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  1. Dumbledore to Harry "alright Harry there is one last horcrux you need to take care of... It may sound strange... But I need you to kill my brothers ex-girlfriend. Also she's a snake"
  2. This is now my favourite thing about the whole series
  3. I thought the film was pretty good, I'm just disappointed that there were so many small moments that I didn't like. Probably the WORST part was McGonagall being there. It didn't make sense chronologically, it was an obvious and failed attempt at fanservice and I don't know why they want to make it seem like it's been the same teachers working at Hogwarts for like 100 years. I don't really care for credence being another dumbledore. He was an interesting and new character, why try and shove him into some connections with the other characters? Why invent a new sibling that was never brought up in the books?
  4. Killimano3

    Monday numbers

    First you'll have to sell the rights to Fox back to Fox
  5. Killimano3

    Wednesday's Numbers

    Oh thank God they're pushing black panther past 700m. Now I can sleep at night again
  6. AOU drop just looked bad when comparing it to TDKR drop from TDK. that's why everyone was all freaking out at the time haha
  7. Killimano3

    Thursday's Numbers: I2 - $16.33M

    Hopefully I2 gets some big jumps this weekend considering it's really not kept up with FD so far
  8. Killimano3

    Wednesday Numbers | 06/21/2018

    What's this shit I'm hearing about finding dory having a bad second weekend hold...? You do realize that it had the best 2nd weekend hold of any film with an OW above 116m (Alice in Wonderland was ever so slightly better) aside from TFA right? "Bad hold" yeah right.... *at the time of its release of course
  9. AWIT with the godlike PTA. Truly historic moment when a film increases 1600% after adding a mere 88 theaters
  10. Yeah adjusted shrek 2 is an another league. Only thing that compares is lion King (til you go back like 60 years or whatever to classic disney)
  11. lol I just realized that Solo is going to end up well below the Special Edition Re-Release of Star Wars adjusted domestically.
  12. Ive never had a problem with ppl on their phone at movies and I go quite frequently. Only see the occasional phone during (and they're usually from China where apparently it's the complete norm for everyone to be texting)
  13. Once it picks up halfway through season 1 agents of shield becomes one of the best shows my eyes have witnessed

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