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  1. If ya'll ever want to relive that Endgame opening night experience in full... Among my personal favorite cinema experiences, in terms of great audience reactions, 22 Jump Street is among the best. Definitely the most laughter I've ever heard in a theater.
  2. "if things don't improve" LO-MF-L The mayor is just trying to get one more weekend of a running economy to close out the month.
  3. 8,942 new cases reported in Florida this morning. Let that sink in. Also, Texas just closed all bars again.
  4. I do not believe the NBA resumption in Orlando will happen (I think games are scheduled to resume July 31). I'm not entirely convinced that the MLS tournament in Orlando starting July 8 starts, or finishes if it does start. I don't care how solid these leagues think their bubble plans are. Bubbles pop. Not every positive case will be caught before entering the bubble, not when there's a 1-5 false negative rate (https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/tests-may-miss-more-than-1-in-5-covid-19-cases) Hospitals in Orlando (unless trends reverse) will be beyond overwhelmed in a month. The optics of the NBA flying 22 teams, probably about a thousand people into a coronavirus hotspot would be ugly. Orange County FL, where Orlando is, reported 730 new cases yesterday, more than double their previous high. EDIT: 8,942 new cases in Florida today. Let that sink in.
  5. I'm dreading the day the deaths from these spikes kick in. The reports of hospitals and ICUs filling up in Florida began late last week, and from what it seems they are now reaching capacity. I've seen the reports that hospitals/ICUs in Houston are reaching capacity. WHO warning tonight that medical oxygen could be in short supply. Deaths should follow within a week, if there is to be a spike. It's younger people getting sick, so risk of death is much lower individually, but the sheer quantities will still mean a rise in the toll and reduced resources. We are headed towards a full-blown clusterfuck.
  6. Its about to get even worse in Florida. I'm not talking about the virus (but that too), but about the data manipulation. Some of you may remember the story of Rebekah Jones, the Florida government official who developed the state's data collection platform for COVID-19, tracking cases, deaths, and all other relevant metrics. After developing the platform, she was fired for, as she states, refusing to manipulate the data. That was 1-2 months ago. Last night, she tweets the following: Hopefully major media outlets pick up on this. I know CNN had Jones on for an interview this morning. But if a national outlet (or someone like the Miami Herald, who re-broke the Epstein story a couple years ago) reports on this, it would be huge. It needs to be known that Florida is manipulating their data.
  7. They can only handle one historical war epic featuring an all-minority cast at a time.
  8. Just read that Nolan & Co decided to purchase a 747 outright to crash for the sequence in the trailer. He called it an impulse buy. Warner Bros. really did just let him have free reign with the budget... I love Nolan to death, but I would have cut him off at some point.
  9. It's ridiculous how quickly things are unfolding down here in Florida. 25% of all of our cases to date have come in the last 9 days. We've been punching through the new daily case records all week. Today alone four sports teams training in Florida reported positive test results. Assuming these trends continue, and I don't see why they won't, barring a return to lockdown, say goodbye to NBA and MLS in Florida next month.
  10. "Billion-Dollar Movie" sounds like a horrible late 2000s genre 'parody' film written and directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.
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