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  1. Okay. Fine. Let’s fucking go! (I am shocked at how much I liked this. Was fully prepared to be indifferent to blah)
  2. Because she is his co-Star, equally did the work (especially if there is dance and song routines involved), and 10000000000% a draw onto herself. Y’all think some would sit through this without her? Also, you know, women, historically, getting paid less for doing the same thing in this industry!!!
  3. it’s giving me such All The Jazz vibes. Like I want the whole movie to just be Bye Bye Love on steroids. (Just our luck, we’ll get New York, New York 😤)
  4. I stopped going into the movies (or like watching movies honestly) sometime in November. This will be an appointment viewing. i don’t really care about Joker, nor am I interested in the rest of it, but those musical sequences look amazing. The lighting is kind of perfect. There is a good old school Freed feel without it feeling forced. Perfect last shot of the trailer. Although I don’t understand why she’s not a doctor. Hate that for her. That’s disappointing. But I’m ready for a musical.
  5. Happy 10th Anniversary to the Icon, The Legend, The Moment
  6. Boo. Boo this man. No Oscar Bait? No New Lady Gaga Soundtrack? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  7. Looks solid. I am still hung up on “California and Texas are working together.” Like was that added in to make sure the audience knows this is fiction? 💀
  8. Good work, baes! @The Panda @Ezen Baklattan
  9. Billie Eilish winning best Song after Mark and Gosling’s performance is the perfect encapsulation of everything wrong with the Academy and their taste. Just laughable.
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