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  1. TBH. Sondheim hates West Side Story and would probably jump at the chance to rewrite. It's the main reason "I Feel Pretty" gets axed all the time.
  2. I have my list, I just haven't pushed the send button. Will sleep on it and send it in tomorrow. I keep playing around with the order. But the list will be:
  3. I see you spelled Captain America: The Winter Soldier” as “Call Me By Your Name” otherwise you have it twice
  4. Actress Naya Rivera was missing after her 4-year-old son was found adrift on a boat in Lake Piru in Ventura County Wednesday, officials said. She is presumed dead. This cast is cursed. I am so shook. She was always my favorite.
  5. My mom was sooooo pissed Will Ferrell played the role. “He is too old! Ruins the whole movie!!” I was like, yes, but VALCONO MAN mom. And Dan Stevens 🥰
  6. I feel terrible for his wife. He spent 91 days in the hospital, and she's been struggling with this inevitably for like a month. And they just had a baby.
  7. Oh god. What a truly blessed day. More of this is photo shoot leaked:
  8. Thank you! Gonna spend with a double feature of 1776/Hamilton before basking in Cap fiction. So basically, how I spend every day. 😂
  9. you should totally let us in just so you can give us zero points every year 😂 I LEGIT was like... LOL WHAT? It’s even better when there’s the throwaway line at the party about well she’s from the UK so zero points. Maybe this happens in an alternative universe where Scotland gets its independence? You know, like 2025. I really enjoyed all of the cameos, but I was very much like to where is Sax Guy?!
  10. The past six months have been terrible and I think this single handedly cures all the ills of the universe. Oh, my god. Did they nail this parody. POETIC CINEMA.
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