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  1. That's patently untrue, I would recommend reading Ben Fritz's book The Big Picture.
  2. I’m not sure how I feel about Tom watching Wolf of Wall Street he’s too innocent
  3. So Feige went from being too busy to now having time for both Spiderman and Star Wars? He’s clearly cloned himself.
  4. 25% is probably what they were gunning for with that ridiculous 50% offer lol
  5. Concerns about Joker are valid. It’s a clear riff off Taxi Driver, which is literally the most famous example ever of a film directly inspiring real life violence, in addition to the whole Aurora stuff, which just adds fuel to the fire. I mean, if someone had shot up a theater at a John Wick screening and a previous would be assassin said he was inspired by The Matrix, I think security would be pretty heightened for John Wick 4.
  6. I mean Rian Johnson also originally wanted Finn to walk into the casino with his tux on backwards so I absolutely believe his humor is that juvenile.
  7. Supporting Actor is actually unusually stacked this year due to so many category frauds, so a Hader campaign would truly be a waste of money.
  8. Right, also their only good Spidey movies have been ones without the baggage that this one inevitably has (i.e. trying to be a BIG villain heavy set up). Spiderverse was its own thing and much smaller. Before that it was SM2... which is a very long time ago. With their current Venom, Morbius, etc stuff I have absolutely no confidence Sony won’t try that SM3 or TASM2 shit again.
  9. Right and they literally just did this 'vague dead loved one' thing with Uncle Ben. They've never mentioned him by name in the MCU movies yet through his conversation with Tony Stark in Civil War and the fact that everyone on earth has seen Uncle Ben die many times = enough. This will probably be how they deal with Tony Stark. Just vaguely reference him. We all know what happened. Most of the world saw the movie where Peter tearfully watches Tony die lol.
  10. Yeah, if Venom had been a good movie, I would probably be really excited about this. But yeah..... lol. Also please for the love of god, do not let Jared Leto send Tom Holland a box of dead spiders or something. As for Spidey in the MCU, the truth is there is no Avengers movie upcoming and I don't think he'd show up in any of these currently announced movies or shows. He was really only integral to Tony Stark's story and that's concluded, and tbh including him in the MCU for Civil War -> Endgame arc was hugely beneficial. He was really part of the most iconic moments of each of those films. The post-FFH Spidey will be more out on his own anyways but the only issue is the films won't be able to directly reference what's happened before and that might be awkward.
  11. So no SW movie announcements past IX? Interesting they didn't bring anyone from Shang Chi to this either.
  12. lol imagine if disney was aiming for 25% but ended up getting 30% cause the fanbase went nuts for 2 days.
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