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  1. indeed however, lockdown shouldnt not be the solution when you have vacc 60% of your population , you mean to tell me that its all or nothing ? 0% and we are screwed but 80-90 % and we are okey ? so basically 60% is like 0 % ? , regional lockdowns unfortunately will happen, but i dont think nationwide
  2. all of european majors have a full vaccinations of around 45 % by nov that number should be around 60% or so , thats not enough for herd immunity but if they need to lockdown again with 60% full vaccinations then idk what else to say..............
  3. Wow thats some strong overreaction here,how about we see friday numbers first ?that seems good too me.If i was to give my opinion if deadlines numbers hold then they are ok i guess if any of you were in the tracking thread you would know that the ow for the newcomers were expected and also are we really suprised that movies with that low interest and reception do bad ? I guess no as for black widow and space jam IF the numbers for them hold which i doubt as fast 9 made 11,t ml from a lower thursday number than black , it would be dissapointing but not unexpected black widow is a movie that be
  4. at this point , this kind of conversation is pointless in any case we will know for sure come august
  5. could happen doesnt mean thats its going to happen ,especially since disney has an agreement for 45 days theater exlusive, with the chains
  6. You do realise that a) we dont know where it will finish ,seems 400-450 for now and 2) that would be without china.... we dont know if.,when or how it will do there same goes with the south east asia countries......anyways lets see how it will hold in the coming days....
  7. in this thread i only asked it once or twice on 2 different days so whats your point............
  8. @charlie Jatinder any weekend predictions ? 130-140 by sun ? By the way box office pro said that black widow made 7.6 or so in wednesday for a total of 100,7
  9. Imo it shouldnt have gone with pa 2 months ago they could stll change the strategy they saw what a quite place did and the more stupud thing is that imo the marketing stll leans almost exlusively to movie theaters not on d+ so why the hell you had it like a pa release....
  10. That was also a factor reception being lower tier mcu movie didnt help with that plus pa (stupid idea) and pandemic and we got this result
  11. @keysersoze123 any updates for widow and space jam 👀
  12. not really its dailies were decent idk where you got the idea that it was collapsing at least in terms of dailies ,
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