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January:Call Me Maybe: 4/10Campy fun, and not the worst "first week" of January movie out there, but certainly nothing worth going to see unless you really like the tragically hilarious, like a clown dying.MaZ3: 2/10The 3D made this movie less terrible than it otherwise would have been. Still not worth seeing for any reason however.The Homestarmy Invades: 6/10As a fan of the Homestar Runner series, I enjoyed it, but it was disappointing to have the plot focus so strongly on what was really just a random Strong Bad email. I would have much rather enjoyed seeing something based on Peasant's Quest, or one of the 6+ minute cartoons they had developed over the years. Still, better than looking at Homestarrunner.com and seeing the "Last Updated" being 2010.Sasquatch 3D: 5/10With a title like this, I thought it'd be some plotless horror movie with a Sasquatch attacking some scantily-clad bikini babes. Instead, it's just a mediocre "family comedy" that will have Earl Dittman's review about how it's "The best movie of the year so far!" Not terrible, but it's been done before and done better, and will be done in the future, also done better.The Immune: 7/10A film that stands out as being better than the other films of the first few weeks of the year. It's entertaining, violent,. and scary, without relying too much on gore to shock its audiences. A decent film, and something I'd recommend to most adults and teenagers. Children would not enjoy this one as much.A Stark Night: 3/10This seems like one of those "mixes of action und comedy" that never end up in theaters, but you see them at your local Redbox for the same price as all the real movies. I can't recommend this film too highly. (This time, that vague phrase means it's not very good.) Not sure what all these actors were thinking, but they shouldn't have done this project. Columbine: 6.5/10Very dark and disturbing, but most of it works. What I couldn't get past was the "student phone perspective." While everything else had been properly set in 1999, a cellphone back then couldn't record video, especially not one a teenager could afford. They would be lucky if they could send text messages without paying some exorbitant price! Overall, it's good, but I just couldn't get past some inconsistent technology usage.Lady Gaga: Born This Way 3D: 0/10Let it be known I can't stand Lady Gaga. I imagine if this review had interactive comments, it'd be hated, but Lady Gaga is not worthy of a film, 3D or 1D. Or even 2D.

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