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Derby Awards

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Weekly winners will get a special group "Derby Champion" giving them Gold Account benefits for a week. There's also a special surprise for these derby winners!


But for this weekend and next weekend, people will get the Derby Champion award for a week along with $10 credit into their account for one-month access to a Premium Account. You can also use that credit to get a cheaper kind of account for more than one month.


The monthly winners will get the Derby Winner group masking for a week and then credit for a Premium Account (which would last a month). Seasonal and Yearly winners will likely get credit for a Gold Account (which would last a month) after the weekly Derby Champion access along with a gift card of some kind. You don't have to use the credit for that account type: you can use it to buy more than one month of a cheaper kind of account.


For the gift cards: you must send Water Bottle your preferred e-mail address via PM to get the reward within 90 days or you forfeit the gift card award.


Disclaimer: This is a not-for-profit site. We solicit donations to pay for server and other site-related costs only. The account credit is simply a way for us to use our forum software to deliver rewards and not in any way an indication that it is a for-profit endeavor. Derby awards subject to change.

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