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Killimano's Year 8 Reviews

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January 5 - 7


Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is a movie that started with a semi-interesting premise but quickly falls into an over-dramatized version of pretty generic events. The story seems to be driven completely by random and out-of-the-blue plot points and the twins death foreshadowing seems forced and out of place. The two strongest actors in the film (Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman) are barely even seen and is a large waste of talent. In the end its not terribly interesting and a lot of the choices made by the characters seem largely unbelievable.


Acting - 4.5

Plot - 3.1

Directing - 3.7






The Good, The Bad, and the Dead

A somewhat out-there and strange zombie apocalypse movie, The Good, the Bad, and The Dead also had an interesting plot as well as some memorable characters. Although the comedy element seems some-what out of place at times and the toilet joke in the stand-off deflated the situation a bit, the movie mostly managed to strike a nice balance juggling it's many genres. It also managed to be pretty strong in both it's acting and it's direction.


Acting - 6.7

Plot - 7.3

Directing - 7.0



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January 12-15 (MLK Weekend)


Bloodbath Unite

All this movie ends up being is an incredibly bloody, violent and ultimately unnecessary picture. With terrible acting and an agonizing plot-line filled with characters making unrealistic and pointless decisions this ends up as a horror film I would not recommend.


Acting - 1.4

Plot - 1.1

Directing - 2.0


Overall - 15%




Hard to Find

This movie by no means the worst movie but some unfortunate plot problems keep it from being anything special. The pacing of the movie always seems off, with a beginning leading right into the ending without any real middle to the story, and then it turning out that the ending was not the ending and that there was in fact still an ending. The choice made by the main protagonist to throw away his happy life over the fact he missed one family Christmas party also seems like an over-reaction as does his family`s intense anger to his not showing up. What could have been a decent movie had it been a family film ends up coming across as increasing odd as the main character develops a romantic relationship with what I guess is a LEGO figurine? 


Acting - 7.3

Plot - 5.5

Directing - 6.2


Overall - 63%




Unbalanced V

Unbalanced 5 was a decent horror that at times definitely managed to be genuinely disturbing. Unfortuantely, it never really introduces us to any of the characters and we just end up watching a bunch of scientists we don`t care for torturing a bunch of test subjects we don`t care for. The subjects also managed to inflict a surprising amount of damage to the armed soldiers considering they how weak and sickly they were, especially when their internal organs are literally coming out of their bodies. All in all a pretty good horror movie.


Acting - 5.4

Plot - 6.9

Directing - 6.4


Overall - 62%

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January 19-21


Army of Two: The Devil`s Cartel

The third installment in the Army of Two series is a pretty standard action movie. There is nothing about it that is bad but there is also nothing about it that really stands out either. It`s got a decent story and decent characters and decent acting. All in all the movie is slightly underwhelming and ends up being way too forgettable and boring.


Acting - 6.5

Plot - 5.2

Directing - 5.9


Overall - 59%





Chessmen is a fun family adventure that manages to do well with its creative premise. It had some solid acting but some of the actors seemed somewhat miscast and the plot seems like it should have had a little more then it did. In the end the movie was pretty decent and should be OK with families.


Acting - 6.5

Plot - 5.8

Directing - 6.3


Overall - 62%

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