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  1. After one day, 330k views and 6k Likes on the first five YT videos for the trailer (the official one getting a surprisingly low share). This is one case where YouTube points to one direction, and would predict that the movie won't be a hit.
  2. Protesters were regularly getting shot in the 60's and 70's. Also, political leaders and one president. Anyway, this thread is supposed to be about franchise stuff. We should be talking about the insane award run of Joker, that is finally making CBMs respectable.
  3. Let's hope so but, as always, we shouldn't read too much into the marketing strategy and what it means for the quality of the movie.
  4. While Dune is an all-time classic of science-fiction, I'm not sure that it is popular enough these days to be a huge factor in the success of a blockbuster adaptation. It isn't LOTR in terms of mainstream appeal. Best case scenario, the movie will make the books popular (again), like Game of Thrones did for the previously obscure GRRM novels.
  5. What? Trolls don't use GoogleTrends, few people do. And what GoogleTrends data would you "come up with" to prove that SW has been talked about more than ever in the last two years?
  6. It's a bit early to tell. But even adult TV stars in general have always found it difficult to get (lead) roles in successful movies. So nobody expects kids to carry blockbusters. If RDJ couldn't help Dolittle...
  7. Game of Thrones, Joker, Parasite: great night. It was also the first foreign language movie for the ACE award. Let's hope for the best (movie to win, Parasite).
  8. Well Aladdin could have made a lot more, Iger stacked 2019 with all his biggest movies and sabotaged Ritchie. But it also means that in the relatively empty 2020, Mulan will benefit from the undivided power of Disney marketing and will reach its full potential at the box office.
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