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  1. Omg! They finally did the honest trailer for Twister! I have fond memories of that movie growing up. One of the sets was in an old gymnasium I used to play little league basketball in. Rip Bill Paxton. It has PSH wearing an OU hat. https://youtu.be/1yT2vcPKozQ
  2. TDKR doesn’t really hold up at all. Bane’s plan is the biggest crock of shite I’ve seen in a long time. ’I’m going to destroy Gotham city, but let me wait 6 months for Batman to heal up to become strong enough to stop me!’ 🤦‍♂️
  3. Id rather face this crisis standing up than laying down. That’s just me though.
  4. They can’t hold this country hostage forever. 330 million people and several corporations won’t be okay with that shit. No matter how many tinfoil hats you were. There’s a point when life has to go on.
  5. So you’re content with letting our society collapse in the USA. I’m glad you’re not running our country. 🙄
  6. There’s no great alternative with this virus. If the USA opens back up on April 14-16th, then the virus will spread again like wildfire like many have said. I agree with the CDC dude who said we need to quarantine for 8 weeks, but that just isn’t an option. You can’t quarantine 330 million people for that long. I think at some point the virus will reach a limit with which it kills. I hope it is within the next 5-8 days. Then we get a dip. Hopefully. I’m remaining optimistic.
  7. Tell that to an Italian nurse who killed herself bc she contracted Covid-19.
  8. I’m more worried about the psychological effects of this Covid-19 14-21 day quarantine will have on the roughly 40-50 million people who suffer from Anxiety issues in the USA. Not to mention countless more people who will now have anxiety issues bc of it. Not to mention Depression of many people who will be losing jobs et al. I haven’t been on anxiety medication in 10 years. I had to be put on low dose Hydroxyzine for anxiety bc of this lockdown. A friend who works at a pharmacy said they filled a record amount of Anxiety meds yesterday.
  9. If these social distancing things aren’t really working according to European countries, than I think Trump should re-open the country. Not many people will be happy to be locked up for 2-3 weeks. The planet could blink us out of existence. We need to stop living in fear.
  10. Agreed. They can’t hold this fucking planet hostage for a long time. People won’t want to stay cooped in all day.
  11. Doom and gloomers can shove for all I care. I’m ready for this non-event to pass us by.
  12. I see Coronavirus is becoming the new ‘thanks Obama’ of 2020. Blame everything going wrong on the virus.
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