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  1. Iannucci is one of my favorite writers today. His political satires are the best in the industry. Death of Stalin was my favorite film of 2017. Can’t wait to see him tackle this material.
  2. You're not kidding. "Something has awakened" "Something has found us" Low budget monster that you don't see TJ Miller yelling. "It's pulling me underwater!" Get it?
  3. YES. Although obviously Disney won’t market it as unfinished. I’m not sure why you have difficulty grasping this concept.
  4. Disney+ is the future. Dread it. Run from it. Disney+ arrives all the same. You need to look at it this way: New Mutants would likely be an early flagship original title for the service. That's better than getting lost in the cinema and further degrading the brand. More people will watch it on a premium streaming service than would pay $10 to drive to see it somewhere with crying children.
  5. I have no idea why this would open below the first. This has to be the most anticipated horror sequel of all time. Going by BoxOfficeReport's YT metrics, Chapter 1 had one of the top 10 breakout OWs (relative to trailer hits) they've recorded, and they show Chapter 2 well outpacing 1 for trailer hits. $125m has to be the floor.
  6. And he succeeded. I've seen few films pull off "boring" as successfully as Dark Phoenix. Well done, Simon.
  7. Litio has been shilling for this film since she (I'm assuming) first joined in March '18. From then: Here we are, 16 months after the 16 month delay for reshoots that never happened and never will. And the 16 month emphasis in the quote was Litio's, not mine. The potential is great. Sure. Litio will take this narrative to her grave.
  8. Palpy isn't Luke, Leia, Han, or Vader, but he's still very well established in popular culture. I'd say moreso than Lando. Palpy's rise is (as far as I'm aware) considered to be one of the best aspects of the prequels. I say with confidence that Palpy is significant for casual audiences, one that provides an additional tether to the original trilogy, and the prequels (which while bad, have a decent fanbase) to boot. Palpy + Lando + (in a crucial role from what I understand) C3P0 (and Chewy and R2D2 I guess) + Luke (who I think will be in this film for multiple significant scenes, even if he's not a central player) + Leia (who might be a bigger draw now that it will be the last on screen appearance of Fisher)... Saying RoS "doesn't have much draw from legacy characters to beef its numbers" isn't accurate on paper, and on a practical level it's too early in the marketing cycle to reach that conclusion.
  9. Let's see what the final three months of marketing look like. Also, The Emperor absolutely counts as a legacy character. He's a draw.
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