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Catalogue of SOTM Questions SOTM 13 is up

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This is where you will find every SOTM question asked in the game. I will lock this of course as your answers do not go here. They will go in the answer thread. The first one can be answered in the top 12 and early preseason question thread.


Which of these films will hit 100 million in the shortest amount of time? (days)

1) Dictator

2) The Expendables

3) Prometheus

4) That's my Boy

5) Rock of Ages

There are some caveats to this. First, more than one film could cross the 100 mill mark at the same time. If that happens, both/either films will be the correct answers.

Your answer is going to be in days. So if you think Prometheus will do it the quickest, in say 4 days, you will put Prometheus, 4 days (there is no deduction for putting the incorrect amount of days). Now, if Prometheus and another film cross in 4 days, you will still get full points for calling the correct film.


8000: Call the correct film to do so.

-5000: call the incorrect film

10,000: say none of these films will cross 100 mill this summer

15,000: say all of these films will cross 100 mill this summer

3000: abstain

For a 7000 point bonus, if you call the correct film, tell me the final gross of that film this summer. Get within 10 mill of the finish to get the bonus. There is no penalty for being off more than 10 mill.

Good luck.

This is due Wednesday May 2nd at 11:59 pm.

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SOTM 2:By the end of the game, which film will The Avengers pass in ADJUSTED domestic gross?Here's how it works. You can only pick one of these films. As long as the film you pick is surpassed in gross by The Avengers, you get the points. So for example, if you take Batman at 498.6 mill, as long as it passes that number, you get the points. It doesn't matter how high it goes. The first list will show you the points you will get if you are right. The second list will show you the points you get if you are wrong.This is a special SOTM question, the points will not be this high on a regular basis.There are no points for abstaining.1) Superman: 454.27 20002) Spiderman 2: 476.45 30003) Batman: 498.6 50004) Home Alone: 536.45 70005) Ghostbusters: 560.18 90006) The Dark Knight: 588.31 11,0007) Grease: 609.59 13,0008) Fantasia: 657.70 15,0009) Star Wars Ep 1 TPM: 715.26 17,50010) Return of the Jedi: 744.950 20,000If you are incorrect:1) Superman: 454.27 -30002) Spiderman 2: 476.45 -30003) Batman: 498.6 -40004) Home Alone: 536.45 -40005) Ghostbusters: 560.18 -50006) The Dark Knight: 588.31 -4,0007) Grease: 609.59 13,000 -40008) Fantasia: 657.70 15,000 -50009) Star Wars Ep 1 TPM: 715.26 17,500 -800010) Return of the Jedi: 744.950 20,000 -8000Answers are due by Sunday May 13th at 9pmGood luck...do not be late.

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What day will The Avengers pass 500 mill?Call the exact day: 10,000Call one day off: 7,000Call two days off: 5,000Miss by more than 2 days: -5000Abstain: 2000Time bonus, lock your answer in before Thursday May 17th at 11:59 pm and if you are within the two days, you get a bonus of 3000.Good luck.This is due no later than Saturday May 19th at 11:59 pm

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By July 1sts actuals, will these films surpass these totals?

A) Moonrise Kingdom: 10 mill

Chernobyl Diaries: 20 mill

C) Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: 25 mill

D) Hunger Games: 401 mill

E) Dictator: 53 mill

F) Intouchables: 600K

Here's how it works.Every film you choose to go for is worth 2500 points.

If you go for two films, there is no penalty for getting one wrong except that you will not get points for the film or films you get wrong. So if you get 1 of 2 correct, you get 2500 points. Get 0 of 2 correct you get 0 but lose nothing.

Here's where it gets interesting. If you choose to go for 3 films and you get all three correct, you get a bonus of 2000 points. If you go for three and you get even 1 wrong, you will lose 5000 points.

If you choose to go for 4 films and if you get 1 or more wrong you lose 8000 points.

If you go for 5 films and get them all correct, no bonus. If you get 1 or more wrong, you will lose 10,000 points.

If you go for all 6, get all six right, you get a 5000 point bonus. It is already worth 15,000. If you get 1 or more wrong, you lose 15,000 points.

Deadline for this SOTM is Monday June 4th at 10 pm BO.com time.

Good luck and don't be late!

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In the last three weeks, we've had three movies open with more than 50 mill. MIB with 54.5, SWATH with 56.2 and the way it looks, Prometheus with about 50. MIB looks to end with about 165 mill, SWATH dropped like a rock in it's second weekend and WOM on Prometheus is mixed at best. Your task, if you choose to accept it, could yield you some big points, some guaranteed points or a big loss. The path you choose is your own.

After actuals come in on Monday July 23rd, tell me what the grosses for all three films will be.

The point structure is as follows:

You can choose to go for any, all or none of the films. The more you call correctly, the more points you get.

Choose to go for one film and get that gross within 3 mill of the gross and you will get 7000 points. If you are wrong you lose 3000 points

Choose to go for two films and be within 4 mill on both films (if you go for two you must be right on both) you get 11,000 points. If you are wrong you lose 6000 points

Choose to go for all three films and you are within 4.5 mill on all three films, (you must get all three right) you get 15,000 points. if you are wrong you lose 10,000 points

Abstain from this question completely and you get 3000 points.

Deadline for your answer is Monday June 18th at 9pm boxoffice.com time.

Good luck!

