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  1. If it follows what RPO did on Qingming Festival, today will only reach 240m. Even with better evening business, 250m would be great imo
  2. IW should reach 22m, Solo 18m
  3. Sun’ presales of How Long Will I Love U increase 70% while IW -10%, will be close.
  4. $6m OD and $36m total, could be 5m and 25m in the low end or 7m and 50m or even more in the high end
  5. Later competition is much weaker and could cover this weekend’s gap
  6. CA3 did 470M more after a 40M Wed, 1525+64/40*470=2277M ($360M)
  7. 81M incoming, the same presale multiplier as Mon
  8. Note that Sun is “520” which is a small sized Valentine Day in China, could drop less than 10% from Sat.
  9. Mon 109M($17.2M) Tue’s presale declines 25%, and the multiplier is usually smaller than Mon, so I guess a 29% decrease to 77M
  10. horrors may be very unfriendly to GA, that could be reality with a 7.x maoyan score. And Sat's presale is quite weak also.
  11. A Quiet Place presales (1.84M 3days+8h before opening) is on par with RPO (1.84M 3d+5h) and Tomb Raider (2.05M 3d+5.5h) , both final presales reached 13M, so it's very likely to do 10M presales and 30M OD and 120M ($19M) final gross even with bad wom
  12. well it’s slowing down every 10 minutes... the last 10-minute-increase is 2.33M and standing at 251.84M at 17:00, 320-325 looks reasonable, exactly miss $200M OW
  13. SARFT shows 229.08M at 15:30, and 2.78M per 10 minutes, probably finishing 340M

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