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Marco Costa

Wicked City (1987)

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I love anime. For those that don't know anime is japanese animation usually made for an adult audience. My first contact with anime was thanks to a little UK label called Manga entertainment that made me possible to discover anime movies like ghost in the shell and ninja scroll. The animation was so different from the disney ones that i was used to watch and the themes were so adult and serious even philosophical at times that i was hooked for life in that genre.


Wicked City is one of those movies that i watched thanks to manga. It's full of brutal bloody scenes with demons, some nakedness and cuss words, everything that a teen kid loves when growing up :)


It's not an anime masterpiece, but it's a fun ride. Three years later a live action movie from HK based on this anime movie was made, very soon i'll make a thread about that movie ;)

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