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  1. Boy oh boy, some people should give up on predicting box office.
  2. It was my guesses for why the Jenkins announcement is taking so long: - Money - Creative differences/control for the sequel - Money - Jenkins hadn't made any movie since Monster, probably has a few passion projects - Last but not least: money
  3. There is also Civil War and Iron Man 3, to be #5 superhero movie all-time.
  4. From Deadline: So yep, awful summer.
  5. Valerian and King Arthur are two of the best blockbusters big-budget movies this year.
  6. Serious question: what is so great about the Conjuring/Annabelle movies? I haven't seen any of them but they look rather generic to me, so their box office success has always puzzled me.
  7. Solution: don't call it Fantastic Beasts.
  8. While much better than the list posted in this thread, DHD doesn't have access to studio numbers either.
  9. These horror movies are a gold mine. In a couple of years Hollywood will only produce superhero and cheap horror films.
  10. We are going to have to wait for Sony's next leak to know not only SMH marketing costs, but its true budget. Because I don't think hiring RDJ is the way to get a cheaper sequel/reboot.

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