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  1. Not even going to begin to try and parse the above nonsense, esp. when I am supposedly blocked by that user.
  2. Super interesting, I would have thought BOT would have been another one of the places with the 1% rule. I guess it's more proportional. Thanks again for these further numbers, and I do hope you're right on your initial point - hopefully the end of COVID and some big movies will get people back and posting.
  3. 597 to 'around 300'. I guess if you see a nearly 50% drop as 'solid', personally I'd say those numbers prove my initial speculations correct, so thank you, and I do appreciate you sharing those numbers. I'll stick around to see how the Avatar 2 thread ticks along I suppose, unless it gets nuked (or if the site continues its decline maybe it'll just shutter - I hope not). And again, I don't 'seem to think' people are 'fleeing' the site, seems plain as day to me, and you (based on your own numbers), that they are. It's a real shame.
  4. I came back from a lengthy ban recently to find that the forum is mostly empty, at least in comparison to where it was prior to the ban. It's strange not to see a lot of the old names and faces making posts. I suppose much of this silence can be attributed to COVID, but then I ask myself, surely that would mean people have more time to spend online? If people are inside more, why has there not been an increase in posting? Now of course people will say that no movies have come out, but I don't think much of the talk on here was about the movies of the now in the first place. Much of it was around movies that were coming down the pipe. So what else might be responsible for this reduction in activity? I can't be certain at the moment, but my gut tells me that the increased 'moderation' and locking of some of our most active threads (RIP Fan Boy Thread) have lead people to leave for pastures new, where they can discuss the topics they want in a liberal environment. Or it could be that I'm totally wrong, and there's actually more activity now than ever before! What do you think? Let me know!
  5. TENET might break even, the legs seem okay-ish given current situation...
  6. Fuck you, asshole. - The Terminator. 

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