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  1. we will see i personally have it at 13-16, fingers crossed
  2. of course, previews i would say right now have the range of 13-16
  3. the point is that it can win the ow record, without beating i2 preview record, thats my point
  4. actually the far from home already set for that date like 2 years ago, if anything lion king should move, but again its summer and while far from home will probably increase over hc, sony already burned once with a sequel, so probably they want to make sure that ffh does well, also the budget from ffh is alomst the same as hc, so it seems that sony tries to be more carefull here they will probably do something else with the sequel
  5. its the best case scenarion but not impossible, with around 16 previews it would require almost a 12 multi, incredibles 2 had almost 10 multi with a bigger previews,, again i am not saying that it will happen but depending from the previews there is a path
  6. the multi is the key here, with previews of 16 the movie could really challenge 200 ow , again i am not saying that it will happen
  7. as porthos said the previews will be 14-15 probably could go higher, and if you see the breakdown that i did yesterday 160-170 ow is very much possible with amulti of 11-12
  8. actually charlie did a breakdown, and the movie could really challenge 1 bill, probably not but its not unrealistic
  9. of course, and also lets not forget that jungle book came 3 years ago, the technology wasnt as good
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