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  1. Likewise, I can't watch Arrested Development anymore, knowing Tobey Maguire was in it the entire time
  2. Lots of talk about Tobey Maguire... everyone knows what did his career in was doing "Satan's Alley" with Kirk Lazarus.
  3. Oh yeah. Disney, with their 34% market share (YTD), is desperate. After this weekend, they will have earned more domestic this year than the next three studios (WB, Universal, Lionsgate) COMBINED. They are absolutely desperate.
  4. Man, you need to stop paying so much attention to internet "someones". Also it's not like the box office returns indicated there's enough people who want to see an alternate cut to justify the additional expenses.
  5. Well given how they were produced for near-identical budgets, and one of them is going to gross 2x worldwide and at least 3x domestic of the other... If one of these two were to get a sequel, it's not a question of which it would be. And yet, the answer is neither. Putting those two films in the same sentence alone is a sick joke.
  6. I think it's almost a given that Scoob skews domestic heavy. That's the nature of the medium and property combination. And that's why I think going the self-aware route gives the film the greatest chance to break out.
  7. Well, would you rather be the self-aware Lego Movie and Lego Batman Movie, that earned $211m and $136m internationally, or Ninjago and Lego 2, which earned $63m and $85m internationally? Your argument doesn't make sense. The less self-aware movies you apparently think are stronger internationally did WORSE than the films you think WB needs to move away from.
  8. Very convenient to leave out Lego Movie and Lego Batman! I'll also point out that Lego 2 was a solid critical success. Not sure what you have against self-aware films. Did the Jump Street franchise touch you in a no-no place?
  9. Here's an entirely baseless prediction: Stan Lee's cameo will be as the deceased Uncle Ben in a photograph someone (probably May) points to at an emotional moment. Honestly I think that's a perfect tribute that would make narrative sense.
  10. 1: Mate, this is a BOX OFFICE FORUM. If you don’t want to see people discussing box office results, and don’t want to see people having fun when something bombs so spectacularly, you are in the wrong place. 2: Kinberg is his own worst enemy. He screwed himself on Phoenix by writing a god-awful script and being an uninspired director. This is the same Kinberg who has had to publically apologize for previous x-men films. He can’t weite an original idea to save his life. When he tried we got “This Means War”. You give Kinberg too much credit. That project is hanging out with your Anya Taylor Joy/X-Force film on a farm upstate.
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