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  1. The demographics for larger cities are going to be bread and butter to this movie. I believe that’s what he saying.
  2. Happy Endings is just fifteen minutes of Holy shit this woman looks and sounds exactly like her mother.
  3. My entire game is moot at this point because I did all of my predictions off of the assumption that everything was going to move because we were going to have a month-long industry strike. C’est la vie.
  4. oh no it’s only going to make 199M. What are we all going to do?!
  5. I open up my app from where I want to watch the movie, I put it in full screen. I make sure that my phone is in landscape. And then I put it up against my desktop monitor and watch it for background noise while I play the Sims. It’s a pretty effective little system I have. And I use it all the time
  6. Okay, I actually rebuilt my spreadsheet. Finally. I guess I'm really back at this. SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME REGAL FOX RUN Total Available Sold Percent Showings REGAL TOTAL 992 636 64.11% 8 FLAGSHIP Total Available Sold Percent Showings FLAGSHIP TOTAL 552
  7. Ramos is also such a homer, I would take it with a grain of salt. That is like me saying you’re all not ready for Chris Evans amazingness, and it’s just another picture of him and Dodger.
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