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  1. Looks great , in general i loved movies about space race . For Example , Hidden Figures is one of the best movies of all time for me
  2. My wishes : news about what Exhibitors will see this week Warner : Trailer 1 of Joker 2 ( of course) New Look of Beetlejuice 2 New look of Furiosa New trailer for Horizon Universal : First Big Trailer of Wicked New trailer of DM4 New trailer of Twisters New details about the new Mario Movie ( A big wish which i don't think will happen Shrek 5 announcement with date and cast confirmed ) Paramount : First teaser of Sonic 3 First Trailer of Gladiator 2 New Trailer of Quiet Place : Day One First look of Smile 2 First trailer of Transformers One Disney : With CCSD and D23 this summer not big wishes Just maybe a trailer of Mufasa and/or Moana 2
  3. KFP 4 will surpass PIB 2 , biggest success for Dreamworks since Dragons 3 in 2019. And Even , he could surpass this one and become the biggest success for Dreamworks since Dragons 2 in 2014.
  4. Not a good weekend overall but next week will be good with Cinemacon . I think tomorrow we can create a new topic from Cinemacon ( expectations , speculations, announcements , trailers like a big October Movie )
  5. Deadline loves Quorum 😐. Hopefully our trackers are better . Just one exemple of the fail of the quorum/ Deadline : Wonka : low 20's predicted one month before and he finished almost X2 PS : I predicted more 45-50M OW
  6. Pretty good hold for GxK , i think the pretty close movie comparaison is Fast 8 which had 8,5M (-60%). I think about 35M 2nd Weekend (-56%) which is around the same drop as the first one (13,9M ; -56%) and Kong Skull Island (27,8M ; -54%) ; much better than Godzilla 1 and 2 ( around -67% drop each other) . Around 140M afiter 2nd Weekend and maybe the record of Godzilla 1 beaten after ten years ( 200,7M total)
  7. 50M+ openers with a X3 multiplier from OW this decade 1) Top Gun Maverick : X 5,67 (718,7M/126,7M) 2) Avatar 2 : X 5,1 (684,1M/134,1M) 3) Oppenheimer : X 4 (329,9M/82,5M) 4) Mario : X 3,93 (574,9M/146,4M) 5) Barbie : X 3,92 (636,2M/162M) 6) Minions 2 : X 3,46 (370,3M/107M) 7) Bad Boys 3 : X 3,3 (206,3M/62,5M) 😎 MI7 : X 3,14 (172,1M/54,6M) 9) The Little Mermaid : X 3,11 (298,2M/95,6M) 10) Spiderman NWH : X 3,09 (804,8M/260,1M) 11) Dune 2 : X 3,06 (252,6M/82,5M) 12) Guardians 3 : X 3,03 (359M/118,4M) Dune 2 is already almost on the top 10 of best legs for a 50M+ openers this decade , i think he will finish at N°6 or 7 , the best legs for a non holiday or summer release this decade after Mario PS : KFP 4 has a good chance to enter this pretty close list
  8. Can KFP4 surpass PIB 2 in worldwide total (481M) , i think it's really possible. If it's the case , it would be the best dreamworks movie on box office since Dragons 3 in 2019
  9. Pretty good hold for a horror movie , i think he could have a pretty good run for the genre on digital
  10. I think Box office report have the good numbers for Dune 2 , pretty good Saturday jump
  11. I think in Sacramento, GxK ,in normal situation , finish around 4,7-4,8K so around 8,5M for the average but i think with Good Friday tomorrow and if the movie plays like RotB i think he will finish more around 5K so around 9M
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