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  1. Indeed. I gave IW a 2nd watch a few weeks ago, a failure on my part.
  2. Was failure a theme of IW or just the end result?
  3. Isn't Solo already the first mainstream SW movie <1b WW?
  4. ZackM

    Monday's Numbers

    Interesting. Seems like for bigger movies, the residual hype on Monday would counteract the typical bump from discount Tuesday.
  5. ZackM

    Monday's Numbers

    Why would it have such a huge Tuesday jump? Especially on its first Tuesday?
  6. That's true. Maybe not the best case to use it. I think it works best to counter the arguments that suggest the events of the ST somehow nullify the accomplishments of the OT heroes. I don't think anyone would say the actions of WWI heroes were nullified by the eventual birth of WWII.
  7. I wonder the same thing about World War 2. Why isn't it just called "World War 1 Never Really Ended" or something?
  8. The sexism is only part of what that poster is mocking. Luke's portrayal is mocking those who were mad that he wasn't a god. Slave I mocking those that can't move on from the classic iconography. And so on. There's a lot going on in there.
  9. In my opinion, The Last Jedi is excellent. I don't have any proof, though.
  10. Yeah, we got it the first time you posted it.
  11. How exactly do you think defending a decision or positions works?

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