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  1. Have you seen the movie? Cause that's definitely not in the movie lol
  2. Great film, definitely think the trailer gives away a little more than I would recommend but it shouldn’t affect anyone’s enjoyment.
  3. Little kids (if you're talking like young elementary school) generally aren't going to PG-13 movies. If you're talking teens/young adults, its not really a contest at this point. Star Wars has an older audience than MCU clearly.
  4. The fact that Aquaman did so well is another reason why Shazam had the potential to do much better though? A studio can have the right handle on one property but also mis-market another. I don't think Shazam's issue was all marketing either. I think it was definitely a harder sell to women without a hot lead actor or a prominent female lead and it didn't have an interesting hook like being underwater or in an interesting environment. Still think they could've done a little better though.
  5. Also really think the chaos of Endgame ticket sales significantly affected Shazam's potential to break out. Several people I know also used their A-List to reserve 3 showtimes for Endgame and basically sacrificed any opportunity to see any other movie until it opened lol
  6. I feel like even ppl who like the ST think the locations are kind of boring and unmemorable. Heck, even the PT had more interesting places.
  7. Doesn't this theme park have no connection to the films or the locations we know? IDK why they'd expect that to do well
  8. Absolutely not. Meg has always been as dull as dishwater. Her most interesting arc in the book is about making jam. That's why Emma Stone passed on this, she's obviously way too famous to be playing such a boring character.
  9. I think Pitch Meeting guy manages to call out importance plot contrivances without it being incredibly nitpicky. Like he brought up the question of why the heroes didn't just go back to get more Pym Particles so they could have more attempts at getting it right and concluded that of course the movie needed to have stakes and unlimited attempts wasn't a good story. Sometimes you just have to roll with it and say 'well ok then".
  10. Cinephiles and sci-fi fans are definitely going to see this, but with Spielberg's West Side Story and the Disney Cruella movie, I have a hard time seeing this appealing to families that often drive the holiday box office season. I guess it'll all depend on if they budgeted this accordingly. The story really does require a lot of money to work, but at the same time, anything close to $200m spent would basically guarantee this flops or at least makes it very hard to make any profit to justify sequels.
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