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  1. Good news everyone! Donald Trump is hitting record high approval again! Hooray for drinking bleach!
  2. Knowing trump that's probably what he actually believes. His party probably started to panic and think he was tanking their chances so they were like "hey Donald, you know those meetings are probably beneath you, youre such an important big strong man that you should spend your time on more important things". To which trump responded "your right! I am!"
  3. Apparently he might in fact be dead from botched heart surgery O= Nobody seems to know for sure tho...
  4. Doesn't sound like California "let them" so much as they "weren't supposed to be going but they ignored that and went anyway"
  5. Referring to Brazil ^^^ We've known for a while that even in the richer countries in Europe and North America that deaths are likely higher than official totals but with this news and that from countries like Peru and Ecuador it's seeming likely in developing countries that death totals are likely entire orders of magnitude greater than official totals simply because they don't have the ability to test.
  6. US officially has its highest daily confirmed cases yet today with almost 36,000
  7. Lol I googled Hydrogen Peroxide because I wasn't sure if you were talking about Listerine or something and the first thing that popped up as I was typing it in was "DOES HYDROGEN PEROXIDE CORONAVIRUS?!"
  8. Maybe Trump is just speeding up the process of natural selection... He's a secret genius
  9. I fear that this is the sort of thing that'll happen in a lot of African countries when it finally hits hard
  10. I already thought the IHME model was being optimistic when they lowered it to 90k deaths. But when they lowered it to 60k I honestly couldn't believe it. Wonder what it'd look like if they redid their numbers now
  11. There's definitely some cultural differences with America as well. America more than any western country tells children throughout their life that where they live is the greatest place in the world and that they should be grateful for living there. Even when this kind of thing is harmless it leads people to eventually draw various conclusions for their selves like "if America is the perfect then it should never change right?". "If America is the greatest country then that means all other countries are inferior right? And their culture is inferior?" American
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