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  1. It did badly at the weekend, opening in 7th place.
  2. Weekend: Christopher Robin £2.4m (£2.5m inc prev) Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again £2.2m The Meg £2.1m The Equalizer 2 £1.9m (£2.1m inc prev) Incredibles 2 £1.4m Ant Man and the Wasp £1.2m Mission Impossible: Fallout £1.2m Hotel Transylvania 3 £1.0m The Festival £0.8m (£1.4m inc prev)
  3. Weekend: 1. Darkest Hour £4.04m 2. Jumanji £2.5m 3. Three Billboards Outisde Ebbing, Missouri £2.16m 4. The Greatest Showman £2.14m (Coco previews £1.88m) 5. Insidious: The Last Key £1.84m 6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi £1.71m 7. Pitch Perfect 3 £0.83m 8. All the Money in the World £0.54m 9. Molly's Game £0.53m 10. Paddington 2 £0.40m 11. Ferdinand £0.32m
  4. The rule is that a film will usually do 10x as much in the US, in US$, as it will in the UK in UK£. So a $250m US blockbuster would on average be expected to take £25m here.
  5. Previews of The Secret Life of Pets are looking pretty strong.
  6. That appears to be correct, DCM are reporting as 11th July. https://twitter.com/DCM_cinema_news/status/732925102581387267
  7. £19m 4-day for Captain America, according to ScreenDaily/Ian Sandwell. http://www.screendaily.com/news/captain-america-civil-war-lands-with-212m-uk-debut/5103232.article?blocktitle=LATEST-FILM-NEWS-HEADLINES&contentID=44435
  8. The admissions numbers are for DCM only, which I believe covers around 80% of the market. So total admissions were likely well over 1m, avg ticket more like £9.
  9. Grimsby's doing rather averagely, apparently. 33,000 admissions across DCM Weds night (80% of industry) according to TomLinay on Twitter - that'll be about a £250k Weds overall, I would guess?
  10. Looks like it is correct, Charles Gant has mentioned it in his BO report too: http://www.theguardian.com/film/filmblog/2016/feb/16/deadpool-pride-and-prejudice-and-zombies-uk-box-office-ryan-reynolds Must average out to only two or three tickets per showing.
  11. Ian Sandwell is away this week, but Screen did post numbers anyway: Openers: Deadpool £13.7 (inc £3.7m prev) Alvin & the Chipmunks 4 £4.3m (inc £1.7m prev) Zoolander 2 £2.1m (inc £700k prev) Pride & Prejudice & Zombies £358k (inc £65k prev) A Bigger Splash £348k Concussion £115k Oddball and the Penguins £24k The Iron Giant R/I £10k Jem & the Holograms £9k (if correct, that is poor beyond the wildest of imaginations..) Holdovers: Dad's Army £1.3m Goosebumps £1.1m Revenant £700k Spotlight £450k Star Wars £435k Big Short £340k
  12. There's an autism-friendly screening for it on World Autism Awareness Day, which struck me as.. random.
  13. Seventh Son will bomb horribly, I suspect. I haven't met a single person enthused by it. 12A means it could be open to family audiences, but realistically, they're way more likely to choose Cinderella, Home or Spongebob.
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