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  1. The RT score has dropped 5% with the last 32 reviews (69 to 101)... don't like that trend in the long run. Could see this settling near 75%. The YouTuber Calvin Dyson (his entire channel is about James Bond, I've found him to be an informative, entertaining, and objective Bond fan) thinks this film will be very divisive among Bond fans.
  2. Is there any project that Mads has been in where he himself wasn't great, regardless of the other elements of that project? The man doesn't know how to phone it in.
  3. What a horrendous title. I can’t wait for them to work it into the first page of dialogue like “Grindlewald must answer for his crimes”. That said, my ticket was bought when Mads replaced Depp. Mads may very well be my favorite actor working today, and the description I saw of his Grindlewald being “wizard Hannibal” is everything I wanted. As for B.O. potential and audience enthusiasm for the series… well, I just rewatched the 3 trailers for CoG to try to understand how the film was sold. The marketing was pretty vague as to the film’s plot line, instead settling up the dyn
  4. The funniest thing about ERC is that ER stands for “Exhibitor Relations”. I wonder how the Exhibitor’s he’s spent his Twitter career “relating” feel about his newfound proclivity for PVOD revenue…
  5. I'm not sure the dueling blue and yellow rings would have been as strong aesthetically (and I thought those were executed as well as they theoretically could have been) with a more colorful background. You needed a neutral tone to let the rings shine without visually overloading the screen. But I have the same criticism for the Endgame finale.
  6. I've now seen Shang-Chi twice. I freaking love it. Top-tier MCU origin film (basically this, Iron Man, and Guardians) That said, it's not perfect. I've avoided reading critiques of Simu Liu so far, so I don't know what the overall impression of him has been, but here are my thoughts: Comedic timing, relatability, charisma: A Physical action chops: B+ Dramatic and emotional heft: D There were several moments between Simu Liu and Tony Leung where the difference in the dramatic acting talent was night and day. It's unfair to compare a sitcom supporting actor
  7. IMO, Chapek could be out the door in a couple years, especially if his new theme park annual pass structure doesn’t take off. I do have concern for Eternals. It’s not as easy of a “sell” as Shang-Chi (family centric martial arts). What’s the “hook” for Eternals outside of Chloe Zhao (who casual audiences won’t know or care about) and Angelina Jolie (who has been very downplayed so far). Having a large and diverse ensemble case is nice, but not a strong draw IMO.
  8. IW is a fantastically paced blockbuster. 100% rollercoaster from start to finish, a couple moments to take a breath, but no down time. It's a lean machine. EG is great, but the pacing is frequently stop-and-start. That makes the difference for me.
  9. Jeez, what happened here this afternoon.... Can someone give me the lowdown on the thread "drama"? Were there fluctuating indicators over the past 7 hours about Shang-Chi's BO today, or people just continuing to doom-and-gloom irrationally?
  10. Shang-Chi's 8.8m preview number is, IMO, more impressive than Black Widow's 13.2m. Even if we hypothetically adjust BW's Thursday to 15m if we pretend there was no Disney+ release. Black Widow was the first Marvel film in almost two years, with a character that had been on screen for a decade played by a bonafide superstar, at a general low-point for COVID in 2021. Shang-Chi comes along on a historically underutilized holiday weekend, with Delta peaking (I hope), introducing a new lead character with one of the actors from an obscure (a statement not reflective of the s
  11. Gloom-and-Doomers have been waiting over a year and a half for something new blockbuster franchise they can gloom-and-doom about.
  12. Just got out of the theater, this is going to have great word of mouth. This is the most excited I've been to see weekend numbers in a long long time.
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