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  1. Electric's Reviews

    The date listed was in October on the actual film but May on the schedule so I didn't review it. I can add it now.
  2. Electric's Reviews

    May: The Adventures of Scrooge McDuck Despite not being familiar with the inspiration for this movie, I still found myself able to enjoy it and was able to recognize the main characters as I had seen representations of/references to them in other shows that I watched growing up. This is a good family film. Both kids and adults will find something to enjoy here. Kids will enjoy the action and the plot, and adults will get a nostalgic vibe here. One great thing about the movie is that it isn't watered down. It respects the intelligence of its audience, something often lacking in movies geared toward younger audiences. B+ Among the Serpents Before I get into the movie itself, I found the release pattern a bit confusing. Most people will see a film like this in IMAX 3D, but I don't really see the benefit of making people wait a week for the option to see it in regular 3D or a 2D format. This movie is a bit violent, and to be honest I am surprised they were able to get a PG-13 rating given some of the scenes included. The ending scene is the most brutal of the entire movie. Even though it's not a horror, it will appeal to horror fans more than others. Overall, I was not too impressed, but if I was a fan of horror/darker action movies I would have enjoyed it more. C Mara, Daughter of the Nile This historical romance focuses more on the characters and the romance than getting every detail of its historical era correct. History buffs might be frustrated with the representation of ancient Egypt as it is displayed here. For me, it wasn't too distracting and I was able to appreciate the movie. The plot is a little thin, but the acting and setting mostly make up for it. This is a decent movie and most people will find it enjoyable. B- Operation Megasquad Acting is often third to the visual effects and action of a superhero movie, but with Operation Megasquad, it still was poor enough to detract from the overall experience. With Taylor Lautner and Harry Styles playing major roles, I had a hard time taking the movie very seriously. The visuals are gorgeous and the action holds your attention, but this definitely could have been better with more talented and/or experienced actors. Superhero movie fans will still be pleased with the film, but it's not going to be a favorite. C+ Blood and Fur This movie stands out among the crowd, but it's not always for the best reasons. It is superbly acted and well-paced, but the story can be a bit disturbing, with both furries and Neo-Nazis playing a major role in this horror-comedy. The violence might be too much for some to handle, but once you get past the rough edges, you have a movie that is frequently amusing and engaging, even if the subject matter is off-putting. B The Ultimate Prank Steve Carell does a good job as the principal, but it's not quite enough to salvage this film, which comes across as a PG-rated Jackass. Since the main appeal of Jackass is R-Rated (at least), that is not a good thing. This one will appeal to 12-year olds, but the rest of the family will be better off waiting for something better. C- Brandybrook An R-Rated animated musical comedy is unusual, to say the least. The mockery of the wealthy reminded me of some scenes from Over the Hedge, one of my favorite Dreamworks movies. But overall this is not for everyone. Hardcore fans of Family Guy and American Dad will enjoy the film, but those who don't enjoy his style of humor will find themselves unamused. A talented voice cast helps this movie somewhat, but I was not a huge fan of the film as a whole. C+ Voltron: Defenders of the Universe I'll start with a minor spoiler. There are no secret credits sequences as we've come to expect from big-budget superhero movies. But despite that missing piece, the movie will hold your attention throughout its lengthy runtime. The visuals are stunning and the action is fast-paced. This is a movie that you really need to see in theatres to get the best experience. Even though I had no experience with Voltron other than having heard the name growing up, I really enjoyed this movie and consider it one of the best so far this year. A-
  3. Electric's Reviews

