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  1. 11 minutes ago, Ronin46 said:

     A truly well thought out response by them. Here are the Resident Evil RT scores from 1st movie to the last 1









    Not sure anyone expects this to score well with the critics. It never has and never will. 

    I mean why are saying Rest In Peace In Peace?

  2. I remember the Irish ratings boards used to get quite strange in their ratings descriptions, I wonder if a company complained that they aren’t supposed to be reviewing movies. 

    Here are some classics




    Grotesque, special effects latex comedy gorefest - more schlock than horror, more camp than a row of tents.”


    “Extremely strong violence. Graphic detail of torture with attendant gore. Terrorisation throughout. Some viewers may find the content very unsavoury and without redeeming features.“




    “Extremely graphic and ludicrous scenes of violence and bloody mutilation. Scenes of moderate sexual nudity.”

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  3. 23 minutes ago, SnokesLegs said:

    Scream 3 being an 18 despite barely any blood and then Scream 4 being a 15 despite being arguably the goriest one definitely shows up the hypocrisy in the BBFC’s ratings system. 

    Times change I guess, I Know What You Did Last Summer was also an 18s, although oddly enough it’s video release was only 15.

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