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  1. Finally! A film I love makes the list. Sad to see the Ring fall as much as it did, but good to see it's still on the list. Samara and the TV bit is one of the scariest scenes in horror history IMO.
  2. Kundun? 🤣 By the way you're a funny guy, Dar. You know the way you tell a story, it's funny.
  3. Not a big fan of the Birds. First of all, I didn't care for the film. I found it to be one of Hitchcock's weaker efforts. But to @Ipickthiswhiterose point, yes, it's even more icky now that over the past few years we've learned how Hitchcock not only stalked her but physically assaulted her and threatened to ruin her career. I know we're supposed to separate the film from the behind the scenes stuff but in this case, Tippi's story makes it hard to enjoy the Birds, or Marnie.
  4. People told me condescendingly that this was going to drop around 65-70% this weekend. When I asked said people why an adult oriented film that isn't a sequel or a film that had a massive Thursday preview number would drop 70% they explained to me that the $5 million dollars it made as a preview number is a huge amount and I felt like I was being spoken to like I was a brand new member who hadn't been following the box office for the last 35 years lol I'm not sure it'll drop less than 50%, but it wouldn't surprise me if it's right around that area give or take a few percentage poin
  5. The trailers have kept the comedy out of it. But you're saying it is funny so that makes me very excited to see it now.
  6. I know in the past we've done this countdowns my favorite horror movie of all time, Friday the 13th the final chapter, has always been on the peripherals. I'm kind of thinking it's not going to make it again but I'm really hoping it does.
  7. This is a real movie? Halloween? Sounds pretty silly. Maybe I'll check it out sometime. 😋
  8. Paul Rudd is good or comedy. But this just doesn't look funny at all. I'm very disappointed in the direction this movie seems to be heading.
  9. Love Bay, and people say he is hated? We've been through this 1000X. He's gotten praise from Cameron, Spielberg, Bruckheimer and he makes money for the studios that back him. This looks like everything I like about a Bay movie, explosions, insane action but most importantly terrific relationships that get me every time. Can't wait for this one.
  10. There's horror films I don't like and then there's horror films I despise. Babadook is the latter. I'm with you there.
  11. @Ipickthiswhiterose I'm with you on mother! I find it to be an abomination. I'd rather watch a grade Z horror movie where a bigfoot rips off a man's dick for no reason than this mainstream piece of poop. But we all have different appreciation of different films. I try not to comment all that much on how I think it's kind of bogus that so many recent films are on this list and so many of the films from 20-30-40-50 years ago aren't. But no one cares lol. So, the list is just a fun way to see where the temperature of this site is when it comes to horror or any genre. I love that @WrathOfHa
  12. Hey guys, as @keysersoze123 will tell you, I once said The Hangover will make less than Very Bad Things adjusted. That would have been something like 15 million. I got that wrong by about 260 million. We all make incredibly bad calls from time to time and we all make incredible good ones. That's part of the fun of being here. Can we all just let it go?
  13. I think on Twitter I said it would open to something like 40 lol. My box office acumen is so rusty right now.
  14. What was your prediction for it OW? I haven't been here much in the last 18 months, so I don't know who predicted what.
  15. Just saw the trailer for this and it definitely has that National Treasure kind of vibe to it. Looks really good and something that definitely appeals to me.
  16. I mentioned in a post above I forgot it was released on HBOmax. The preview number was only 5 million, hardly significant. But yes, the HBOmax release will mess it up for sure.
  17. Would someone like to explain to me why it's going to drop like a sequel with a big review number?
  18. I'm curious why you think it will drop that much. It's not a sequel, it didn't have a massive preview number sp I'm not sure why it would drop that high. WOM seems to be pretty good on it so I don't see why it would drop more than 55%. I could be wrong of course but 60% seems high. 70% is Twilight kind of stuff.
  19. As I've mentioned way too many times here, Stephen King's It is far and away my favorite book of all time. I personally think it's the greatest piece of fiction that's ever been written. I was really looking forward to part one and although I don't think any film is ever going to be able to do justice to the book I think this was a really really good effort as it really established the camaraderie with the kids. It was also pretty gory at times, quite scary and overall a movie I really enjoyed. I didn't care for the second part all that much but the first part is really well done
  20. Yep, different strokes different folks. Horror appeals to different people in different ways. I appreciate your love for the film, I just don't share it.
  21. Never understood the love or appreciation for The Host. Found it to be quite boring and not really much of a horror film.
  22. Gremlins 2 might be one of the best sequels of all time in any genre. Joe Dante said he would only make that movie if he had no studio interference and he got it. That's why he was allowed to make fun of Warner Brothers and Batman and even the original gremlins. Then you had Hulk Hogan and other pop culture stars to the film and it really ended up being bat shit crazy. Angel heart is one of the all-time great convoluted films. There's some genuinely terrifying images in that film and Robert de Niro actually kind of looks like Martin Scorsese from the 80s. I'm really glad that @Towe
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