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  1. Yeah I’m gonna have to disagree. I will wait until the first trailer drop before I make a prediction. I just think this film will be a tribute to Chadwick and very emotional which people usually gravitate towards. Also, I know it’s a scientific poll, but to be the most anticipated film of 2022 with virtually no info about the film is pretty impressive.
  2. Previous MCU movies without China Black Panther - $1,242,535,514 Thor: Ragnarok - $741,757,757 Doctor Strange - $568,601,163 i just don’t see BP2 going below the Thor and Strange sequels. Do you think those two will make more domestically? Also, you have Black Panther 2 dropping of almost $400m after great reception from the first film? But you also have Jurassic World 3 increasing over $300m after bad reception from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? If you’re going by the production issues BP2 is going through, that won’t affect the box office. The
  3. You don’t think Disney will market BP2 around Chadwick’s unfortunate death? The marketing will have to acknowledge it and it will be emotional for a lot of people. The media will likely cover it which will bring more exposure. Plus there is a rumor that a huge character debuting for the first time in live action(not Ironheart) will create buzz as well. Soon we’ll see, but I have a feeling people here are underestimating the potential this film will do financially compared the other 2022 MCU releases.
  4. A sequel can increase from the first being a cultural phenomenon especially if it’s a good one. For example, Avengers: Infinity War and Frozen. You mentioned Avatar 2 possibly having a increase. The thing that’s a benefit for BP2 is the film will most likely honor Chadwick’s legacy, and it being very emotional. Which will be a draw for a lot of moviegoers. It also seems likely the media will play that up as well. I do agree though that it may decrease from domestically from the first, but I just don’t see it going below DS2 and Thor4. BP more than double DS and Thor: Ra
  5. What makes you think this? I just don’t see that happening. I just find it funny how bunch of these predictions have the MCU sequels increase from their prequels by a lot except BP2. I know BP2 has had a “troubled” production, but so did DS2. Troubled production doesn’t mean the film will turn out not to be good. I just don’t see Coogler making a bad film.
  6. I actually think that would be a grotesque thing to do. Chadwick literally hid his cancer from the world because he didn’t want that to be the story of his life. He didn’t want his illness to define who he was. What you wrote kind of defeat the purpose of what kind of man Chadwick was.
  7. Wow. Judging from the reactions here vs. Twitter and YouTube, it’s totally different. Then again, that’s always the case with this forum. As they say, film is subjective. I absolutely love the trailer from the music to the cast to the concept, and to the glimpse of action that we got. I’m very happy they didn’t show too much of the action(which if that was the case, people would be complaining about showing too much). Why would you want them to give it away in the trailer so you won’t be surprised in the theatres? Anyway I’m very excited for this and can’t wait to see it w
  8. Idk. I don’t think it’ll bomb. It’s in the release slot that made the Ride Along successful. Hardly any competition besides holdovers and taking advantage of the four day weekend.
  9. Rotten Tomatoes user scores(or any site that has a user based scores) are useless. I still don’t know why some people still take it seriously.
  10. 1. Avengers: Infinity War 2. Widows 3. Halloween 4. Incredibles 2 5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 6. The Predator 7. Deadpool 2 8. Solo: A Star Wars Story 9. Aquaman 10. Godzilla: King of the Monsters
  11. I’m curious how was your last weekend forecast compared to the actually results? I think your final total prediction is really pessimistic considering the drops it had so far. I think the rock bottom is $662M at this point. It’s holding better than Jurassic World and ahead of it about $15M. I can’t imagine it only doing just $10M more.
  12. Is this a glitch or did Black Panther increase much in its second weekend. That seems pretty good considering the gloom from some in this thread. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/intl/cis/?yr=2018&wk=9&p=.htm
  13. BP is heading towards $500M after THIS weekend. $600M is lock. Beating JW domestic is very much in range. The weekends like you said is what’s keeping it ahead of The Avengers.
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