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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Disney drops the trailer unannounced around 8am sometime this week. That's how they dropped both Endgame trailers.
  2. Back in May, Kinberg was adamant that reshoots would be happening this year. It's now October, and they haven't happened yet.
  3. I've got no problem with someone thinking this film is shallow. The fear/outrage I was referring is the "danger to society" crowd.
  4. Some people don't understand this film. They don't understand the message, they don't understand the context, they don't understand why some people consider this a masterpiece. People fear what they do not understand. And they translate that fear into outrage.
  5. Laughably pretentious. No wonder this went into major reshoots after bad test screenings. This film is absolutely full of itself. The animals don’t lol real in the slightest. RDJ looks like he’s doing what is asked of him by the script and director, but the tone is all wrong.
  6. Joker was the perfect combination. Popular comic book character. Generational actor/performance. Arthouse flair. R-rated drama. Taps into the cultural zeitgeist of today. Leaves you dumbfounded and thinking. No wonder this is firing on all financial cylinders. I didn’t think it would do this well however. WB’s rollout was absolutely perfect. I think the decisiveness of the reviews added to the intrigue. The two trailers for Joker are among the best this year. Joker is all but certain to overtake Venom worldwide, and that’s perfect. Better than I thought possible.
  7. 1: The awards push and home release have nothing to do with each other. One does not preclude the other. 2: Major films releasing between now and the holidays: Terminator, Doctor Sleep, Charlie's Angels, Gemini Man, Maleficent, Zombieland, Knives Out, Jumanji, and that new Star Trek film. Awards fare releasing in that span: Bombshell, Ford v Ferrari, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, Cats, the Playmobil movie. There simply won't be screens available for Joker in mid-December.
  8. I'm looking at weekends. Joker DVD expected after 11th weekend. Star Is Born made $1m on it's 11th weekend. Gravity was $745k. Martian was $1.5m. For all of those films, they had earned at least 92% of their total domestic earnings by the time Joker will have it's home release, after that 11th weekend. If we can say with confidence that at least 92% of Joker's box office will be decided by the time the home release rolls around, I think it's fair to say that the legs will not be adversely affected one way or another by the early home release. Furthermore, the early home release keeps Joker's momentum rolling into January. If you want to argue that people will decide around weeks 8-11 not to see Joker in theaters because of the early home release, I disagree with that assessment, and say that those people were never going to see Joker in theaters in the first place.
  9. Yeah, because the general audiences currently are: 1: Aware that Joker will be available for home purchase in 10 weeks. 2: Patient enough to wait 10 weeks to see something relevant today. If someone today says to themselves "I'm not going to see Joker in theaters because it's going to be on DVD in two months), I will argue they were never going to see Joker in theaters to begin with. However good or bad the legs for this play out, they will be irrelevant by the beginning of December. Venom was making less than a million a weekend after 8 weeks. IMO, this is the perfect move to keep Joker's momentum flowing throughout awards season.
  10. I'm expecting the final product to reflect the reduced pre-production (a little under a year vs a year and a half) that both TFA and TLJ enjoyed. Which is to say, rushed with generally uninspired visuals, underdeveloped concepts, and a reliance on fan service.
  11. Great teaser poster. Much much much better than the teaser posters for Spectre: And that's to say nothing of Spectre's putrid skull-mask posters.
  12. I can not fathom Zombieland Double Tap performing as well as forecasted by BoxOfficePro. My gut tells me that it's going to be a clunker.
  13. That's why I loved the score. I can't remember another recent film score that encapsulates chaos of the mind to this degree.
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