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  1. The year is 2022, hyperinflation has long since started, the average ticket price in the US is 110 bucks. Avatar 2 grosses 5 Billion Dollars WW. This does not make it the new #1 of all time, instead it is a paltry 9th. We look back fondly on Mad Max wishing that we could live in that now utopian vision. [I can't post this in normal threads as I'm still locked out.] Read Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations - I implore you.
  2. One wonders why my account is called a 'three account'? And unable to post. Also one reminds everyone that laughed at the idea of Avatar 2 making 4 billion dollars WW.
  3. Not even going to begin to try and parse the above nonsense, esp. when I am supposedly blocked by that user.
  4. It will be hilarious to me if Avatar 2 takes over during a Biden presidency - Blue coming back when the blues come back!
  5. Given current culture I'd say no. Personally I don't care what he does or does not do in his personal life, I enjoy his films. I also still enjoy Kevin Spacey films too though, so I may be in the minority here.
  6. Past 7 days: Inland Empire - 8/10 Blue Velvet - 9/10 Lost Highway - 7/10 Wild at Heart - 6/10 Elephant Man - 9/10 Dune - 5/10 Eraserhead - 9/10 Mulholland Drive - 10/10 True Romance - 9/10 Bringing out the Dead - 8/10 Leaving Las Vegas - 9/10 Nadja - 6/10 Surveillance - 5/10 Boxing Helena - 3/10 Chained - 6/10 Hisss - 1/10 (One of the worst films I have seen in a very long time - even for JL) The Straight Story - 9/10
  7. Super interesting, I would have thought BOT would have been another one of the places with the 1% rule. I guess it's more proportional. Thanks again for these further numbers, and I do hope you're right on your initial point - hopefully the end of COVID and some big movies will get people back and posting.
  8. 597 to 'around 300'. I guess if you see a nearly 50% drop as 'solid', personally I'd say those numbers prove my initial speculations correct, so thank you, and I do appreciate you sharing those numbers. I'll stick around to see how the Avatar 2 thread ticks along I suppose, unless it gets nuked (or if the site continues its decline maybe it'll just shutter - I hope not). And again, I don't 'seem to think' people are 'fleeing' the site, seems plain as day to me, and you (based on your own numbers), that they are. It's a real shame.
  9. Now excited for this - watched the original last night and loved it.
  10. I think this place is one of the last places that nuance will ever be understood.
  11. What's interesting is that the attacks all seem to fall under 'he bad', rather than actually picking something specific that they dislike.
  12. I really would love to see DF win this time around.
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