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  1. Holy shite, crap numbers for HD2 last free days. I really expected it to break out considering the success and fun of the first one.
  2. ^^^Hardest part for Chris Evans playing Captain America? Having to carry all the scenes on his shoulders when him and SS are on screen together. Geezus SS is a black hole of charisma.
  3. TOG and others, I apologize for my own thoughtless actions. I let my own personal ‘religious’ feelings get in the way. There’s nothing wrong with the whole LGBT stuff in movies. It’s just tough when you grew up in an area(Oklahoma) were everything is very conservative.
  4. I just hope they don’t turn Elsa into a Lesbian just to please the LGBT community. Fuck that. I will boycott this movie if they do that.
  5. Disappointed in that HD2 number. Thought it could break out similar To My Bloody Valentine 3D from several years ago.
  6. What’s going to be #1? And please don’t say Star Wars 9.
  7. Unpopular opinion, Brave is one of the greatest animated films ever. If it is like brave, I’ll be very happy.
  8. Trailer view watch will be interesting. Might be the only one with the possibility of topping End Game. Domestic/WW battle will be awesome.
  9. I love the visual style. Reminds me a very much of the Hercules darker style.

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