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  1. I don't think AWIT was a great example to use but she's not wrong in that film criticism has historically been harsher to "female" movies and that's mainly because the community is mostly male. For example, a movie like Legally Blonde I do believe would've been a more acclaimed movie had it been like a Judd Apatow film about a guy vs. a super feminine girl who wears pink. Even on "best of all time" lists, the top films are always male protagonists and you don't see as much respect given to women's pictures.
  2. Omg what. IW's views make so much sense to me cause it's like a fun/rousing trailer with an amazing money shot (that's not even in the movie but whatever). But who is watching that depressing ass Endgame trailer this many times!!
  3. Rebeccas

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    the big side-eye he got from everyone during that THR roundtable the moment he talked about how hard it was to get this film made (lol the 4th remake of this film) probably spoke volumes about how he's viewed by some. i don't think anyone wants to hear him talk about how hard it was for him, an A-list actor to make a film when other directors have to scrape for funding or go to streaming.
  4. Rebeccas

    Best Actor Predictions 2018

    Rami is winning this in a landslide. Not only has he won everything important this season, the NYT talked to 20 anonymous Oscar voters and the LAT talked to a couple more and every single person is voting for Rami except for one who's voting for Dafoe lol. No other category seems to have that degree of uniformity.
  5. This is actually a hilariously dated post, which I totally don't blame you for but just LOL. Before this crazy run, I thought it would perform similarly to Walk the Line or other "older" music biopics but I think actually the film's run just solidified Queen's status as a true intergenerational band. Queen stans on twitter are now mostly 16-25 year old girls hilariously.
  6. Rebeccas

    Green Book (2018)

    This is so boring... this is grandpa Oscar bait.
  7. Rebeccas

    Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

    This movie has such an amazingly deceptive bookend effect. The opening Live Aid montage is actually a wonderful piece of filmmaking with lots of clever edits and excellent build up. It got me very excited to see the film. Then you get to.. the flashback that makes up 80% of the movie which is absolutely dreadful with only an occasional moment of inspiration. Everything about this segment just screams "TROUBLED PRODUCTION" like all the red flags are there. Then for the last 20 minutes, you're back in the good part of the movie that leads you to what is basically a Live Aid cosplay which of course is fun cause the music is great? And you leave the theater thinking only about the bookend scenes cause they were the first and last impression until you think a little harder and realize that most of the movie is terrible. Actually this is one bad movie that I totally understand why the general audience is falling head over heels over.. it's a very tricky piece of filmmaking that I almost have to give them props for.
  8. It's Richard Curtis. Expect the most expected. Also the plot synopsis is this guy who's given up on a career in music gets hit by a bus and finds himself in this weird reality.. it's so clear that the ending will have him wake up from this being inspired to not give up on music and realizing that he's in love with Lily James (his best friend).
  9. This looks cute, I'll definitely watch it. Beatles nostalgia didn't really help Across the Universe much at the box office but this looks more mainstream and has Ed Sheeran I gues.
  10. Rebeccas

    Bohemian Rhapsody OS: $624M OS | $833M WW

    I honestly wouldn’t put it past Fox to release a non-gay cut of BR to China lol the film has done exceptionally well in countries with massive karaoke culture and China is one of them..
  11. I can't believe the first Lego movie came out 5 years ago... I think this was just a few years late. Not really much of a novelty anymore, kind of like HTTYD2 in some ways.

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