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  1. Memorial Day weekend in the states. The 2nd(or 3rd) busiest movie going holiday of the year.
  2. Well acslater GSW covered for you I believe!
  3. Man, I can’t stand KD. Fucker made the league so unbalanced.
  4. Endgame has bad wom?! Wow, you’re a fucking idiot if you believe that. Going to gross well over 800 million dollars, and that’s considered bad wom? Gtfoh.
  5. I liked John Wick 3, but compared to Mission Impossible Fallout, it pales in comparison. Fallout is just so good, and makes other action movies obsolete.
  6. Godzilla 1998 is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s hilariously bad, but I still enjoyment out of it. Jean Reno was my favorite part of that movie.
  7. Ariana Grande biggest pop star? Fuck am I reading? Ever heard Madonna? She’s the biggest pop star in the world.
  8. You know it has already passed IW and will beat Avatar within a couple days right?? I don’t get the stupid logic of people being upset this movie didn’t have the best legs. Still a massive success.
  9. If it opened to 275 mil ow, and did 850 mil domestic, would you consider that bad?
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