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  1. $300m still sound cray to me lol. For the same franchise to beat the existing OW record by $43m just 1 year later??? It's just a bit wild.
  2. It's probably uninteresting like #17 of all time or whatever.
  3. Rebeccas

    Wednesday Numbers - Shazam 1.9.

    Everyone I know is getting very antsy for Endgame right now.. someone I talked to thought it was opening this week and was very sad when I told him it was next week.
  4. It literally doesn't matter if IW is a part 1 or not. The fact that previous Part 1 movies have all been book adaptations where everyone knows the ending is why their Part 1-ness became a liability instead of an asset.
  5. Well Boyega said some of his friends HATED TLJ so maybe one of those friends is JJ lol
  6. Well they did reject Saoirse Ronan cause she has less followers on social media.
  7. The issue with Steppenwolf (and really that whole movie..) is the dialogue. The script felt like it was created from some generic superhero meatgrinder. Thanos was given some great lines honestly lol even his line in the trailer that didn't make it to the movie (this puts a smile on my face) is ICONIC.
  8. Rebeccas


    WAIT no IMAX/3D tickets yet in SK???????????? wild

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