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  1. Oooh that’s great budget wise for Fantasy Island. But surprising that younger audiences aren’t interested yet considering Lucy Hale. The social media campaign should kick in soon I’d imagine that’ll help.
  2. Yeh exchange rate is at 1.31 just now, highest it’s been in years. Handy for me going to Vegas next month lol
  3. Still no international updates for any Universal films on BOM. That website is just trash now.
  4. I think the overall January trend for horrors was in the teens. R rated wise: My Bloody Valentine, Hostel, Texas Chainsaw 3D, The Devil Inside, three Underworld sequels all did $20m+ in January. PG:13 wise you have Cloverfield, Mama, White Noise, Hide & Seek, The Unborn, Split and Glass. It’s a bit of a reach to consider Glass a horror film. Lots of others open in the 10-teen range.
  5. I think The Turning budget is $17m. But doesn’t seem as if they’ve spent much in way of marketing. I would expect it to perform much better, considering the Australian and UK openings would translate to about $20m in the US. Looks like it’ll be a flop in comparison.
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