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  1. Reactions, reviews, and buzz around this movie are giving me serious Age Of Ultron vibes.
  2. Decent trailer, not brilliant, but I'm pretty excited for this regardless. Seeing as First Class > Days Of Future Past, and Kick-Ass > Kick-Ass 2, I'm curious to see what Vaughn delivers when actually directing a sequel to his own movie.
  3. You mean like Return Of The King? Or Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes? I'm sure they'll get over it.
  4. I think he means spoiler for Infinity War, not for Avengers 4 itself.
  5. Considering this is DCEU, a lot of the RT estimates here are pretty generous.
  6. Kinda reminds me of all the acting legends in Harry Potter, while the three least talented actors have the spotlight.
  7. I mean, I loved BvS. But on a forum about movies, it's pretty understandable to be sad/happy about movies, and the kinds of movies others like. They didn't write that it was the saddest they've ever been or anything.
  8. I don't want to live in a world with two Holmes sequels and no Real RocknRolla.
  9. About 4 years before she was cast as Wonder Woman, Gal did a WW themed photoshoot:
  10. Just watch The Rock, forget the other two.
  11. If the common consensus is "good, but not as good as the first one", I'll be even more excited to see it. That's the general opinion of Age Of Ultron, which I like a lot more than the first Avengers.
  12. Wow, I always thought Peter Jackson's Kong did more than that. He was hot shit after LOTR, and I there was so much damn hype and promotion for it. I mean, it was literally the only time I'd ever fallen asleep in the cinema, but everyone I knew seemed to like it right.