    April: Salem's Lot A writer returns to his hometown and begins to write a book about his childhood experience with a haunted house. The early scenes seem to suggest this could be a romance, but with the trailers and the Stephen King name attached, you know that is not the main plot. This will appeal to horror fans and they will appreciate the vampires being those of old, not the modern Twilight vampires. Other moviegoers will be moderately amused but this is definitely better if you enjoy the genre. B- Second to Singapore Even though I'm not a stoner, I enjoy many "stoner comedies". Second to Singapore is no exception to this rule. You have to ignore reality to fully enjoy this movie, though. It's hard to believe that police in a country as strict as Singapore could be tricked by two stoners in disguise, but somehow they get past the police. Danny McBridge does a good job in his villain/asshole role, as he often gets those parts. This is an enjoyable film with some good laughs but it loses its focus sometimes. B The Defiler There are quite a few supernatural scares going on in The Defiler. I couldn't really get too invested in the story because it mostly seemed like a reason to get demons and other supernatural beings in there. The ending is a bit surprising and seems to paint the way for a possible sequel, but I think that this movie would better off remaining as one film. It's not too good but if you enjoy supernatural movies, you will appreciate it more than I did. C He-Man This is a fairly standard superhero movies, with action, a large cast of familiar faces, and the obligatory mid-credits sequence that teases toward another film from the same universe. This is definitely for fans of the franchise more than everyone else, but that doesn't mean that others won't appreciate it. It is a decent film, and even though I've never had any experience with He-Man prior to viewing this film, I had a good time overall. B- A Love to Die For Channing Tatum working in IT doesn't make sense. Guys that look like him don't get buried in IT, they are in a place where everyone can see them. This is a movie that requires you to suspend reality to appreciate it. The whole premise is a bit strange... the basketball tickets being in exchange for winning the affections of a woman over a month, with a penalty of death. The romantic scenes seemed almost tacked-on, like an afterthought to the darker plot elements. This is not a bad film, but it is not something I would strongly recommend, either. C+ PЯom This film feels like something that would have fared better 15-20 years ago, when movies like American Pie were big hits. But even compared to those sort of movies, it seems disorganized and scatterbrained. There are a lot of jokes and sight gags, but not many laughs. The movie plot seems to take a backseat to random jokes, most of which fall flat. I can't recommend this movie, even if you really enjoy teen comedies. It's watchable, but it's not something you'd really benefit from seeing. D+ The Trail There have been quite a few horror movies this year, and The Trail is one of the weaker ones. The acting is bad to the point of distracting from the film, and the budget is low, even by indie film standards. Even if you really enjoy horror movies, you won't find much worth your time here. D
  4. Electric's Reviews

    March: Rendezvous with Rama Back in the late 1990s, we had Deep Impact and Armageddon and, like Strong Bad, I preferred Deep Impact. This movie has a meteor, but it's just the beginning of a more involved plot that takes place more than 50 years after the meteor hits Italy. This movie is a good sci-fi with plenty of action that will hold your attention throughout. I found that I preferred the scenes on Rama and out in space to the slower-paced scenes with the UN monitoring their activity, but the film holds together well. This is something I would recommend for both Sci-Fi and Action fans. B+ Séance It's hard to find a likable character in this movie. A fraudulent psychic and her unemployed husband are the anti-heroes of the film. The movie itself is not too bad, with the ghosts providing some unique and often terrifying interactions with Myra. Tamer than some horror movies, this may not scare those used to modern horror, but it is not too bad overall. C+ Jungles You will be both entertained and educated with this nature documentary. The climate change and deforestation discussions come off as heavy-handed at times, but it is clear that the filmmakers mean will and have their heart in the right place. Definitely a good movie for kids, though everyone else will enjoy Pierce Brosnan's narration as well. B Second Wind I'm not the biggest fan of sea adventures, but this movie kept my attention for most of the story. The interactions between Brad and Owen are the highlight of this film, but Lisa wasn't nearly as entertaining. Everything works well enough here, but the plot just isn't interesting enough to strongly recommend it. B- The Adventures of OSCAR PILL This movie is being advertised as a fantasy film, but I feel that it has too much realism to be considered a fantasy. While in the Narnia series, the World War II era served as a plot device to get the kids into Narnia, with Oscar Pill, the fantasy kingdoms seem more of a secondary plot within the scope of the main story. The movie is competently acted and will hold the attention of most moviegoers, but it is not going to be a classic. B- Dawn of Extinction This is like a more violent, darker, Jurassic Park. The 3D had a few nice scares, but overall the film would have functioned just as well in the 2D format. Horror fans will enjoy the violence and the dinosaurs tearing through military, terrorist and civilian alike, but most moviegoers will not gain too much from watching this. C- SEEING HER This movie was engaging and while it didn't grab my attention with gripping action , I was never bored. I've always loved time travel movies. This time travel was a little different, since people could only go to times when they had been alive and would create an alternate timeline rather than changing the one for everyone else. But when it comes down to it, does an "alternate timeline" vs. changing the timeline really make a huge difference? Oliver's angst and frustration were palatable and really made me feel for him. He clearly loved Gwen and really wanted to see her again, even if it meant abandoning the timeline where she had died to see her once again. The "multiple Olivers" at the end were rather interesting and thought-provoking and the final ending was touching. I would recommend this for just about everyone. A- Signed in Blood A rather grim movie that doesn't take it easy or soften blows. A realistic action movie that doesn't rely on cliches and deals with the problems its characters face. Not for the faint of heart, but something that you will want to watch if you can appreciate an action movie that doesn't hide the darker side of things. B Rabbids, the Big Adventure The kids will enjoy this movie, but adults might get bored. The mix of CGI animation and film was a nice touch, but the movie itself was nothing special. Video game fans will appreciate the Mario teddy bear that is featured, but the plot itself is definitely oriented toward a younger audience. C+
  5. Electric's Reviews

