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  1. mammoth or not, star wars its not what it used to be , thats a fact , star wars while big , its not a global phenomenon , like mcu or harry potter or lord of the rings was, star wars make most of it money from the dom market and some parts of europe , thats it
  2. bc marvel didnt invest in making comics , for mcu, or video games etc etc, mcu until as of now was only about movies, lucasfilm however expand star wars in other media, thats my point
  3. I would say 900-950 as brazil still has to some along with some others
  4. yeah i mean 400-450 is bummer, its not like most people predicted in that range ps it will make 1,3-1,4 billion for an animated movie, thats fantastic
  5. i cant see that low os-china , sorry
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