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  1. Saw it. Very underwhelming. I haven't seen any Twitter reaction yet but I'm not surprise that the scene being mentioned in the couple above posts is being heavily criticized. The special effects surrounding this moment were atrocious. The late 3rd act had some of the worst fire effects I've ever seen. Looked like stock assets thrown on top at the last minute at a couple points. Script felt like a first draft. Direction was entirely generic, a poor imitation of the Russo's (this is what I'll point to when people say the Russo's don't have their own style). Acting was great across th
  2. This has to be the most anticipated film trailer of all time. I’m not sure what else would come close. Maybe the first trailer for Avatar, all the way back at Comic-Con 2009? First trailer for Infinity War?
  3. Scarlett Johansson almost received an Oscar nomination for voicing a seductive AI. Just leaving that nugget there.
  4. That was an okay teaser. I would have preferred if the entire trailer avoided getting too superhero-y, and it absolutely didn't need the shoehorned in Avengers name drops at the end. If the focus was kept just on the time-spanning aspect of the trailer, combined with Zhao's visuals, it would have been fantastic. This feels more like a Marvel film than a Zhao film. If the film is truly as unique and representative of Zhao's talents as some early reports have suggested, the trailer could and should have reflected that more.
  5. They weren't given anything remotely funny to quip. In fact, I'm insulted that at a dramatic moment in the climax, the screenwriters choose to have Henry make alcoholism jokes.
  6. Yesterday I watched (all for the first time) Kong Skull Island, Godzilla King of the Monsters, and finally Godzilla vs Kong. GvK was the weakest. Skull Island was an absolute blast.
  7. I watched Kong Skull Island and Godzilla King of the Monsters, both for the first time, and then and Godzilla Vs Kong. Skull Island was the strongest of all three films, KotM had gorgeous visuals (I liked the rainy/snowy/flamey night effects. Added a gritty texture). GvK unfortunately was the weakest, with mostly uninspired visuals and the weakest human dialogue of all these Monsterverse films. Millie Bobby Brown was playing an entirely different character in GvK than she played in KotM. Also feels like GvK got the Josstice League edit treatment. It's an hour and 45 minutes before
  8. What I'm really hoping for is that a good chunk of the action is presented from ground level, not just the CGI aerial shots. One of my favorite aspects of Godzilla 2014 (which I consider far better than most give it credit for) was that the action was primarily presented through the eyes of the humans on the ground, until the end clash. It helped sell the scale of what we were witnessing. I have yet to see KOTM, but my impressions from the trailers were that the action would have very little human POV. That's the same impression I get from this trailer. I just re-watched the main t
  9. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Kick-Ass. 'Nuff said. As for the GvK trailer, I got major Pacific Rim Uprising vibes from this. Emphasis on Uprising.
  10. Man, I wonder what Patty Jenkins would do with a character like Thor. Wouldn't that be an interesting pairing.
  11. You may not have noticed, but there has been nothing about this year that met "expectations". She might have to go back to making Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe winning content. The shame.
  12. If you're at home and you feel unengaged, find something else to watch. You aren't beholden to keep watching a film you feel is wasting your time. It's actually quite easier to do than if you're in the theater.
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