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  1. GP had Cruise scaling the tallest building in the world. RN had him hanging off the side of a plane taking off. Every one of these has a super buzzy setpiece.
  2. http://collider.com/the-predator-imax-maze-runner-the-death-cure/ Granted that was the original release date, but I doubt they would move it and completely give up IMAX?
  3. The two previous movies also had spectacular action set pieces. I think this one will increase over RN but I can't really go all in on it going WAAAAY above though.
  4. Killing both Luke and Leia to save a handful of disposable rebels may be the worst tradeoff in history.
  5. Is this related to the rumblings about Cavill demanding a massive salary to stay with DCEU?
  6. Rebeccas

    Thursday's Numbers: AM&TW $5.29M

    December could easily be a bust this year...
  7. Rebeccas


    Diversity in Hollywood movies is more for (insert ethnic group) - Americans. Latinos in Latin America and Asians in Asia have their own movies to represent them, so of course they're not going to care.
  8. 1-3 are skippable if you really don't have time but 4 and 5 are probably must-see before this.
  9. The future of romcoms is streaming. Set it Up was very buzzy for Netflix.
  10. Rebeccas


    Feels like we need a release date for China first before any solid guestimates can be made.
  11. The Rock also isn't going to become some Academy Award winning character actor in later years so he's right to take advantage of his situation right now.

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