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  1. How can the next one be a good movie if Spider-Man doesn't have Shang-Chi following him around, telling him what to do and talking about Iron-Man all the time?
  2. The smartest box office watchers saw this coming: Don't be surprised if Captain America and Hulk also appear in the trailer.
  3. No, it goes to show how ridiculous some people on Internet sound. Thankfully Emmy voters are more objective.
  4. Most of them haven't seen it. 🤡 (including the few 1/10) But it is #1 in the Most Popular list three weeks before release, so the festivals/reviews/controversies have worked well.
  5. Merely mentioning Showgirls is already praise of the highest order.
  6. Highest-grossing video game movie ever. Without that weird ending, it would have been the #1 movie of 2019.
  7. Do the trailers for Joker now begin with "Golden Lion Winner", like similar artsy movies would do? It is an international film festival, while the Oscars mostly celebrate Hollywood.
  8. IM and IM2 were literally supported by the Pentagon: https://www.spyculture.com/updated-complete-list-of-dod-films/ So was the "subversive" Winter Soldier. MoS and Green Lantern (or, strangely, the first Captain America) don't appear on the list but it isn't exhaustive and doesn't include movies after 2016.
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