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  1. Haha, as a person with a Scottish accent myself, I thought he did very well with it 😂. The English ones were atrocious, particularly the guy from ET. I said pretentious because, for example, I thought the uncles episode was some sort of favour from producer to star to have a feature episode, which completely backfired when the accent stole the show. Maybe self indulgent is a better term. Agreed it should’ve been 3 episodes and had “Haunting” removed from the title.
  2. The Boys season 1 and season 2: what a fantastic show. The gore is off the charts. Very clever. Season 1 was stronger though. 4/5 The Haunting of Bly Manor: a huge let down after Hill House. Worst show I’ve seen all year. Slow, pretentious, poorly paced with some of the worst English accents I’ve ever heard. 1/5 Saint Maud (in cinemas): one of the best horror films of the year. An incredible lead performance of a decent into delusional mayhem. 4/5 The Addams Family 3/5 The Addams Family Values 4/5 The sequel is superior. Both are entertaining, great casting. But Joan Cusack is a scene stealer and the second film is hilarious. Amazed that first film got a PG rating for that school theatre show sequence lol. Hubie Halloween very festive, but very forgettable and a bit lame at times. A few laugh out loud moments. 2/5
  3. 4 films above $1m. Solid, under the circumstances for both Honest Thief and War with Grandpa. Nice that Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas are getting some people in the cinema. Hopefully, 5 weeks from now, Freaky can open over $5m.
  4. Just back from the cinema to see this and Saint Maud is fantastic. Stunning performance. Quite nightmarish.
  5. 1. Tenet £295,000 £16,600,000 2. After We Collided £200k £3,600,000 3. Cats and Dogs £183,000 4. Saint Maud £263,002 5. On The Rocks £75,000 £235,000 All Cineworlds closed on Friday, every Irish cinema closed on 7th. Odeon is weekends only. Hope Saint Maud has staying power throughout October. I’m going to Showcase this week to see it.
  6. Box office was up again last week. But now Cineworld closed on Friday so I’d expect this weekends numbers to be full of harsh drops.
  7. This looks very cute. Surprised that tweet said Disney, then I realised it’s a Fox film lol. Too progressive for Disney:
  8. No interest in James Bond but this is terrible news for UK cinemas, which will probably close. I got emails yesteday about “£4 films” and today I got given free nachos and a free popcorn to use by Halloween.
  9. Nothing for the US yet, which seems strange. I’m not sure if A24 have set dates for any of their films? It’s in cinemas here a week tomorrow (UK).
  10. I went to see this on Friday and it’s really cute. Two likeable leads, fresh casting and some laugh out loud moments. Really heartwarming.
  11. Unhinged still having decent drops, 7 weeks in. Passed $30m worldwide too, $31.8m. Strong post theatrical run in the future I think for this one too.
  12. Ah, you mean pre COVID numbers. Sure. I thought you meant $30 + a subscription. Clearly that didn’t go well.
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