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  1. The weird holiday weekend/releasing on a Tuesday thing might make FFH kind of hard to predict tbh
  2. People also liked Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. But well liked is not beloved. Especially when the most recent films have been panned.
  3. Honestly is there anyone on earth who's like "I will NOT watch another X-Men film if Alexandra Shipp doesn't play Storm" lmao... I mean. These people are the biggest no1curr.
  4. they have movies dated until 2022 and a lot of movies planned already. they need to let this stink clear out anyways.
  5. LOL the delusion. they're not keeping any of the actors. honestly by the time feige wants to reboot this, no one will even remember these new characters.
  6. No one really cares or likes this new cast though. They liked the OG cast so maybe if that franchise was still going or even if they had continued with the First Class kids and followed DOFP up with better movies, there would be motivation for Feige to keep them but these newbs are a big no1curr. They've only been in 2 critical flops.
  7. I think this should go to streaming quietly so it doesn't embarrass Anya's rising career.
  8. This is never coming out in theaters and the reshoots probably won't even happen.
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