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  1. i never expected eternals to have as good of a pace as shang chi, the shang chi comp also started at what 17 lol :?
  2. did i say something wrong ? it was expected that the comp would drop today bc bw had the reviews in the same day, still if i remember correctly the pace in his theater the last few days was 60-70 , so now being 80 means probably that it has started to accelerate from now on 🤷‍♀️.
  3. the bw comp drop, but at least it seems like it finally increased the pace , lets see how it goes from there.
  4. this thread is about tracking only , take the dune talk elsewhere.
  5. the last week will be the most important.I wouldnt expect the bw comp to change much for now , it will still keep probably increasing a bit , but not much bc at that stage bw had some boost from the reviews.The real increase will probably come in the next week.
  6. if the the next reviews are also positive i could see a scenario where there are many small bumps instead of a big one
  7. is it realle necessary to make posts about every single review coming ? metacritic has at least another 30 reviews to add in while rt has another 250 at least.
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