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  1. Is this a new thing that I'm not aware of? Where you post something false and then immediately out yourself? On purpose. Without reason.
  2. There is no way that leak it legit. I know I shit on the MCU a lot, but that leaked plot would be full blown shark jumping.
  3. ZackM

    Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 2. Knives Out 3. The Lion King 4. Aladdin 5. Tolkien 6. Joker 7. Spider-Man: Far From Home 8. Hobbs & Shaw 9. Ford v Ferrari 10. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
  4. Aftermath is a tough read, but if you power through, you're rewarded with Life Debt and Empire's End. They're both much better than Aftermath.
  5. Yikes...Marvel movies are the epitome of generic. I can never remember which ones I've seen because they all just meld together in my mind.
  6. This was the epitome of generic superhero movie. I got out of the theater less than an hour ago and it's already fading from my memory.
  7. Just got home from Captain Marvel. It was incredibly generic and a bit cartoonish. First 3rd of the movie was mind numbingly boring. I think its relative position in the MCU based on RT score is pretty accurate. Don't expect the legs to be anything crazy.
  8. Indeed. I gave IW a 2nd watch a few weeks ago, a failure on my part.

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