    February The Devil's Hitman Another Uwe Boll film, and his track record continues. Uninteresting action, flat characters, and pointless plot devices make this film one to avoid. And to make matters worse, the ending suggests a possible sequel focusing on Sarah. Even if you are a fan of the genre, you won't find much here. D- White Jerseys A sports drama that focuses more on the drama than the sports. A decent movie overall, but those expecting football to be the primary focus of this film might be a little disappointed. But if you are looking for a heartfelt drama with a strong emphasis on character development, you will find yourself satisfied with White Jerseys. B- Mirror's Edge Video game movies often frustrate moviegoers. Even the stronger ones often struggle to gain much traction. Mirror's Edge is a decent offering, but it won't be breaking any new ground for the genre. Fans of action movies will enjoy the well-choreographed stunt work and fast-paced action, and Scarlett Johansson is beautiful as always, but the plot won't draw in too many non-gamers. If you enjoy action movies, this one is worth your time. But if those sort of films don't appeal to you, you won't find anything here. C+ Poison and Wine The strong language and some of the scenes might make people uncomfortable, but I felt that it didn't detract from the movie as a whole. Overall the dialogue and the acting were decent but the plot was not too engaging. I enjoy political and election movies, even Swing Vote which was a rather obscure and unsuccessful film back in 2008, but the stakes are pretty low when it is just a college election. This is a movie that will stick with you for some time after you view it because of the dialogue and some of the scenes, but you won't be too engaged with the plot itself. C The SCP Foundation Overall, this felt more like a mini-series than a single movie. The stories were enjoyable and engaging but had little to do with one another. The film worked well enough but I felt like there were some inside jokes and hidden references that passed me by as well. Not a bad movie. They went with a different format that moviegoers are not used to and sometimes it fell flat, but where it worked, it worked pretty well. C+ Best Friends Forever Despite being focused on young teenagers, because of the nature of the film and the gore, it is not something that younger children should be seeing. It was a nice touch for a horror movie to have a girl in the villainous role. Maybe it's more common with horror than other genres, but female villains are something lacking in many movies. With all the blood and gore, it was a bit strange that they hid most of the shooting violence and only had the audience hear the gunshots and see blood drop on the floor. This movie will satisfy fans of the horror genre, but I would not really recommend it for others. C Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills Superhero comedies have often struggled to succeed with both critics and audiences, and Tattooed doesn't break that trend with a weak plot, uninteresting characters, and heroes that fail completely in their goals. Maybe I'm brainwashed by Hollywood to accept happy endings at the expense of realism and character development, but this movie left me in a sour mood. It wasn't engaging and the humor was lacking. D+ BraveStarr A mix of action, sci-fi, and western, BraveStarr doesn't take itself too seriously. The animal spirits were interesting but also seemed to be too convenient. BraveStarr always seemed to have the right tool for every situation, so it was hard feel any real concern because you knew he'd make his way through anything. This movie is enjoyable enough, but it not something that I would see again. If you're okay with something that doesn't always take itself as seriously as others in the genre, you will find yourself having a good time. B- RUNAWAY - A Road Adventure An action-comedy from the director of several Arrested Development episodes, Runaway doesn't amuse as much as you'd hope. There is often too much going on, with characters being frequently introduced before we've gotten a chance to know the others. The parachute scene held my attention and made me nervous for Gina, but as a whole, I did not feel too involved with the characters. Not bad, but not good. C
  6. Next year, whenever we get to that, I will try to make more films than I did this time around. Though TBH some of them will be ones I released in both Cayom Vanilla and the old BOM Cayom.
  7. I spent quite a bit per movie. Though sample sizes matter... you'd need 30 movies per user to really get a good analysis of statistically significant differences.
  8. CAYOM Year 1 Predictions

    JANUARY Killer Plane - 15.5/40.1 Ophidophobia- 6.8/15.5 Timmy's Winter Vacation - 12.2/43.7 Lake of the Psychopaths - 6.2/12.3 Captain Planet - 18.8/56.1 SOMA - 22.7/61.3 Battle: Mars 3D - 7.1/21.2 The Artificial Age - 6.7/20.3
  9. Electric's Reviews

