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  1. Oh no, it's going to be 18 months of "See, toldja TLJ killed Star Wars!".
  2. Well there you go, watch the prequels for a ton of lightsaber battles and jedi action (for better or for worse).
  3. Yes that is rather unique for a franchise. Sometimes you have sequels, then a series of prequels in chronological order (Ep 1-3, Hobbit, FB...). While it isn't exactly confusing or complicated to follow the timeline of Disney's SW movies, jumping around in time every year may make the viewer less interested in 'What happens next?' than they should be.
  4. ‘The Expanse’ Picked Up By Amazon For Season 4 After Syfy Cancellation
  5. Movies not directed by Cameron on that list are smaller than a rounding error anyway.
  6. Ragnarok and Black Panther literally have the same plot.
  7. I was about to say the last fight in The Matrix but given the top of this page, that is unlikely. Doesn't matter, my pick is The Matrix.
  8. was great, hopefully she won't get any blame if this flops. They didn't explain anything about her character which was weird and a bit annoying, but a spin-off about her would be more interesting than making her the villain in a Solo 2. But neither will probably happen now...
  9. They probably loved the underrated King Arthur, where Arthur also was a "wise cracking street urchin".
  10. Solo running about 40% ahead of Deadpool 2 on Fandango at the moment:
  11. Some of the creatures weren't even mentioned in the books.

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