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  1. Most likely that article is $5M & that would be around $8.75M gross.
  2. I think you misunderstood us. We were discussing on whether Titanic had any weekend/week record in India, which I said it didn't because local films had bigger numbers. e.g. first week record back then was around $2.9M while 10th week record was $1.1M and then HAHK & DDLJ had various weeks over $1M.
  3. Titanic opened with 7 screens only and continued expanding for $12M+ final gross. KKHH did $20M. It couldn't win any week for first 10 weeks as local movies are bigger. It could have won in later weeks but we had a super leggy film with limited release in 1994 HaHK, which has almost every week record after Week 10. I have read about KKHH beating Titanic in Indonesia but couldn't find anything solid. Titanic did $3M when it released in 2000s there where as KKHH released in 2001. Even South Africa I heard KKHH did more than Titanic in opening.
  4. All in for admission tracking but France should learn from Germany and do both. France & UK BO reporting are pain in the ass.
  5. Egypt films are highest grosser in Egypt Saudi Arabia (for few more days) Iraq Probably only other industry other than Hollywood & Indian cinema to have more than 1 market biggest grosser.
  6. For all the China blocking Hollywood thing, I think almost all of major films released there except Disney (& by extension Marvel). Also a coincidence that almost all Marvel films except Spiderman had something offensive to China.
  7. If NWH can do $700M in DOM and bigger than Endgame in many western markets on power of Xmas/New Year, who are we kidding. Cameron is gonna rule it again. Won't be surprised with 3 Billie. Sorry King for being non-believer.
  8. There seems to be some discount boosting admits in last 2-3 days. Should drop more in coming day with local releases. Should get 125k weekend may be for 7.13M total at end of weekend. There seems like new releases from 26th Jan, which will take screens. New Year holidays may have some boost. 7.25M range full run may be.
  9. UK BO archives are available here: https://www.saltypopcorn.co.uk/charts/weekly-chart.php
  10. @Shanks endgame comparison doesn't really work. use TFA or Aquaman.
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