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  1. MrGlass2


    The rapid decline in China (#1 OS market by far) means that the domestic share will rise.
  2. Finally crawled over SMH, took long enough... domestically.
  3. Too many SF "blockbusters" have bombed lately... Let's hope for a BO miracle here, and that Hollywood finally adapts all the science fiction classics of the last century - rather than ever more comic books for kids.
  4. And the previous weekends had similar BO (although the #5 last weekend made less than the #5 before AQP release).
  5. Did you even read the articles before writing your usual rants? Do you understand why Tsujihara was fired?
  6. Captain Marvel is now #1 worldwide for 2019, beating The Wandering Earth.
  7. First, let's see what happens to Captain Marvel's legs next week.
  8. And it started one year before Aquaman was released, by selling Kahl Drogo as the new, badass version of the previously ridiculed superhero thanks to the huge JL marketing campaign. That helped move the character beyond an Entourage talk-to-fish joke - even for people who didn't actually watch JL (and of course many people did watch the movie in theater, it made $657M worldwide). Anyway, this is the Shazam thread.
  9. Indeed, goal achieved. 102M on Monday, 94% higher than Friday.
  10. Bold club, congratulations. But the always outstanding Disney marketing will counter any possible Captain Marvel TLJ-style backlash (if there was such a thing). OUT.
  11. No. It is almost useless to compare Shazam's numbers to anything else until after those early screenings to be honest.
  12. Wasn't that MPR? Obviously Aquaman received a boost from JL, the fact that JL underperformed doesn't change that. The presales for Shazam are certainly illuminating: it doesn't look like the previews are anywhere near sold out yet, and normal presales are low. Aquaman, on the other hand, kept adding previews and had much stronger numbers on Fandango (for normal shows). We will see how much Shazam makes in early previews but the hype seems low despite great social media reactions. That is why DC walking away completely from the "franchise" continuity gimmick could be counter-productive at the box office.

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