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  1. Me too! Hope they make enough to do a third. Just noticed this still has China ($75m), South Korea ($47m) to open, two massive markets for the first film. A third still might be able to happen.
  2. This was quite fun! Reminded me of Charlies Angels 2. Julianne was so campy. Hopefully they do a third and Halle’s role increases.
  3. Just back from Kingsman 2. It reminded me of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle but with guys. Silly action fun.
  4. Oooh that’s defintiely on the low end of predictions on here for Kingsman. Missed industry tracking too. Yes for IT. A phenomenon. Lego films are played out it seems.
  5. Horror 2017

    I do mean I can’t find news online. I don’t ever pirate.
  6. Horror 2017

    I know Leatherface went on DirectTV(?) this weekend in the US. But does anyone know of a UK release? Cant find anything anywhere online.
  7. Baywatch didn’t even deliver on its R rating promises. Tame and unfunny. Still one of the most disappointing of the year for me. BO wise but especially quality wise.
  8. ANT-MAN AND THE WASP | 07.06.2018 | Disney

    Is Wasp definitely not in Infinity War?? That sucks.
  9. Going tomorrow with pals Taron and Channing are babes and I love Halle and Julianne.
  10. What’s with these reaction things being pokemon?? How do I change it back??
  11. Record breaking for Friend Request lol, wonder if they’ll put that on the dvd cover. Dreadful for Lego. Yay for IT. $266m
  12. Whoever predicted the great drop for mother! Lol. -60%. Wonder what the drop would’ve been if it had opened half decently.
  13. Time to stop with the lame Lego films that crumble apart after the first act. Just make shorts or stop it.

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