    January: Killer Plane The movie was supposed to be exciting, but I find it didn't really hold my attention overall. Even though it was a rather short film, it somehow felt too long, like it could have been the episode of a TV show rather than a feature film. I enjoyed the scenes of Seattle because I know the city pretty well, but I can't really recommend this movie. D+ Ophidiophobia The film was amusing sometimes, especially Montana James, the Indiana Jones parody. But other than him, the characters didn't really hold my attention too much. This was not a terrible film, but I would wait for Redbox or Netflix for this one. C- Lake of the Psychopaths The gore was too much for me, I'll be honest. I found the internet chatting at the start to be kind of interesting because I can relate to those situations, chatting with other people that I've never met in person. But as the film progressed, I thought there was just too much blood and gore. This will probably appeal to people who love slasher films and low-budget horror, but I was not the intended audience. D Timmy's Winter Vacation I think this film probably deserved a PG rating. Somehow, it got away with a G, but if I were the MPAA I would have cited "thematic elements" or some other buzzword because the scenes with the reindeer and a skiing accident might be too much for very young children. Overall this is not a bad kids movie. It doesn't insult the intelligence of children like so many of those kinds of movies do, which is nice. The children actors seem realistic and not as annoying as I've come to expect from movies geared toward children. I wouldn't recommend this film if you're alone as an adult unless you are a big skiing fan, but if you have kids, they will be entertained and you won't be too bored. C Captain Planet Despite a weak script and some heavy-handed environmentalism that might turn off conservative moviegoers, Chris Evans does a good job as Captain Planet and saves this film. The villain was a bit unrealistic, but that is often the case for action films geared toward a younger audience. The emotional scenes seemed a bit tacked-on, but the movie kept my interest more than I originally expected. They also hinted toward a sequel with the hidden ending, and even though I was not overly impressed with this movie, I will check out the sequel. This movie is worth checking out in theatres, especially if you have kids. B- SOMA SOMA is a movie that will hold your attention with its plot twists and futuristic technology. The initial scenes in the car with Simon and Ashley talking were very interesting. I think they made the right call with just having voices here, it leaves their appearances to your imagination. The ending was a little confusing and it had this eerie "near-death experience" feel to it. Overall, this is stronger than you'd expect from a January film and I would recommend checking it out. B The Artificial Age This film was okay, but after seeing SOMA, I was underwhelmed with the plot and subpar acting. The romance lacked chemistry and slowed down the plot as well. But the battle scenes were fast-paced and a little violent. Not a terrible movie, but I can't really recommend it either. C- Mars 3D It was nice to see a movie where Earthlings are the alien invaders rather than them being invaded. It was a little like an animated version of Avatar with the relationship between Zack and Mara. The ending seemed a bit too nice. After the way humans invaded Mars and attacked throughout the film, it seemed a bit odd that they would accept the survivors of the final battle so readily rather than forcing them to return to their polluted Earth. Overall, this movie is entertaining enough. C+
  10. To be started over the next couple days, just setting up the thread for now. I tend to dislike horror so don't take my reviews of those too seriously. I will be reviewing all the movies but will skip my own.
  11. Chrono Trigger and Jim's Adversity, since I only did those two this year.
  12. Chrono Trigger Best Ensemble Best Adapted Screenplay Best Cinematography Best Film Editing Best Production Design Best Costume Design Best Makeup & Hairstyling Best Sound Mixing Best Sound Editing Best Visual Effects Best Use of Action
  13. Title: Jim's Adversity Director: John Lee Hancock Genre: Sports Drama Release Date: March 10 Major Cast: Daniel Craig (Jim Eisenreich), Billy Gardner (Harrison Ford), Tom Hanks (Dick Howser), Samuel L. Jackson (Hal McRae), Chadwick Bozeman (Wes Chamberlain), Kevin James (Pete Incavigala) Theater Count: 3,102 MPAA Rating: PG-13 (Language) Runtime: 2 hr 9 minutes (2:09/129 minutes) Production Budget: $50 million Plot Summary: Jim Eisenreich was a baseball player from 1982 until 1996, but he missed the 1985 and 1986 seasons due to struggles with Tourette's syndrome, which was originally misdiagnosed as agoraphobia. He originally tried medication to deal with hyperventilation and self-hypnosis to deal with what he thought was agoraphobia. After starting with the Twins and disappointed manager Billy Gardner compared to expectation, Eisenreich made a comeback with the 1987 Royals and after manager Dick Howser died of a brain tumor, he wound up playing under Gardner once again. His best year, where the film focuses, was on the 1993 Phillies that made it to the World Series and lost to the Blue Jays. Playing alongside players like Wes Chamberlain and Pete Incavigala, Eisenreich managed a .318 batting average in 362 at-bats. He would win a world series in 1997 with the wild-card Florida Marlins, helping them by going 4 for 8 with 3 walks as they defeated the Indians in seven games. The movie has baseball action and both historical and reenacted clips of Eisenreich being interviewed regarding his Tourette's and misdiagnosed agorophobia.
  14. I'm still working on it and will get it done before the deadline. Not finished yet.

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