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Marco Costa

The Newton Boys (1998)

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I love crime movies that are based on true stories like this one that tells the story of the Newton Gang. Matthew McConaughey is the lead man in this movie and he does a real fine job. I know that many don't like Matthew McConaughey but he's an interesting case study. He is with no doubt a good actor, his early work and his more recent films like The Lincoln lawyer and Killer Joe proves that, but between those time frame he was type cast to a lot of romantic comedies that, although granting that it gave him fame, it also gave him an image that he couldn't act and that he was only good at taking his shirt off. And that's sad, bacause the guy does have some talent.


In this movie he is second by Ethan Hawke and Skeet Ulrich, the movie is very watchable and fun, but don't expect a ruthless gangster movie, this is more of a "good old boys are at again robbing banks" type of movie.


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