh it’ll be much easier for Black Widow to open way over Godzilla Vs Kong. It comes at 1. a much easier time pandemic wise 2. Costs double at home to watch ($30?) 3. First MCU film since.. Endgame? Can’t remember. Black Widow is my favourite marvel character and I’ve waiting for this film for 11 years. Pressure is on!
  4. The Croods 2 has done really well. It actually has had a lot of headlines over the past few months. It’s been much bigger worldwide than both Raya and T&J. I noticed it’s opening in more international markets starting in July 2021. 9 more, including the UK.
  5. I didn’t mean it would flop like Mulan and Raya. I mean’t because they’re fellow Disney+ $30 releases and no one ever seems to talk about them. GVK just did much more then I expected so upping Black Widow to $60m+ 3 day.
  6. $285.4m worldwide after a $71.6m second international weekend. Don’t really follow China box office but the hold seems excellent.
  7. Easter Sunday usually has harsher drops remember. Plus if they were going to “fudge push” it to 50 they’d have done it for the headlines already. Wonder Woman 1984 did $7.2m in Canadian PVOD in 3 weekends so that’s a great start.
  8. First $100m international opening First 3,000+ count First $10,000+ PTA First $10m+ Single day First $20m+ weekend First $30m+ weekend
  9. $32.2m three day $48.5m five day So GVK broke the $20m barrier and the $30m barrier for the three day. Fantastic.
  10. Godzilla Vs Kong is going to have so many “firsts” this weekend! Like Wonder Woman 1984, The Croods 2 and Raya, seems like it’ll easily be #1 for three consecutive weeks too, before Mortal Kombat comes along.
  11. I don’t want this to be another Mulan or Raya. I’m hoping for at least a $50m opening weekend after Godzilla Vs Kong
  12. Black Widow is always my #1 favourite Marvel/MCU character but this trailer isn’t good. Still so excited for 9th July to see this in IMAX though.
  13. Spotted Penguin from Batman Returns, Cheetara from Thundercats. There’s a tweet with 20k likes about the guys from Clockwork Orange being included 😂 Looks fun, should be huge.
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