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  1. The former when taking Harry's cut into account, the latter without.
  2. It'll probably be as close an adaptation as Age Of Ultron or Civil War. As in barely any resemblance apart from the title and one central plot point.
  3. My SDCC trailer rankings: 1. Kingsman 2. Bright 3. Justice League 4. Thor 5. Jigsaw 6. Ready Player One I think Thor might have been higher if Hulk hadn't talked. I despise that portrayal of the character.
  4. Some people just want a good story with interesting characters and some thematic depth under the surface of pop culture references and cool visuals. But I suppose other people pretend to be more jaded and cynical than they actually are because they're on the internet. If you read any particular forum or site long enough, it becomes clear which users are which.
  5. Get the fuck outta here with this shit. You haven't seen the movie yet, how on earth can you make that statement with any certainty?
  6. Instead of re-casting Bruce, WB should just keep Superman dead, and have Clark as the new Batman who flies around Gotham snapping necks. No one gives a shit about Superman movies anyway, kills two birds with one stone.
  7. Yep. Still, could be worse than 3 weeks. John Wick 2 was something like 3 months.
  8. About a 100 pages back I said I was more excited for this than The Last Jedi. I won't lie, that might not be true anymore. But still, Valerian feel so different from any modern blockbuster that I still wanna see it pretty bad. I just wish I didn't have to wait another 3 weeks.
  9. Or a program for people who get upset about negative reviews of Nolan films.

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