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  1. Hamilton has a gimmick that's very eye catching (founding fathers rapping and played by actors of color). In the Heights... I don't think anyone could tell from the trailers what the plot even was?
  2. I mean he can write some music for movies but definitely they should not be advertising movies on his name lmao
  3. ITH is just so different from Hamilton that it's pretty hard to get people invested just because its from the same guy who did Hamilton. Hamilton became a thing for a variety of reasons (and you can't underestimate the fact that it's kind of a known property that everyone learned about in school).
  4. Mackie and Stan are both supporting actors and can even stand out in those roles, but are really not meant to carry whole projects themselves. I mean isn't that why Daniel Bruhl kind of became the most popular character in the show lol Compared to Olsen/Bettany and Hiddleston, there was a massive charisma vacuum in TF&WS.
  5. This looks cool but idk how much appeal this will have compared to other MCU movies.. could see this being well received critically given its Chloe but being a lesser box office movie for Marvel.
  6. Yes, casting ethnically accurate actors is an upgrade but the politics of the story and some of the lyrics definitely belong in the 60's so I'm not sure how much they'll even get for "updating". Unless they plan on totally rewriting 'America' lol
  7. I have to agree this feels totally unnecessary. The original film is hugely popular, readily available and also not so old that it would be inaccessible to modern audiences if they were interested but hadn't seen it yet. I guess the only major update is that the actors won't be dubbed but honestly does anyone care/notice... This is like remaking The Sound of Music.
  8. Extremely online people have heard the news but most people will go in with no clue other than its another Spiderman movie.
  9. I feel like a big difference between D+ and other platforms is the family brand of D+ allows people with kids to just use it as a babysitter. I'm sure many of the subscribers aren't even thinking about the next SW or Marvel show but just having content for their kid who's stuck inside all winter.
  10. I'm not sure of the exact schedule of shows after Wandavision but it seems they'll have at the very least Falcon and Winter Soldier and Loki for the first half of 2021.
  11. Could Frances win a 3rd Oscar??? I guess Vanessa Kirby has a chance since she won Volpi Cup but it just sounds like Frances has beyond raves and this will be a much stronger overall contender. Winslet's film definitely has a more muted reception which is not gonna win her a second yet I don't think.
  12. The challenge now is different countries are going to be in very different places with the virus. Right now China's more or less back to normal but the U.S. absolutely is not. In the next few months, a lot of countries could be yo-yo situations. You'll never find the perfect release date where all the countries you want to open in will be totally ready.
  13. A lot of YA books have themes that go way beyond just tween romance. Something like The Hate U Give has heavy themes but is correctly categorized as YA still due to the age and relatability of the protagonist to the young adult audience (age 12-17) and the accessibility of the language/prose. Dune totally fits in that mold as well. I don't know why that's seen as such a stigma beyond the fact that it's associated with girls and female readers more.
  14. Dune absolutely fits the mold of a YA novel. I mean if this was written by a woman about a 15 year old girl, there'd be absolutely no question people would stick it in the YA genre.
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