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  1. If I summed correctly this is the first hour where FSS sales lead Yesterday, 3625 vs 3613. Still thinking Endgame’s walkup share this weekend will be abnormally low, but it’s definitely trending well with online sales.
  2. Endgame sales pickup is sustaining more than I thought it might. Could be an exciting weekend if this continues into Thurs and same day sales.
  3. Technically the spoiler rules are still in effect around here — but I don’t think they apply to anything shown in official marketing, which is basically the whole movie at this point...
  4. Woot Midnight+OD will be very solid. Some minor signs frontloading but nothing too crazy. Everything rides on reception now.
  5. Huge jump, much better than I expected. I think this forgives the Monday.
  6. Very happy with yesterday. Was thinking high 14s first and 2nd update, and voila. Today 13:30 is 27.52, +.8 from 12. Compared to yesterday would be a +8.85 day for 33.6. Looking at % of daily gain by 13:30: CM Wed — 35.4%, 32.6mn FFH Tues — 29.9%, 34mn FFH Mon — 25.5%, 35.65mn FFH Sun — 29.4, 34.2mn FFH Sat — 31%, 33.7mn Overall pacing as expected so far today. Seems to be headed for low 34s as an early guess, continuing to mimic Venom’s PS run very closely. 16:00 update: At 28.75, +2.03 from 12. 35% faster rate than yesterday, would be +9.3 for the day for 34.05. % of daily gain by 16:00, corresponding number for today: CM Wed — 48.4%, 33mn FFH Tues — 42.7%, 34.1mn FFH Mon — 40%, 34.75mn FFH Sun — 41.9%, 34.3mn FFH Sat — 42.4%, 34.2mn So at this point I’d be pretty surprised if it didn't land 34.25+-.3 or so. If I happen to be awake might do a very brief call at 17:30, but today basically looking exactly as expected.
  7. Well, literally, all it means is that of the random subset of fandango purchases that got sent to Pulse, slightly more have been purchases for Endga,e this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday than have been for Annabelle3 this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. As for what we should take away from that in terms of daily grosses... well, in my opinion, very little. This is a pretty unusual situation. Annabelle’s FSS presales are significantly deflated by it’s Wednesday opening, whereas Endgame’s FSS presales are significantly inflated by it being a sort of OD for the extra post-credits content. I suspect that most Endgame sales this will be from hardcore fans rewatching, which is exactly the sort of people to prebuy by Tuesday. So it may well be that the FSS presales don’t increase that much in the next 2 days and there’s a very low proportion of walkup business for it. Or maybe not 🤷‍♂️ Just have to see how it develops in due time.
  8. I was going to say "check the first page." Then I checked the first page briefly as a precaution, and was surprised to find this one wasn't included. This "report" page has a simple breakdown of sales by day up through the upcoming Sunday (and farther for upcoming releases) http://akvalley.pythonanywhere.com/static/fandango_report.txt
  9. It is a re-expansion. It's roughly doubling the theater count domestically, maybe more. Obviously not a re-release, that hasn't been a good way to describe it at any point since we first heard about it. Something obviously can't be "re-released" when it's in the tenth week of actual release.
  10. 15 is actually pretty reasonable. It was an 8M week with good drops. 22 really strains belief though.
  11. Oh, wow. I see what @vafrow was saying about Aladdin staying in the top 10 into August.
  12. TC looking to more than double EXPANDING 3 14 Avengers: Endgame Buena Vista 1,950+ +965 +98.0% 10
  13. I grow increasingly suspicious that Aladdin will pass 340. It’s in good company
  14. This year. It’s behind TFA, TLJ, RO, IW, etc. Curses, foiled again by @Porthos. They’re a menace I tell ya.
  15. I don’t see any indication that it beat BP on Fandango. Probably would have said so if it did, so I assume it missed. Beating it on Atom is pretty uninteresting. But yeah, those comparisons are less of a foregone conclusion than BatB/Aladdin.
  16. Not on Atom 😛 Beating CM on Atom is more impressive, and it sounds like it also beat CM and FFH on Fandango, which seems pretty good.
  17. Could have told you that a year ago 😛 I mean, it’s not a bad thing, but.... of course it did. BatB opened to 175M 28 months earlier. Aladdin opened to 90.
  18. Gavin has cracked. Toll of censorship was too much to bear
  19. Hmm, the 11th weekend following: IO 1.55M Maleficent .85 TJB .975 IM1 .92 gotg1 1.4M Last summer you needed over 4.5 to make top 10 on that weekend, so that seems right out. On 10th weekend top 10 took 2.3, that’s possible but dicey.
  20. Christ, what nonsense. I don’t imagine Endgame day one presales are a useful comp for basically any movie ever. Also, pretty sure I’m got a refined understanding of these things now, and this means 35M OW confirmed?
  21. Okay, so, 13:30 update we are at 19.93. % of daily gain by 13:30 and today finish following: CM Tues before release — 32.6%, 24mn FFH yesterday — 25.5%, 25.7mn FFH Sun — 29.4%, 24.7mn FFH Sat — 31%, 24.3mn This also roughly matches with run rate proportion vs yesterday (12-13:30 .62 vs .35 is +77%, would be daily gain of 7.6 for 25.5). To stay on track for that vs yesterday should see about 20.25 by 14:30. I’ll update this at 16:00, then lights out. Edit: I’ve got 20.81 for 16:00. Things seem to be pretty normal now. Run rate has been .375, +56% yesterday. Same for daily would be +6.75 for 24.7. % of daily gain by 16:00 and today finish following: CM Tues before release — 48%, 23.9mn FFH yesterday — 40%, 25.1mn FFH Sun — 41.9%, 24.8mn FFH Sat — 42.4%, 24.7mn Think it will be just short of 25, would not be anything crazy but a pleasant surprise nonetheless.
  22. First few hours were a lot stronger than later. Totally normal for first day of sales, might have been exacerbated today by TS4 and capping. I would personally describe them as very strong but not out of this world.
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