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  1. Watched it today following a rewatch of the other three over the last few days. I thought it was solid. Doesn't live up to the original, but it's far better than Reloaded and Revolutions. Performances were good. The meta-commentary is intentionally heavy handed and explicit, but the more subtle themes still come through.
  2. No, because I want to take a break and I don't expect them to be very eventful.
  3. Alpha looks like it's going to end the day about 1-2% ahead of yesterday's total for NWH. Also, probably won't track anything the next few days.
  4. With each passing Christmas and each new mega opener, TFA's run somehow becomes even more unbelievable.
  5. NWH Alpha Update Xmas day finished with 527,206 tickets sold off of 269,457 presales. This was comfortably the highest % of walkups thus far for NWH. Not sure I'd expect the same splits for Sunday. Sunday - SM:NWH Theaters - 432 Showings - 4,773 Sold - 271,484 Total - 819,430 ATP - $13.57
  6. Saturday (Christmas Day) - SM:NWH Theaters - 433 Showings - 4,765 Sold - 269,457 Total - 814,034 ATP - $13.76
  7. It's currently 23% behind, but with basically nothing left in the tank this evening it should end about -28%.
  8. Christmas Eve Presales for NWH at Alpha Friday - SM:NWH Theaters - 433 Showings - 4,074 Sold - 211,558 Total - 691,710 ATP - $13.57
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