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  1. UPDATE Domestic: @Omni 495,000,000 @Inceptionzq 493,736,928 @HeatSeeker 489,000,000 @cannastop 479,112,000 @Lucas 475,000,000 @MattW 468,319,770 CURRENT 466,476,766 @kkccoo 456,111,000 OS: @Yandereprime101189 1,000,000,500 @MrFanaticGuy34 1,000,000,001 @CaptainJackSparrow 1,000,000,000 @Inceptionzq 941,989,264 CURRENT 938,725,401 @HeatSeeker 923,000,000 World Wide Total: @peludo 1,476,479,028 @cdsacken 1,461,537,790 @DAJK 1,461,440,304 @FlashMaster659 1,457,056,035 @Claudio 1,455,686,565 @Inceptionzq 1,435,726,192 @The Fast and the Furiosa 1,425,000,000 @Keanu 1,416,998,374 @HeatSeeker 1,412,000,000 CURRENT 1,405,202,167 @MrGlass2 1,399,999,999 We'll see how much gas is left int he tank, but it's still anyone's game!
  2. MODERATION: reddit via 4chan has some "leaked story plots" that they just posted. Before they make it over to here, this is a reminder that any detailed leaks will be treated like spoilers. So please make sure to put them behind a spoiler tag! Thanks
  3. If that’s your opinion, fine. Then no Tea, no shade, this comment is super rude. It takes a lot of work to do one of these countdowns (I know, mine did not go as plan, is still not going as planned). You can disagree with a placement or a snub all you want, but a blanket Lol this is terrible, is really inconsiderate.
  4. There is literally a four episode arc in Clone Wars about bank regulations and how interest rates and national debt are putting the country in danger. I don't know how much more in-your-face you can get. George Lucas has never been subtle. The idea that Star Wars is analogy for our time is not some clutch-your-pearls revelation.
  5. Oh, if we're playing that game than: Rebels Season 2 Rebels Clones Wars Animated Series Revenge of the Sith as the Live Action Finale of Clone Wars Rogue One Empire Strike Back The Last Jedi A New Hope Attack of the Clones as the Live Action Premiere of Clone Wars Clone Wars Animated Movie The Mandolarian Return of the Jedi The Phantom Menace Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Solo The Force Awakens The Rise of Skywalker
  6. Rogue One Empire Strike Back The Last Jedi A New Hope Clone Wars Animated Movie Revenge of the Sith Return of the Jedi Solo The Force Awakens The Phantom Menace Attack of the Clones The Rise of Skywalker
  7. I laughed REALLY hard at the "as long as they're in fucking space" comment.
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