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  1. Will AC be operated in cinemas? If no, will people come in summer to sit in a closed room with mask on, for 2-3 hours without AC?
  2. Avengers: Endgame (Hindi) 8,305,000 TVTs in its WTP on Star Gold. English version 226,000 TVTs. That's second highest for a Hollywood film behind The Jungle Book. However I don't believe TV Ratings at all in India. Week 20: Saturday, 16th May 2020 to Friday, 22nd May 2020 Rank Channel Name Programme Impressions (000s) Week 20 1 STAR Gold FTT-HFF-AVENGERS ENDGAME 8305 2 Sony MAX HFF-KGF CHAPTER 1 6542 3 STAR Gold HFF-HOUSEFULL 4 5374 4 STAR Gold HFF-TOTAL DHAMAAL 4754 5 STAR Gold HFF-AVENGERS INFINITY WAR 4177 HSM (U+R) : NCCS All : 2+ Individuals, To get this data on your Twitter timeline, tweet with #BarcTweet Top 5 Hindi Movies Programs
  3. The Producers’ Guild of India on 25th May issued a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the resumption of shootings in Maharashtra. This followed the virtual meeting which industry people had with Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray to discuss when permission to resume the work of film and television shootings would be granted in the state. The guidelines mentioned in the Guild’s document are to be followed after the Chief Minister’s office grants permission to resume shooting. The 37-page document is titled ‘Back to action… cut to staying safe’. It lists down steps and measures to be taken to fight the coronavirus. The steps include observing hygiene, daily sanitisation of sets, presence of anti-COVID boys at shootings to ensure that guidelines are being observed on the sets, artistes’ staff to be not allowed on set unless there’s an emergency, etc.
  4. Opening Day Benchmarks - India ₹5cr: Chandramukhi (2005) ₹10cr: Sivaji (2007) ₹15cr: 3 Idiots (2009) ₹20cr: Endhiran (2010) ₹25cr: Bodyguard (2011) ₹30-40cr: Ek Tha Tiger (2012) ₹50cr: HNY (2014) ₹60-130cr: Baahubali 2 (2017) ₹60cr: 2.0 (2018) ₹70-80cr: Saaho (2019)
  5. I have few friends in Canada and they are all working. So is there no lock down in Canada, why in States?
  6. Guess have some motivation to watch some films now to make this list. If you wanna watch some and I wish you do FYC Anand (1970): https://www.primevideo.com/detail/Anand/0LH0U69DYT6ZCRYKC970WSL4KM Will suggest more. A normal list though https://m.imdb.com/india/top-rated-indian-movies/
  7. 2 production company are from US. So sorta collaboration. That make me wonder about stuff like The Lunchbox as well. But The Lunchbox didn't had any Hollywood studio. Just some French producers. I guess shall allow either non-US productions or non-English films no matter who made. The latter seems better and ideal. The first language of film to be Foreign.
  8. I think those are Hollywood produced films. Should be evicted.
  9. A suggestion, Since many users would have watched limited films, you can use weight system. Like there will be users who list 100 films as usual but some may list 10, 15 or even random numbers like 33 films. For such lists, take the number of films listed and divide by 100. Use the ratio to weight the films ranked in list. For instance. No. 1 film is 50 points, no. 2-5 40 points, 6-10 35 points, 11-15 30 points and so on. And someone give 13 films. 13/100. His 1st film will have 50*13/100 = 6.5 points, 2-5 films 5.2 points and so on. That way, a person who has watched only limited films won't be impacting the Ranking more than it should.
  10. If Endgame & Infinity War growth are ignored, Hollywood's growth is really overrated. Bollywood in 2007 opening record was ₹8.5cr in 2015 ₹50cr & in 2019 ₹60cr. Hollywood in 2007 official number are ₹6.65cr, ₹16.73cr in 2015 while non-Avengers is still ₹16.73cr only.
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