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  1. Early Deadline is early. Aside from DA which seems to be overperforming but could be frontloaded, everything is pretty close to what was expected.
  2. Beat TLJ by like 38% in box office. Looks on track to beat it by maybe 15% in comb physical video sales. Seems quite impressive to me considering about a year and a half in between and physical sales should be on a downward trend.
  3. )Frozen 2  Black Widow Knives Out WW84 Jumanji Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Onward Mulan Charlie’s Angels 10) Terminator
  4. More details from that article for Joker: And Gemini Man Pretty close to BOP’s 27.
  5. Well, that happened. Finally got the perfect team name 😈 SLAM!, I was curious whether you were looking for the Sunday cume for Downton Abbey (including the 2.2M sneaks from last week) or just the money made this weekend without that 2.2M.
  6. Deadline with: Downton 23-25 Rambo 23-25 Ad Astra mid-high teens Hustlers 18 It 17 https://deadline.com/2019/09/will-the-downton-abbey-gang-take-out-rambo-at-the-b-o-weekend-preview-1202738117/
  7. I'm also an outrageously remake friendly person, as far as the general concept goes. DO NOT REMAKE THE PRINCESS BRIDE
  8. Easily over JW3. Photo finish with Us maybe.
  9. Yeah, out of options: 2+3 hours 2+2 hours 2+2+2 hours It’s easy to see that 2+3 is the least moneygrubbing, so some props to WB for that creatively.
  10. Even comparing weekday to weekday, the weekly drop is 59%, bit on the steep side. DOM top 200 looks pretty likely to me but it could miss if next weekend’s drop is large.
  11. No, I didn’t forget it. Endgame got to 3rd like I said and Ne Zha came out later bumping it down to its current 4th.
  12. So after a ¥62M **8th** Weekend, Ne Zha is getting extended again to run for a total of over 90 days, amazing 😮
  13. Nice research. Pretty safe to say that all 3 won’t beat 33M, lol.
  14. It would be incredible to set a new record for 5th place weekend gross, but I think that’s out of reach. Maybe we can set a new record for 3rd highest opener of a weekend? No clue what that would even be at present.
  15. I mean, that was the point, right? Leverage their whole warchest upfront to try to build an immediate subscriber base.
  16. For shame JJ, such uncharitable assumptions . I simply enjoy the thrill of battle... err, that is to say, predictions. I’ll be making private predictions for the immunity challenge anyway to test my skills, but with nothing on the line it won’t bring the same rush.
  17. Also, I’m barred from participating in the Tuesday Immunity Challenge, correct? If I, in theory, wanted to give up my regular immunity to participate, would that be allowed? (I can't think of much reals to do that, I’m just a thorough person).
  18. Top 4 R rated. Last time that happened was exactly a year ago, Sep 14-16, with the 2nd weekend of Nun and OW of Predator, A simple Favor, and White Boy Rick.
  19. Yeah, that’s a pretty important note XD I wish BOM would put a * or something on OWs that weren’t the first 3 days...
  20. HP was a long time ago. The only opening below 100M adjusted was HBP at 95M. And that was still a top 25 OW, which is good for 140+ nowadays (again, a stark example of OWs growing faster than simple yearly ATP).
  21. I think this might do really well for itself, but if so it would be because of reception, not the actors. I mean it’s 2019, do people really think actors are the driver of theatrical attendance except for some pretty rare exceptions?
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