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  1. 1.5 billion is locked for lion and os is looking around 1,1 as of now, so this range is realistic
  2. at this moment i am seeing around 1,5 billion, but i dont think that passing lion kings 1,6-1,7 is unrealistic
  3. i really believe that if it werent for the lion king we would be looking at 1,2+ oh well there is always spidey 3
  4. i mean if were crazy optimistic like frozen hitting 2 billion , probably .... i mean even in bold clubs we should always be at least a little realistic with the info we have, after the opening is another story
  5. i will wait to see more before i talk ps not that your scenario is unrealistic
  6. it will be close , not enough info we need to see more, the range is 1,6-1,7 as of now
  7. 60-70 would be great for lion king
  8. i didnt say why he isnt back or anything like that, i just find this whole thing completly ridiculous from both sides thats it ps i just find it very weird to be angry with someone online bc he said something with not the best way, and to block all of your social media bc of it , that just become ridicolous its not like this has happened to him on regular basis
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