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Discuss the past, the present, and the future for all animated films: Disney, Pixar, Illumination, Aardman, Dreamworks, Laika and more.
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  2. I doubt it. More likely to do with falling DVD/Bluray sales.
  3. Disney just shut down DisneyToon. Maybe they're replacing it with BlueSky?
  4. Blue Sky literally just greenlit an extremely interesting project for 2020, that being a film adaption of the acclaimed graphic novel Nimona (which is a great book). I would be extremely upset if this merger did anything to that specific film, because I feel like Nimona could go where Epic couldn't and knock everybody's socks off if they stay relatively true to the source material.
  5. Hopefully, the animators find jobs.
  6. Disney officially bought Fox and Blue Sky wasn’t mentioned in the studios acquired.
  7. I was guessing that too with DisneyToon absorbing it to make Ice Age, Rio, Peanuts, Ferdinand and WDAS/Pixar sequels but uses future films in development at Blue Sky like Pigeon Impossible and Nimona at a way cheaper budget.
  8. I don't know if animation studio anti-trust law works the same way as network broadcasting entities, but I think if Disney acquires Blue Sky they would mold it into more of an offshoot of WDA/Pixar and use it for lightweight spin-offs and sequels. That may not sound very encouraging but I'd prefer it to keeping the Ice Age and Rio franchises running into the ground. Blue Sky's already kind of a "training ground" for a lot of artists who have ended up moving on to Disney.
  9. Since Disney can't buy Fox News because they already own ABC, shouldn't there be a limit on how many animation studios they can own now? Disney owns Pixar and their own in-house studio, Universal owns Illumination and Dreamworks...
  10. With the news of the deal between Disney buying Fox loom and an announcement coming next week, while everyone is focused on Disney’s streaming service or the fact that Disney’s growing to monopoly size, I wonder the fate of Blue Sky Studios. Will it continue which seems the likeliest, will WDAS and Pixar split film rights or my more radical guess... Blue Sky Studios is absorbed into DisneyToon. - One because the Ice Age franchises along with Rio, Peanuts, and potentially hits like Pigeon Impossible and Ferdinand seem to be films that don’t fit in the Pixar or WDAS category and they can potentially make way cheaper films - Two I imagine Disney wants another family film label. And there was originally a plan to revitalize it. - Three with the floppage Of Cars 3, DisneyToon has nothing.
  11. Spirited Away Princess Mononoke Akira Pinocchio Zootopia Bambi My Neighbor Totoro Ratatouille WALL-E Coco
  12. I’ll start: 1.) The Lego Movie 2.) Ratatouille 3.) Rango 4.) The Incredibles 5.) Kung Fu Panda 2 6.) Zootopia 7.) Coraline 8.) The Prince of Egypt 9.) Chicken Run 10.) Inside Out
  13. Of the Animated features coming up, the only one that has a chance is Toy Story 4. Outside of that, maybe Incredibles 2, but I doubt it. Realistically, I think we're still 4/5 years, at least, away from that. It took 12 years to beat Shrek 2, which took 10 years to beat Lion King. Though now that I think about it, If one were to define the Lion King remake as solely animation, that has the best chance in the near future.
  14. As we now Dory has the record in NA for the biggest animated movie at $485M but eventually something will be it’s record but I’m wondering the first one to go past the $500M benchmark.
  15. Loud House. Par. 2/7/20 Trolls 2 Uni. 2/14/20 Untitled Pixar Animation (March 2020) BV 3/13/20 SPA Animated Franchise (2020) Sony 4/3/20 Scooby WB 5/15/20 Untitled Pixar Animation (June 2020) BV 6/19/20 Minions 2 Uni. 7/3/20 Bob's Burgers Fox 7/17/20 The Croods 2 Uni. 9/18/20 SPA Animated Franchise II (2020) Sony 9/25/20 Ron's Gone Wrong Fox 11/6/20 Untitled Disney Animation (3D) BV 11/25/20 Vivo Sony 12/18/20 Sing 2 Paramount also has an untitled hybrid feature 7/31/20. Nimona is still dated for February 2020. That is 16 major animated movies so far scheduled for 2020.
  16. As we all know, animation is a lucrative business in the box office market. However I wonder if we'll reach oversaturation. In 2020, Universal will release four animated films, all sequels to IPs like Trolls, Croods, Minions and Sing, Fox is trying 2 a year with it's Locksmith partnership but can have 3 thanks to Bobs Burgers, Disney has 3 originals and Sony has 4, and with WB and Paramount also likely doing 2 a year, the marketspace can get competitive. Any thoughts?

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