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SOTM 6This one is a true definition of the term Spur of the Moment as it just came to me. I love it when this happens.There are three films that could ostensibly end up on the same trajectory, but might take different paths to get there.These three films are That's My Boy, Rock of Ages and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.Your challenge is this:Tell me, by July 30th atuals (for the weekend) of these three films, which finishes closest to 60 million. What finishes closest to 50 million and what finishes closes to 40 million?Points for this are going to kind of be like a bonus round. There will be no points lost for incorrect answers. Call all three films right, get 10,000 pointsCall two the three films right, get 5000 pointsGet only one film right and you get no points. Now the caveat to this is that one film could be the correct answer for two slots. This is our challenge. For example, say Rock of Ages makes 60.25 mill, That's My Boy makes 35.5 mill and Marigold makes 47.25 mill, then ROA would eb closest to 60, Marigold closest to 50 mill and TMB closest to 40 mill. Cool? Your answer is due by Monday June 25th at midnight, or when i get up on Tuesday morning. :)Good luck to all of you.

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The great thing about SOTM questions is that they are truly SOTM.SOTM 7: Spider-man midnightsWhat will ASM make for midnights in NA?If you pick the wrong answer (except for H, which you will lose 20,000) you simply lose 4000 points.A) More than 5 million 2000 B] More than 7 million 4000C) More than 9 million 6000D) More than 10 million 8000E) More than 12 million 10,000F) More than 15 million 12,000G) More than 20 million 14,000H) It will make more than Eclipse 30,000I) Less than 5 million 7000Due By Monday July 2nd at noon Boxoffice.com time.Caveat, if you do not answer this one, you will autmatically lose 4000 points. There is no points for abstaining. This is a mandatory question. This deadline is strict. I will be on holiday on Monday. I will lock the thread at noon sharp. Please do not be late.Thanks!Good luck!!!

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SOTM 8: Easiest question to come up with.What will Spiderman make by the end of the game? There is no abstaining1) More than 230 mill. 30002) More than 240 mill. 40003) More than 250 mill. 60004) More than 265 mill. 80005) More than 280 mill. 10,0006) More than 300 mill. 13,0007) Less than 230 mill. 15,000If you are wrong on choices 1-3, you lose 5000 points.If you are wrong on choices 4-5, you lose 7000 points.If you are wrong on choices 6-7, you lose 9000 points.Deadline is Monday July 9th at 9pm boxoffice time.Good luck!

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I mentioned at the beginning of the year that there would be one or two really far out SOTM questions that would exceed the 15,000 points. This will be one of them, in fact it might be the only one.This is a five part SOTM. By now you know the drill. You can go for one, several, all or none. 1) Will TDKR make more than 30 mill at midnight?2) Will TDKR make more than 74 mill OD?3) Will TDKR make more than 81 mill OD?4) Will TDKR make more than DH2 OW?5) Will TDKR make more than 190.5 mill OW? Each part you go for is worth 8000 if correct.Each part you go for and guess incorrectly will cost you 5000 points.If you choose to abstain from all five questions, you will receive 8000 points.If you choose to answer all five questions, you must be correct on all five questions. There is no bonus for getting all five correct as you get 40,000, which is the biggest SOTM amount ever given out. However if you get even one wrong, you will lose 20,000 points. The only way you can lose more is if you go for all five and answer all five incorrectly, that would cost you 25,000 points.You can go for any of the questions. Your answer is due WHEN I WAKE UP THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 19TH. THIS IS USUALLY AROUND 7AM EST. NO EXCEPTIONS.As I said, this is the biggest SOTM question and penalty ever given out. Choose wisely. I assume you all have seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Right now you are standing in front of the Knight who has all the golden cups behind him and one of them are the Holy Grail, offering you, in this case, a massive amount of points. Don't be like Donovan, he chose poorly. Things didn't turn out so well for himGood luck!

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SOTM 10:

By the end of the game, how much will TDKR gross? Plain and simple.

Call it within 15.01-20 mill: 5,000

Call it within 15-10.01 mill: 10,000

Call it within 10-5.01 mill: 12,500

Call it within 5-0.1 mill: 15,000

Miss it by more than 20 mill lose 10,000

Abstain: 2000

Due by July 30th by 11:59 pm

Good luck!

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SOTM 11:

Between August 3 and the end of the game, which film will have the highest gross:?

TDKR: 8000 if right, -7,000 if wrong.

Bourne Legacy: 8,000 if right, -7,000 if wrong.

The Expendables 2: 8,000 if right, -7,000 if wrong.

Total Recall: 10,000 if right, -8,000 if wrong.

The Campaign: 12,000 if right, -8,000 if wrong.

Other: 15,000 if right, -8,000 if wrong.

Abstain: 2,000

Good luck!!

Due by Saturday Aug 4th morning at 10AM Boxoffice.com time. In other words, after Friday numbers are out, your answer is due.

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Will The Expendables hit 70 mill by the end if the game?Get it right: 8000Get it wrong: -5000Abstain: 3000Deadline is Saturday August 25th at noon BOC time.

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SOTM 13:

By the end of the game, will the 6 new wide releases left (http://boxofficemojo.com/schedule/) total up to more than 100 million dollars?

There are several ways to get points.

Answer correctly about the gross: 10,000 points

Answer incorrectly: lose 5000 points

Time bonus: Answer by Sunday August 26th at 9pm, and if you are correct, receive a 7000 point bonus

Answer by Friday August 31st at 3AM board time, and you are correct receive a 3000 point bonus

Anything after the 3AM deadline will not be counted.

Total bonus: You also have the opportunity to predict any of this weekends releases totals by the end of the game.

The catch is this:

The films totals must be answered by Monday August 27th at 9pm and in order to get points, you have to be pin point accurate.

Call any films total by the end of the game, and be within 2 mill, get a 7500 point bonus per film.

If you are off by more than 2 mill, you will lose 15,000 points per film.

You can go for all three (Apparition, Premium Rush and Hit and Run), you can go for some, you can go for none.

This is a very big chance at some very big points. But you can lose a lot as well.

Abstain from all of this, get 5000 points.

Good luck

If there are any questions, ask them here.

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