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  1. Could Frances win a 3rd Oscar??? I guess Vanessa Kirby has a chance since she won Volpi Cup but it just sounds like Frances has beyond raves and this will be a much stronger overall contender. Winslet's film definitely has a more muted reception which is not gonna win her a second yet I don't think.
  2. The challenge now is different countries are going to be in very different places with the virus. Right now China's more or less back to normal but the U.S. absolutely is not. In the next few months, a lot of countries could be yo-yo situations. You'll never find the perfect release date where all the countries you want to open in will be totally ready.
  3. A lot of YA books have themes that go way beyond just tween romance. Something like The Hate U Give has heavy themes but is correctly categorized as YA still due to the age and relatability of the protagonist to the young adult audience (age 12-17) and the accessibility of the language/prose. Dune totally fits in that mold as well. I don't know why that's seen as such a stigma beyond the fact that it's associated with girls and female readers more.
  4. Dune absolutely fits the mold of a YA novel. I mean if this was written by a woman about a 15 year old girl, there'd be absolutely no question people would stick it in the YA genre.
  5. WB would be kind of nuts to release this before theaters in America fully go back to normal capacity. If a big Nolan property is still struggling to get people back and Disney doesn't seem to even want to risk their huge well known names, I just think it's setting this up to fail to release it when it already needed every bit of help it could get. Are people really going to respond to word of mouth these days... like hey you NEED to see this movie seriously go risk your life!
  6. This already had a steep hill to climb even in a normal year.. there's no way it makes back its money this year. Just push it so the hope of a sequel at least lives.
  7. Murder on the Orient and And Then There Were None have by far the most intricate plotting of her books. This one is enjoyable but more of a generic mystery that I think most people can figure out about 80 pages into the book.
  8. I’m not sure how I feel about Tom watching Wolf of Wall Street he’s too innocent
  9. So Feige went from being too busy to now having time for both Spiderman and Star Wars? He’s clearly cloned himself.
  10. 25% is probably what they were gunning for with that ridiculous 50% offer lol
  11. Concerns about Joker are valid. It’s a clear riff off Taxi Driver, which is literally the most famous example ever of a film directly inspiring real life violence, in addition to the whole Aurora stuff, which just adds fuel to the fire. I mean, if someone had shot up a theater at a John Wick screening and a previous would be assassin said he was inspired by The Matrix, I think security would be pretty heightened for John Wick 4.
  12. Supporting Actor is actually unusually stacked this year due to so many category frauds, so a Hader campaign would truly be a waste of money.
  13. So no SW movie announcements past IX? Interesting they didn't bring anyone from Shang Chi to this either.
  14. From the script, I feel like Amy is more prominent and has more of an arc in this version too.
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