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  1. I think it won “best comedy” too?
  2. Girl on the Train was a big let down. I don’t really like Anna Kendrick (she always just plays herself) but I like Blake and the director, so I might go and see this.
  3. Lol this whole thing is everywhere A new mess every time I open twitter. And I don’t even follow the wrestler Batista I guess film related twitter accounts must be interacting with the tweets and that’s why it keeps showing me. Yikes. GOTG3 is officially tainted, no matter who they hire to direct it
  4. I do remember reading that those Statham action movies perform really well on home video, hence why they kept making them despite the box office.
  5. Last update: Freddys Dead was appalling. Like a TV movie. Dreadful. The 2010 remake is easily better than Elm Street 4, 5 and 6. Easily.
  6. Yeh I’ve only watched it twice I think, maybe just the once in cinemas. Octavia Spencer is in it, isn’t she? Lol
  7. I was really, really hyped up for Halloween (2007) but the whole first half is a drag. We didn’t need to know about Myers’ childhood, at all. The last half is ok looking back. I’ll rewatch all the films nearer October
  8. Still working my way through the Elm Streets and part 4 and 5 I would give 1/5. In the Friday the 13th franchised I’d rate 5, 7 and 8 as 1/5 so unless Freddy 6 is amazing they’ll be matched. I already know New Nightmare is incredible. Just couldn’t remember 4, 5 and 6 that well.
  9. It wasn’t released in the summer though so.... What a boring weekend. Mile 22 DOA (are STX officially in trouble now?)
  10. I’m assuming @boxoffice made a mistake on twitter saying Slenderman did $1.24m Thursday? That would be a big increase from Wednesday
  11. Yeh the original poster mentioned the three flops though. That’s why I replied, commenting that 3 misses in a row means it’s probably time to stop. I think Lone Survivor was before them?
  12. If those three misses are from the same actor-director duo then surely audiences have shown that they are not interested and they should stop.
  13. Krissykins

    Thursday Numbers

    That’s a good hold for Crazy Rich Asians. Poor start for Mile 22, that’s weak.

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