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  1. I have no idea what happened in this movie and I don't care to know. That's all.
  2. My list: 1. Diaboliques 2. Rosemary's Baby 3. Cat People 4. Repulsion 5. Psycho 6. The Shining 7. The Innocents 8. Carrie 9. Peeping Tom 10. Suspiria 11. The VVitch 12. The Silence of the Lambs 13. The Sixth Sense 14. The Omen (1976) 15. Bride of Frankenstein 16. Freaks 17. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931) 18. The Invisible Man (1933) 19. The Exorcist 20. The Babadook 21. The Others 22. Don't Look Now 23. Hereditary 24. The Ring (2002) 25. The Invitation (2015) 26. Let the Right One In 27. Black Swan 28. Get Out 29. 28 Days Later 30. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 31. The Haunting (1963) 32. The Orphanage (2007) 33. Scream 34. The Conjuring 35. The Fly (1986) 36. Carnival of Souls 37. Halloween 38. The Birds
  3. Rebeccas

    Monday Numbers

    Well the Asian-American/1st generation immigrant perspective is the main selling point, which again, isn't really something that's going to stand out to a foreign audience.
  4. Rebeccas

    Monday Numbers

    Truthfully there is nothing unique about CRA's story at all to people outside the English speaking countries. People who would be interested in that kind of thing would just watch the hundreds of Asian TV dramas that have the same plot.. the only difference with CRA is that it's in English and has an American cast... and like why would that make it any more appealing to someone from Spain or India.
  5. Well a boring/bad superhero movie would still flop like F4. Venom was bad in a good way and at least had enough weird shit to get people talking.
  6. Truly this is a very badly executed movie with horrible action and terrible dialogue but I feel like recommending it to people just cause Hardy is so watchable and fun.
  7. This is a highly stupid and poorly made film but at least not boring.
  8. Truly, this movie reminded me more or less of Hollow Man circa 2000.. a movie that's clearly BAD but also just enjoyably bad.
  9. It's literally so obvious you two are the same person. Try a little harder next time lol
  10. Rebeccas

    Vice | Opening Wide on Christmas

    The early test screenings basically said that Carrell kind of does.. very little with that character. Rockwell is apparently the scene stealer.
  11. 4 years is a pretty long time for a sequel though.. and this is a character that already had X-Men and X2 goodwill.

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