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  1. wow mcu is number 1 , how so ? good for a little indie studio
  2. no update today come on we are talking about 2,8 fucking millions ps @Charlie Jatinder any chance we get another update ?
  3. i would say lets wait to see 4 and 5 weekend ,then we will probably know where the movie is heading,( as we will have an idea about the late legs)
  4. mulan will hit 300 dom, or more,however now i dont really know if it can make the march date
  5. maybe you didnt read , he didnt say that it is for the tone, he said that he think it COULD be,so in other words he doesnt know what the reshoots are for he is only thinks/guessing
  6. i love how we dont know shit but we are talking like this is why the reshoots are for, classi forum never change
  7. hello there i have been away from this thread for a very long time could somone plz inform me whats going on here ? ps do we have any idea about frozen 2 tickets ?
  8. agreed we all knew that captain marvel and spidey would be big maybe not 1,1 big but for sure around 1 bill, same goes for ts4 while many called it unessecary still most of use thought around 1 billion , as for aladdin many people didnt think 1 billion not bc the ip didnt have the potential but bc it didnt look good and the buzz want good, but it wasnt that big of a suprised when you think about it, if i have to go at least for me biggest suprise as of now at least are1)endgame,2)ne zha and 3)joker
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