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  1. if regal will close it seems that it wont be all of the chain, but more likely the theaters with the lowest admissions and that would make more sense to be honest next week san francisco 3) most major in the us opens , along with michigan so i would imagine regal will open its theaters there too
  2. we will know what will happen end of sept , early oct , i would say,
  3. doubt it that it would do so much better without covid, piracy and bad wom hurt it more than covid
  4. https://deadline.com/2020/09/imax-ceo-calls-new-yorks-still-shuttered-movie-theaters-head-scratcher-1234573927/ Imax CEO Calls New York’s Still Shuttered Movie Theaters “A Head Scratcher” As Indoor Dining Resumes Indoor dining in new york city can resume at 25 % cap sept 30 , hopefully movie theaters will be next
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