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  1. Let's wait and see worldwide legs, for now we can say that DP is another success for video game adaptations. Expectations around here were just unrealistic, because of tedious "joke" predictions.
  2. Endgame would have better legs if GoT didn't capture the imagination of former moviegoers around the world. People would rather stay at home furiously debating GoT online and rewatching the episodes rather than go rewatch EG.
  3. DP already predicted to beat tracking. And it is only the beginning!
  4. How about this cast: Dennis Quaid, Greg Kinnear, Seth MacFarlane, Will Sasso, Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Liev Schreiber, Naomi Watts, Chris Pratt, Anna Faris, Kieren Culkin, Emma Stone, Richard Gere, Jack McBrayer, Kate Bosworth, Aasif Mandvi, Justin Long, John Hodgeman, Kristen Bell, Uma Thurman, Bobby Cannavale, Jason Sudeikis, Leslie Bibb, Katrina Bowden, Chloë Moretz, Christopher Mintz Plasse, Patrick Warburton, Matt Walsh, Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott, Gerard Butler, Halle Berry, Stephen Merchant, Snooki, Terrence Howard, Josh Duhamel, Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore, Tony Shalhoub, Bob Odenkirk, and Anton Yelchin.
  5. Some people look at the previews/presales, assume DP will behave like a fanboy/franchise movie, and have already concluded that it is a flop. But it could have the run of a kids movie instead, with long legs. It was always the question, and we will know soon enough.
  6. Well he's right, a few people have been quite bipolar about this movie's prospects: But there was never any reason to worry, not since the first trailer. YouTube Law guarantees that DP won't flop.
  7. There has to be something concrete for a thread to be allowed, like a director or writer hired to work on the project (from a reliable source). Unofficially of course, a dozen sequels and spin-offs for DP are a near certainty.
  8. Whatever is needed to eventually reach 1 billie worldwide.
  9. Dubalb, it turns out the leaked movie was a fake. I guess the 90-minute dance sequence should have given me pause.
  10. It is so sad when a great movie leaks online before release. After watching it, I have to agree with some critics: Pikachu is very cute but the story is disappointing.
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