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  1. I'm only working on the Cineplex half of the equation right now. But either way, I've already figured out that my issues were a little bit of column A and B. A good portion of them don't have reserved seats, but my script was also missing elements.
  2. We might have an issue with tracking MTC3 as it doesn't seem as though many of their theaters have reserved seats. I'm doing some testing right now and started by just cycling though the theaters and printing how many shows with reserved seats there are for each theater tomorrow. When the first ~30 theaters gave me 0s I thought there was an issue with my program's ability to locate the seat-map elements, but when I looked into it, those theaters simply didn't have seat maps because they don't have reserved seats. I'll keep digging and see if it might be regional or something.
  3. JJ made Finn a character that was content to simply leave the First Order behind. RJ had to give him a reason to stand against them if his inclusion in the story was going to make any sense moving forward. As has been pointed out, the brutality of war wouldn't suffice as he's already aware of it. So RJ introduced him to the business of war instead. It was a creative way to handle the nonsensical situation that was given to him.
  4. What were the "in-your-face" politics in TLJ? War profiteering is bad? Abusing animals is bad? Are these even political?
  5. I'm seeing crazy huge numbers for Bad Boys with my sample. But with Star Wars as my only other data point, I have no idea how it will index nationally, so I'm not going to make any predictions.
  6. Looking like 1M is gonna be close for Star Wars today. Theater drop seems to be hurting it quite a bit. Edit: Wait, I forgot that this sample has consistently under-indexed on Thursdays. 1M is probably safe.
  7. Looking like today will be near 1.2M for Star Wars. That might be good enough to keep the 1M+ dailies going until next Wednesday. Tomorrow and Tuesday will be close.
  8. Schools weren't all back in last week?
  9. Two brutal domestic drops.
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