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  1. It doesn't sound like you understand the point of these clubs - or multi-quotes.
  2. The overwhelming majority of people in this forum don't expect this club to succeed, so join the cool kids?
  3. No it certainly didn't, what the hell. RE: Final Chapter has to be the most underrated box office run by some here.
  4. Spidey is more likely to show up in 2.
  5. Here are my official definitions based on rumored budgets, as long as the domestic share isn't too low (25%): - WW < Budget: Bomb - Budget < WW < 2xBudget: Flop - WW > 3xBudget: Hit - 2xBudget < WW < 3xBudget: there are no words to describe such a movie
  6. Based on what? What profits did they "estimate" for Sony's movies before leaks gave the real numbers?
  7. Well I always predicted there would be 40 more movies, not 3.
  8. Deadline has no idea whether JL will make a profit eventually, and neither do you.
  9. And there isn't even a year left to fix this disaster... I always trust Internet rumors: this thing will flop like Deadpool 2.
  10. The cost hasn't changed, of course. But when bloggers smell blood, the reported budget gets closer to the real value - to make a flop look even bigger. Same thing happened to Solo. Meanwhile, we are supposed to take the comically precise $162M number for AntMan2 seriously: it is most likely below the actual (net) budget as well.

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