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  1. 11.9 would basically be even with homecoming, VERY good for it.
  2. Interestingly, Disney was one of the only major companies last year whose shareholders actually voted NOT to give the CEO a raise. Kinda funny considering they sent out the voting envelopes with a special message they DEFINITELY RECOMMEND VOTING YES
  3. If robbin Williams had been alive to reprise his role I'm sure Aladdin could've stood a chance of ending closer to beauty and the beast
  4. Finding Dory had good weekends of course, but some godly weekdays that are truly unbelievable. Still stare in shock when I look at those numbers.
  5. Gonna be like 2014 again, when the year was so bad they gave the yearly crown to a 2015 movie instead
  6. It's pretty much escalated the moment some guy wanders into the conversation like "THIS MOVIE WAS TRASH". Had they come in and said "I didn't care for the movie, it wasnt the worst but it didn't do it for me" then those who liked it would be more willing to accept the opinion. Instead you get them showing up and yelling about how the movie offended their very being and suddenly you get people who originally just kinda liked it feeling like some dick is personally attacking their opinions and it radicalizes them as well. Same for the other way around.
  7. Lol I love defeated Thanos just sitting down at the end like the bully who all the kids in class finally stood up to, just thinking to himself "what did I ever do? Whys everyone being so mean to me?" XD
  8. Interesting that they no longer do this. I've always wondered why Japan contributes noticeably less to Hollywood films these days. Is it simply that their taste in film no longer lines up with Hollywood? Or has the market just shrank?
  9. This insanity is really making me curious about Spider-Man: FFH. Are these enormous numbers a sign that there are now more avengers fans than ever before and that we could see a new Avengers-boost to upcoming marvel films, or is it simply hype over the finale and finale alone, and people will still be too mentally exhausted to care about another solo film?
  10. All started 11 years ago with Iron Man grossing 300M and showing great success... Ending with Avengers doing well more than that in 3 days. Who would've ever thought
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