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  1. I agree with this. Last episode of Wandavision made me want to throat-punch a kitten. Very mediocre writing, only thing salvaging it was Elizabeth olsen’s mesmerizing performance.
  2. I thought No time to die was terrific! I could see why the long run time is turning off the GA though. There’s a lot of story to go through.
  3. Is this your ‘excuse’ for everything? You’re such a f**king clown. You’ve been pretty much wrong about everything the last year on here, what is one more stupid/wrong prediction?
  4. FU Bob Shapek(sp) and Disney for destroying the box office of black widow. BW should’ve easily made 700 mil WW. They need to get rid of the $30 premiere access sh*t.
  5. This thead reminds me why I don’t visit this site as much as I used too. Fycking imbecilic trolls sh*t all over each thread. Inmates are running the asylum.
  6. Kinda disappointed by the OW was hoping for over 90+ mil. Ouch, I don’t even know if this clears Antman and the Wasp numbers?
  7. Pretty dang good movie. 1st two acts are definitely the best, act 3 is where it kinda falls apart, but not enough to completely ruin the movie. People/Critics were right about taskmaster being a crap villain. I thought people were overreacting with the bad villain talk. Taskmaster was truly awful.
  8. I’m almost hoping it’s rotten just so it’s different than other stuff we’ve gotten in the MCU.
  9. Wasn’t a huge fan of F9, but the crowd I saw it with ate it up. Still think they should’ve left off at F7. Fate of the furious and F9 were clear steps down. My rankings Fast Five Fast and furious 6 Fast 1 Furious 7 Tokyo Drift 2 Fast 2 Furious Fast 4 Fast 8 Fast 9
  10. Been awhile since I posted, but I just can’t get hyped for this movie, the trailers have done nothing for me. Could see it getting very middling reviews.
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