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  1. Can you provide a list of all of the MCU post credit scenes that recontextualize the events of the proper body of the film?
  2. You can say it, but you don't actually believe this. And for good reason. It is, in reality, very surprising that the contents of a movie would make less sense without the inclusion of a post credit scene. Thousands upon thousands of pieces of data make this abundantly clear. Don't sacrifice your dignity to support something so trivial.
  3. No, I pretty clearly have the film-makers to blame. Hiding valuable information from the audience was their choice, not mine. Their decision leaves audience members like myself thinking they botched one of their characters.
  4. You can correct me if I'm wrong, but the post credit scenes normally don't modify the movie, do they? They simply tease something else. What I'm taking issue with is showing a character to be incompetent out of nowhere, and then relying on a post credit scene to explain it. That's not good. Nobody should think that's good.
  5. I have no interest in staring at a black screen for an extra 10 minutes after I just spent 2 hours watching a movie I didn't care for. I don't need to have somewhere to be for that to not sound appealing. How about they just make the movie be the movie? Use the post credit scene to tease the next movie, not to modify the movie we just watched.
  6. That's when I left. Then I saw people talking about Skrulls and wondered If I watched the same movie.
  7. Not everyone stays to watch the post credit scenes though. So you end up with people just thinking SLJ/Fury kinda sucked.
  8. Surprised the audience score is so high. I thought it was pretty ass and much worse than Homecoming.
  9. 1. Knives Out 2. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 3. The Lion King 4. Joker 5. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 6. Hobbs & Shaw
  10. Fuuuuck. I had this date circled on my calendar for weeks but got busy at work and missed the 4 day pass. 4 single day tickets costs 100+ more than the 4 day pass.
  11. I hate to be the one to tell you, but these are fake weapons. They can't actually chop through real bodies. As it turns out, all dismemberment in Star Wars has featured fake bodies.
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