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  1. Only noticed it when I posted in this thread:
  2. Crazy that it is trending on Twitter at #2 in the US, competing against sports events that usually dominate everything. Whatever you think of the movie or its possible new cut, it is heartwarming to see so many moviegoers support the vision of the creators instead of a corporation or the Brand.
  3. Not really, the first one was released in 2013. The Chinese market was starting to explode. Back then, Iron Man 3 made $120M beating all Marvel records. Fast&Furious 6 made... $66M.
  4. It's a possible explanation. Remember, Disney moved Endgame away from Detective Pikachu.
  5. One. Billion. How come there isn't one of those photoshops with Todd Phillips as Jesus?
  6. Disney murdering the last FOX movies with DOA release dates; a bloodbath similar to Colin Firth at the church.
  7. Last Christmas #2! (previews don't count)
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