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  1. "Film Twitter" was always overrated in terms of its cultural influence but it's basically nil now unless you absolutely love "this movie franchise is WOKE!111!" critiques.
  2. Nah, it really didn't. Didn't expand much from Afterlife, sucky INT total, still under 50 mil. It's only "impressive" in a total vacuum.
  3. It's badly worded but I think he's saying War declined from Dawn so this is good. This is under the "B cinemascore is death" concept though.
  4. I don't think that's an accurate comparison. Most audiences seem to at least feel okay about Apes but hated Dial of Destiny, at least as far as comparing it to other Indy movies. Yeah a B could be accurate in the sense that nobody is saying this is Fury Road level good but it seems closer to the reception of Civil War where it has actual defenders instead of people just poo poohing it.
  5. I don't think the B for Apes was a "real" B. At least in the sense of "fanboy driven movie where anything less than an A- equals doom". In fact I think the only thing where "B- automatically means doom" is basically kids movies.
  6. ...There was probably some overlap with Barbie as well. You don't get to be 600 million release by leaving a lot of cash on the table, even if Barbie's audience was mostly female.
  7. It shares a lot of its audience with Furiosa. Why is this so fucking hard for you people to believe?
  8. I seriously don't get what the difference is except at the very margins. Apes is very much an "older audiences PG-13"
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