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  1. Yeah, I mean if they're willing to nominate a film where Winston Churchill gets an imaginary lecture from a bunch of fake London tube riders when the real Churchill never took a metro in his life then I think everything is fair game.
  2. I mean no cross pollination of the franchises.
  3. So much to look forward to like the moment she raises her voice or gets angry, every fanboy on the internet will be calling her shrill.
  4. The Favourite seems destined to be in comedy. Eighth Grade and Sorry to Bother You if they get a strong enough campaign I guess.
  5. Honestly what emoting does Chris Evans do in TWS trailer. The point of this trailer seems to be to show that she's powerful, has cool powers and is a badass. Her expression fits perfectly with that.
  6. It does feel a bit similar to the first Dr. Strange teaser, which also had to introduce a weird new character/concept and kind of jumped around a bit. I think you just need more than 90 seconds for this type of thing. Unlike say Black Panther who basically got his origin over with in Civil War.
  7. At least he got a small part in Annihilation but yeah, his flops have been very floppy lately. I think he's going too far in the conventional leading man direction which isn't really his thing honestly. I think like Fassbender, he'll figure that out sooner or later.
  8. 343k likes so far. not sure what a good comp is at this stage.
  9. Read the script a while back. Oscar Isaac needs to fire whoever told him to do this movie.
  10. The moment A4 trailer and/or title drops, this one is probably getting another wave of watches too.
  11. At least this looks interesting. It could very well be a mess but a crazy Joaquin performance is still a welcome addition. They really should clear up the timeline/Batman issue though.
  12. I'm not sure I have any faith in Rob Marshall anymore but at least it looks nice.
  13. At this point they're probably assuming most of the world has seen Infinity War's post credit scene.
  14. Isn't this like the first true solo Marvel film in ages too? Even the first Antman had a Falcon cameo lol.

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