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  1. The rule is that a film will usually do 10x as much in the US, in US$, as it will in the UK in UK£. So a $250m US blockbuster would on average be expected to take £25m here.
  2. That appears to be correct, DCM are reporting as 11th July. https://twitter.com/DCM_cinema_news/status/732925102581387267
  3. £19m 4-day for Captain America, according to ScreenDaily/Ian Sandwell. http://www.screendaily.com/news/captain-america-civil-war-lands-with-212m-uk-debut/5103232.article?blocktitle=LATEST-FILM-NEWS-HEADLINES&contentID=44435
  4. The admissions numbers are for DCM only, which I believe covers around 80% of the market. So total admissions were likely well over 1m, avg ticket more like £9.
  5. Grimsby's doing rather averagely, apparently. 33,000 admissions across DCM Weds night (80% of industry) according to TomLinay on Twitter - that'll be about a £250k Weds overall, I would guess?
  6. Looks like it is correct, Charles Gant has mentioned it in his BO report too: http://www.theguardian.com/film/filmblog/2016/feb/16/deadpool-pride-and-prejudice-and-zombies-uk-box-office-ryan-reynolds Must average out to only two or three tickets per showing.
  7. Ian Sandwell is away this week, but Screen did post numbers anyway: Openers: Deadpool £13.7 (inc £3.7m prev) Alvin & the Chipmunks 4 £4.3m (inc £1.7m prev) Zoolander 2 £2.1m (inc £700k prev) Pride & Prejudice & Zombies £358k (inc £65k prev) A Bigger Splash £348k Concussion £115k Oddball and the Penguins £24k The Iron Giant R/I £10k Jem & the Holograms £9k (if correct, that is poor beyond the wildest of imaginations..) Holdovers: Dad's Army £1.3m Goosebumps £1.1m Revenant £700k Spotlight £450k Star Wars £435k Big Short £340k
  8. There's an autism-friendly screening for it on World Autism Awareness Day, which struck me as.. random.
  9. Seventh Son will bomb horribly, I suspect. I haven't met a single person enthused by it. 12A means it could be open to family audiences, but realistically, they're way more likely to choose Cinderella, Home or Spongebob.
  10. Box Office Mojo report Kingsman landing only $100k behind BH6 here, so £4.3m-4.4m sounds possible. Which is a great result, and actually makes Kingsman #1 for Fri-Sun only.
  11. Ex Machina was surprisingly busy at my local, some showings were even bumped to a bigger screen. Could £1m be on the cards?
  12. Very intrigued to know how Boyhood does this weekend. Hoping it'll break out.

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