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  1. Just saw this. Having not read the book or seen any adaptations, this was my first experience of the story, and it was pretty damn good. The performances were great all round (although Laura Dern felt miscast, can't explain why), the flashback structure made for some great cuts, and it felt a lot shorter than it's run time. My only real negatives are that the last 5 minutes or so just all felt too meta, and I was slightly caught off-guard by the fact that both Laurie and the French guy actually end up with two of the sisters. Those two did combine for the best joke of the film though: "Who is this guy?" After starring in a bunch of Baumbach's films, and being married to him, I wondered if I would find Gerwig's films as boring as his (don't know how this site feels about him, don't flame me), but I find this and Lady Bird a lot more enjoyable than any of his stuff.
  2. Goddamn this kid is talented. Just saw his Michael Buble impression on Graham Norton, we should just let Taron play a different singer in a different biopic every year. I vote Liam Gallagher next.
  3. I don't agree with the Guy Ritchie King Arthur comparisons. That movie, as flawed and stupid as it was, had humour and life. This on the other hand looks dull and flat.
  4. It makes sense if you consider that he used to make films that were better than very good, fairly regularly too.
  5. Nope. But hey if I guess your two then you owe me a like. I'm gonna go with Raiders and JP.
  6. I feel the same way about Catch Me If You Can as I do about The Departed. They're very good movies by all time great directors, but they're in the second tier of their respective filmmakers' filmography. But even if we counted it, that's still 11 movies ago. As for the successes that you mention, I didn't mean box office. Feel free to call The Post or Bridge Of Spies "great". All that means is we'll have to use a different word to describe ET, Raiders, Jurassic Park, or Saving Private Ryan, because I'm sure as hell not putting them in the same category. Look, some of you are replying as if I'm slagging him off, or saying he's average now. He's still way above average. But those trailers were straight trash, and the book itself is shallow nonsense. However good this turns out to be, the apprehension leading up to it was fairly justified.
  7. Mate, current Spielberg doesn't warrant that level of trust. He makes perfectly acceptable historical dramas, and serviceable family films, but this last great movie was released in 2001 (or 2002 I guess if you loved Minority Report). If this turns out to be really good, I'll accept that I was wrong leading up to it. But don't act like people were so crazy for doubting it. This isn't the 80s/90s Spielberg.
  8. As fun as Klaw was, it seemed really ridiculous that he has managed evade capture for 20 years. Stark tracked him down in an afternoon after glancing at some old paperwork, and Wakanda with all their advanced tech and personal vendetta just cannot do it?
  9. Eh this looks a bit generic to be honest, with good performances all round and a nice message. Like a lesser Spotlight. But we'll see; I ended up enjoying Bridge Of Spies a lot more than I thought I would, so who knows. Also, nice work aa, getting dem BOT likes as well as reddit karma.
  10. I haven't read the Dark Tower books, but ASOIAF made this easier by getting worse and worse with every book.
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