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  1. https://deadline.com/2020/06/china-movie-theaters-reopening-beijing-coronavirus-shanghai-film-festival-1202973697/ very very very good article, , gavin firsy tweet was right ,also the article gives a great inside
  2. you stuck with one sentence, i compared in one sentece tha hundreds in indoor vs the THOUSANDS OUTDOORS, you stuck with one sentence when in my comments i mentioned indoor venues way more than outdoors jesus fucking christ........ at the same time my point was and it seems that you didnt get it was that to say that ONLY indoor venues have risk but not outdoor is idiotic..................... i have make 6 comments you stuck with only one sentence one of which i may didnt phase it well, or you didnt understand it, for that reason i made more comments in hope to make my point more clear , and you are still sticking with one sentence ps plz read my other comments, and to try to make it as clear as possible in one sentence my point was , some people act like there is no risk in other indoor venues or in outdoor venues even though in some cases THOUSANDS of people gather in the same space outside but the risk is only in movie theaters this has no logic ........ did i make my point clear ?
  3. correction then is not much better , still you stuck with only a fucking example i mentioned a dozen other buisnesses, at the same time you mean to tell me that an auditorium with not even the full cap say 50 cap is much much worse than thousands or hundrerds of people partying in the street ? really ? , i cant judge whats worse no, but still movie theater is not neccerally better than outdoor activities no i did not say that, but i dont think its that much worse plus again for 100 time i also compared other indoor venues so i mean come on................................... you seem to have stuck with one fucking sentence i made 5 comments it seems that you didnt even read any of those ..............
  4. thats not my fucking point, nvr mate, leave it, i never never said that indoors are better than outdoors, jesus, in the comment about i was talking in general again it seems that you dont understand the point that i am trying to make here idk how many times i have to say this i was talking about buisness in general, and if you remember in my first comment i mentioned many indoor i venues i didnt make a comparison between indoor and outdoor, why you have stuck with that idk
  5. this is the point that i try to make, people are talking like cinemas are the ONLY problem, when thats not the case, this doesnt mean that everything will work out fine when theaters open , not at all actually, but to act, that cinemas are that much more dangerous, than beaches, restaurants, cafes ,malls , protests its beyond me, now i am not saying that cinemas are completly safe of course not, there is a reason why cinemas are in late phases of reopening , still the only difference to me between cinemas and other buisness are that depending on the measures, the risk is higher, thats all, plus maybe the most important thing to know its not like if you keep cinemas closed, you will see a noticeable difference in cases, from the moment that the cases cannot be traced back to their origins and the period of time that people had the virus, then all of this is a trivia and all of this conversation between me and everyone else here is just opinions throwed around without any facts whatsoever,at the end of day it doesnt matter, whatever happens ,happens, be cautious and carefully , thats all
  6. no data period in the cases that are reported ww, they dont say or probably know the link so yeah, thee say like that countrie had 100 cases we dont how how these 100 people were infected and for how long, bc the cases reported today it doesnt mean that they were infected today, thats important
  7. ...... search the internet mate i mean seriously i cant possible recall the exact places, 20+ articles in a day are about covid, if you can see the point that i try to make ok if not, then ok, in any cases i wont continue a conversation that is basically useless, i said what i had to say, you agree fine you disagree fine, the end of it
  8. guys thats enough we all have different opinions , at the end of the day it doesnt matter what i think ,what anyone thinks, the thing that matter is what is happening right now, so enought with this conversation ps completly irrelevant but tommorrow i will go and buy the last of us 2 :d
  9. didnt they were but people talk like only movie theaters are the problem when thats not the case , thousands of people in beaches in uk, is not better thasn going to movie theater , it seems that people are ignoring all the other gatherings that are happening and focus only on cinemas and bars my point is that its not realistic to think that people will go out only for a walk , work and essential things for a few more months
  10. point stil stand not realistic to expect that reaction
  11. i wouldnt say as essentials but yeah at the same time its not like people dont gatherd even on the streets
  12. idk why cinemas are the problem, in cafeterias and restaurants and hell even jut outside is worse so why cinemas are the problem ? idk why people when talking about gathering they always talk about bars or movie theaters as people dont gather in other places ........................... ps at the same time, there is no timeline for the pandemic, so yeah there is that plus france and vast majority of europe is in a good place, so idk why you have a problem ps2 for a few more months with business open in general if you really expect that people will say oh well i will go outside only for work buy esessential things and maybe for a walk, then idk what to say to you, but its not realistic, based from what i have seen, hear, and gathered in general, movie theaters may be the least of the things that the goverments should be concerned
  13. deadline is a good source if you want to see the box office and gives more details if i remembers last weekend deadline reported that most countries had big increases and few of them decreased but no by much by 8-10% so basically flat, and one more thing if you read france has different rules and restrictions from other countries, if you read the article
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