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  1. @IronJimbo Now at 0.66 of Avatar. Fuck Avatar.
  2. Great result. Anything from here on out is icing on the cake
  3. I’m in this club
  4. I don’t know why people are freaking out?? I mean we’re talking about a movie which out opened 5 of 6 superhero movies from last year? Deadpool opening to 120-130 million is perfectly fine. Especially with a hard rated R.
  5. I’m glad the whole moving to May thing backfired for Deadpool! Don’t fuck with marvel. Lol
  6. ‘It seems you had a very intimate relationship with this hammer.’
  7. AIW has the great marketing with ‘where will you be when it all ends?’ 4th one will be a step down bc they won’t be able to do that again.
  8. Didn’t laugh one bit. Looks like an abomination like sausage party was.
  9. Yes man is awesome. Underrated movie. I always watch The Grinch around Christmas time
  10. Thursday numbers: AIW - $3.44M Final

    Fucking Deadpool. If it wasn’t there AIW probably grosses 100 mil more ww
  11. 15? Mmmm, I thought it’d be higher than that. Only 1.5 million higher than first one, not really much difference with 2 years of inflation.

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