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  1. The movie chooses to focus on Paul and Jessica almost exclusively, but the real star is Arrakis.
  2. Just a wonderful movie. Villeneuve has finally delivered the science-fiction masterpiece he had in him.
  3. Young people are as diligent about coronavirus hygiene routines as their older peers but also more stressed out by the pandemic and willing to give up a higher percentage of their income to stop it, according to a global survey that calls into question the stereotype of feckless youth driving up infection rates. ... The survey’s results also puts a question mark over claims that coronavirus has brought out distinctly different behaviours from nations around the globe. “Looking at our data, we were quite surprised to find that younger people across the world over are willi
  4. That is because deaths lag new cases by a few weeks. And since Macron is worse than DeSantis/Trump (he won't even close bars and restaurants), it is not going to get any better. The rest of Europe is now following the Swedish "model" so you must be thrilled. Just need a few months of mass contamination and deaths. And we will see how long the current situation in Sweden lasts. Also:
  5. Perfect time to open the schools and universities... Macron is the Trump/Bolsonaro of Europe.
  6. The Academy will do everything they can to have the Oscars this year, just so they can snub Nolan again.
  7. But then there will be a gap before TV shows can return. Few have resumed production and they will run out of content soon. Exceptions: a few reality shows and soap operas, and TV series shot in Canada (or other countries doing relatively well).
  8. FDA approves use of new cheaper saliva Covid test The US Food and Drug Administration on Saturday granted emergency use authorization to Yale School of Public Health’s saliva test to detect Covid-19, after a trial on National Basketball Association players and staff. SalivaDirect, the fifth saliva test approved by the FDA for the disease, requires no swab or collection device and uses spit from people suspected of having the coronavirus, the agency said. FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn called the test “groundbreaking” in its efficiency and in being unaffected by crucial component shortage
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