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  1. I haven't read the Dark Tower books, but ASOIAF made this easier by getting worse and worse with every book.
  2. Still salty that Jeremy Irons isn't coming back.
  3. Reason #489 why Wonder Woman is great: using everything to block the blasts except for the shield.
  4. The husband from the couple who both gave Dunkirk rotten reviews has given this a fresh review. ... good for him I guess.
  5. It's either the dumbest stock phrase or the smartest, no middle ground.
  6. Captain America was lame before Chris Evans, so was Aquaman before Jason Momoa, hell, Superman is still lame to most. But did any substantial sect of pop culture think that about Wonder Woman? I'm not so sure. Although I agree, it would be great for this to get nominated (or win holy shit. it wont but imagine if it did), just for the meltdowns.
  7. something something personal opinions something something film is subjective etc Also, it definitely is.
  8. The former when taking Harry's cut into account, the latter without.
  9. It'll probably be as close an adaptation as Age Of Ultron or Civil War. As in barely any resemblance apart from the title and one central plot point.
  10. My SDCC trailer rankings: 1. Kingsman 2. Bright 3. Justice League 4. Thor 5. Jigsaw 6. Ready Player One I think Thor might have been higher if Hulk hadn't talked. I despise that portrayal of the character.

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