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Oversaturation in the market space

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As we all know, animation is a lucrative business in the box office market. However I wonder if we'll reach oversaturation. In 2020, Universal will release four animated films, all sequels to IPs like Trolls, Croods, Minions and Sing, Fox is trying 2 a year with it's Locksmith partnership but can have 3 thanks to Bobs Burgers, Disney has 3 originals and Sony has 4, and with WB and Paramount also likely doing 2 a year, the marketspace can get competitive. Any thoughts?

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Loud House.                             Par. 2/7/20
Trolls 2 Uni. 2/14/20
Untitled Pixar Animation (March 2020) BV 3/13/20
SPA Animated Franchise (2020) Sony 4/3/20
Scooby WB 5/15/20
Untitled Pixar Animation (June 2020) BV 6/19/20
Minions 2 Uni. 7/3/20
Bob's Burgers Fox 7/17/20
The Croods 2 Uni. 9/18/20
SPA Animated Franchise II (2020) Sony 9/25/20
Ron's Gone Wrong Fox 11/6/20
Untitled Disney Animation (3D) BV 11/25/20
Vivo Sony 12/18/20
Sing 2


Paramount also has an untitled hybrid feature 7/31/20. Nimona is still dated for February 2020. 


That is 16 major animated movies so far scheduled for 2020.

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