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  1. I think it could be quite frontloaded, it certainly was here in the UK last weekend. Projections were $7-8m after the Friday and it ended up with $6.8m.
  2. Unfortunate if it’s linked to Civil War, one of the really low tier marvel movies IMO.
  3. Well I can assure you they weren’t booking that many locations with hopes of a $15m opening. They would have had the theatres booked before this most recent tracking came in. See above/
  4. Disney really putting Ad Astra is 3,460 cinemas for a mid teens opening oop
  5. Lol who? Lets not compare Black Widow to one of Marvel’s notoriously bland villains. She is an original avenger, killed off 5 months ago in what was sold as a finale. It’s very different.
  6. Deciding not to watch this trailer and go in totally fresh. It doesn't open til 29th November here so hoping spoilers aren’t everywhere online beforehand.
  7. That’s really weak for Ad Astra. Seen adverts everywhere for what feels like the past month. But below Rambo, that’s bad.
  8. A percentage of Star Wars fanboys are notoriously the worst. Hopefully this time round is more peaceful for everyone involved.
  9. Well, it is a crime film, about criminals. It’s quite normal that you didn’t sympathise with them.
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