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  1. Not like aging timeline makes sense in the regular X-Men movies either.
  2. I like how all the X-Men still look exactly like they did in 1980.
  3. Deadpool 2 WW > Solo WW

    I could see both in the $700m area. Which for DP2 is a big win.
  4. Even Iron Man 2's increase is kinda impressive considering the quality of that movie.
  5. They should've Ragnarok'd it even more and had Matt Damon cameo dressed as Loki
  6. Deadpool 2 WW > Solo WW

    Also considering Solo definitely cost at least 2x as much to make as DP2.
  7. I will say the late night shows of DP2 near me look super packed so maybe this just plays to a later crowd.
  8. Ultimately won't matter that much for this film though cause it's so cheap relative to other blockbusters.
  9. I didn't get a trailer even, just an ad saying SOLO GET YOUR TICKETS NOW. Dead silence.

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