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  1. Ideally, yes. In practice, half of the reviews will be essays about the danger of moviegoing during a pandemic - and what the critic did during the lockdown. Will Tenet get 10% of the box office per screen of Unhinged? 😡
  2. And I couldn't find this picture online easily, that shows her dedication. Or she stole it from me. 🤔
  3. European "success" against the coronavirus didn't last long. But the toor de France hasn't been canceled.
  4. Peru's football league suspended indefinitely one day after returning. Cause: football fans.
  5. It's better to stop watching Dexter after season 4, and Breaking Bad after season 1.
  6. He even managed to hide his identity from his father's friend Spike Lee. What a pro.
  7. Bezos will buy all US theaters if he is bored, or as part of a complex tax evasion scheme.
  8. Looks like Chinese to me. And it can get a release in Taiwan and HK even if censored in China.
  9. After dominating the box office in Germany, UNHINGED conquers Australia.
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