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  1. any prediction about its total ?
  2. it seems that their tv spots are doing what the trailers couldnt .
  3. first the 150+ ow is something that the presales suggest it could happend and second let it be a good movie thats all that matters bc if we take the movies that only contributed to add plotlines to iw then you should scrap at least 10 movies if it is a good movie thats all that matters
  4. well maybe you are right and possible the GA will not like it as much as fans (i doubt it) but even there was problem with the plotline i think that we would already know that from the reaction the fact that we didnt its at least a good sign
  5. no its a not bad sign but i agree with you in one thing when you have announce your plan its harder to change it for example even they wanted to make doctor starnge 2 to come this year they couldnt bc that would change the plant and a lot of other things
  6. then its better for you if you will end up loving it
  7. idk how they do it but mcu hhas done GREAT job with their costumes in general both heroes and villlaing i mean look at mysterio just look at him and not just him LOOK AT THE FREAKING VULTURE maybe my favorite suit out of all of them
  8. the fact that this movie is before endgame and is the first mcu movie since july that will only help it
  9. i wouldnt be suprise if it pulls 450(domestic) -550 (overseas)
  10. disagree overseas could pull 500 million or more so i would say it will be similar to wonder woman or black panther almost 50%
  11. no i dont think it would tank but i think that the numbers would be closer to other superheros origins
  12. its not only that captain marvel continues to sell well and it has even go up while it could become a situation like solo i just cant see that happening as there is no evidence to suggest that as of now

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