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  1. Star Wars was third fiddle behind Potter and LOTR during the prequel era. Being second fiddle to Marvel is a step up in comparison. Hell you could even say Star Wars was fourth fiddle during the prequel era behind Potter, LOTR, and Spider-Man.
  2. Dune is not meant to be light-hearted or pulpy like say the MCU or Star Wars. It's a pretty serious dramatic sci-fi story that is a parable for the Middle-East. There really is no humor to it at all. So his style fits the tone of Dun very well. If it was fully of quippy characters it wouldn't be Dune. This is meant to be a sweeping epic. Dune has more in common with Lawrence of Arabia than Guardians of the Galaxy.
  3. Great if you think her having a racist meltdown about Disney "race bending" dogs by hiring Tess Thompson to voice Lady in Lady and the Tramp is great movie analysis I suppose. She has also gone on weird rants about how "SJWs" and "socialists" are ruining America. She is crazy, to put it mildly. She's the Fox News of movie criticism lol.
  4. The only source is The Sun which has a history of making up fake Bond stories. The fact no one reputable reported her being in it (let alone quit) means this is almost certainly yet another of the countless made up junk about Bond the Sun reports for attention/clicks.
  5. It helps Star Wars more than it hurts Star Wars if anything. Star Wars coming out afterwards with a free path for a few weeks is better than having Jumanji come out right after it.
  6. Yep. And Forrest Whitaker played the character in the animated series Rebels as well. Lucasfilm doesn't silo the movies from the shows like Marvel, because unlike Marvel they are all done by the same studio.
  7. Well they do cross over shows and movies now :). Because Lucasfilm just went all in on Maul trusting the audience is aware of the backstory for how he survived from the tv media.
  8. Solo pretty much proves they will keep to cartoon canon as they have Maul in it due to his appearance in the cartoon with the same voice actor as the cartoon. Not to mention Lucasfilm made it very clear that everything from 2014 on wards will be 100% canon. The Maul vs. Obi-Wan battle was in Rebels in 2016ish.
  9. Not really comparable. Marvel Studios has no involvement in the television shows. Lucasfilm produces the Star Wars shows themselves. It's all done by the same production studio so things clearly cross over more and will continue to do so. George Lucas himself said The Clone Wars tv series in his view was equally as important as the 6 saga films for example.
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