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  1. The Eternals In The Heights The Prom The Boys In The Band Soul Jungle Cruise Mulan Raya and the Last Dragon No Time to Die
  2. Yeah. Not really. It was the one question that really made me pause. The others were about "do you harbor feels..." "have you be charge with a hate crime..." etc. which felt more straightforward. "Confrontation" is SUPER VAGUE and how do you not answer yes to this?
  3. So, I hate January and I've been ghosting for a bit. Yet I want to share this. Last week I got called for jury duty, much to the amusement of my entire family. The "call period" is over the next two months. We had to go in for our orientation, get sworn in, and to fill out jury questionnaires. They're suppose to help the lawyers select the jury. The first two are boiler plate -- basically the first was are you racist, and the second dealt with your view on sexual assault. Then we had a bonus one for a specific to a week long murder trail that's coming up. I think being on a jury would be interesting, and it's your constitutional civic duty. Deciding if someone's going to go to prison for 25+ years for murder, though, feels way too heavy. Now, I took an oath to answer honestly, so I was just be brutally honest. One of the questions on the murder trail asked about "do you have strong opinions on sled dogs" and I was like, "If anyone abused an animal I can't be impractical, like, major trigger: animal and children abusers." Then we got to the sexual assault one. I think, "I've watched all 450 episodes of SVU. Twice. Olivia has taught me well. Men are scum; they always did it." Can you be impartial? I checked no, no, no, no on all of them. Then we get to "are you a racist one". I'm going along checking off "no" and then I get to one question. They asked "have you ever gotten into a confrontation with anyone from a different race, religious creed, nationality, etc. from you?" Now, you take an oath that you have to tell the truth. So I can’t lie. I think to myself. I'm a moderator on a film forum with an international user base. I get into confrontations with people of other races, nationalities, and religious backgrounds, from me all the time. 😂😂😂😂. They don’t need to know that the confrontation is about if Wonder Woman or Black Widow is going to make more money at the box office. I was just being honest. Check yes. Fast forward today, were we have to check in to see if we got called. My number is not on that list. So thanks everyone!!
  4. Nope. Only here for 100000% gay Ryan Murphy content. 😂
  5. UPDATE Domestic: @Omni 495,000,000 @Inceptionzq 493,736,928 @HeatSeeker 489,000,000 @cannastop 479,112,000 @Lucas 475,000,000 @MattW 468,319,770 CURRENT 466,476,766 @kkccoo 456,111,000 OS: @Yandereprime101189 1,000,000,500 @MrFanaticGuy34 1,000,000,001 @CaptainJackSparrow 1,000,000,000 @Inceptionzq 941,989,264 CURRENT 938,725,401 @HeatSeeker 923,000,000 World Wide Total: @peludo 1,476,479,028 @cdsacken 1,461,537,790 @DAJK 1,461,440,304 @FlashMaster659 1,457,056,035 @Claudio 1,455,686,565 @Inceptionzq 1,435,726,192 @The Fast and the Furiosa 1,425,000,000 @Keanu 1,416,998,374 @HeatSeeker 1,412,000,000 CURRENT 1,405,202,167 @MrGlass2 1,399,999,999 We'll see how much gas is left int he tank, but it's still anyone's game!
  6. MODERATION: reddit via 4chan has some "leaked story plots" that they just posted. Before they make it over to here, this is a reminder that any detailed leaks will be treated like spoilers. So please make sure to put them behind a spoiler tag! Thanks
  7. If that’s your opinion, fine. Then no Tea, no shade, this comment is super rude. It takes a lot of work to do one of these countdowns (I know, mine did not go as plan, is still not going as planned). You can disagree with a placement or a snub all you want, but a blanket Lol this is terrible, is really inconsiderate.
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