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  1. Highest Grossing Films in Saudi Arabia Joker: $9,900,000 Bad Boys For Life: $8,799,000 Jumanji: The Next Level: $7,107,000 Hobbs and Shaw: $4,875,000 Frozen II: $4,575,000 The Lion King: $4,311,000 1917: $4,050,000 Aladdin: $3,829,000 Maleficent 2: $3,510,000 Avengers: Endgame: $3,167,000 Spider-man: Far From Home: $3,037,000 The above mentioned films have grossed over $3 million. The list is updated till March 8th, I haven't received numbers since Corona break. The highest grosser in 2018 was merely $700k and it increased to $9.9mn last year.
  2. Most Watched Films in UAE Avengers: Endgame: 938,200 Furious 7: 937,000 The Fate of the Furious: 800,000 Aladdin: 790,400 The Jungle Book: 748,800 Avengers: Infinity War: 733,300 The Lion King: 709,100 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: 691,000 Baahubali: The Conclusion: 690,000 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol: 651,028 Dangal: 650,000 Avengers: Age of Ultron: 640,000 Jurassic World: 640,000 Avatar: 635,633 Hobbs and Shaw: 627,000 Jumanji: The Next Level: 575,100 Mission: Impossible - Fallout: 572,000 Joker: 565,200 Bajrangi Bhaijaan: 565,000 The Avengers: 557,000 Aquaman: 542,200 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: 542,100 Batman v Superman: 541,200 Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation: 525,000 Fast and Furious 6: 525,000 Sultan: 500,000 Beauty and the Beast: 500,000 The above are over 500,000 admits films in UAE. Furious 7 numbers are estimated as I have only numbers till 3rd Week.
  3. huge population but ticket prices are very low. Though, yeah Indonesia can totally cross $100mn before Saudi, I put both of them in 2040s.
  4. I honestly wanna know what did I missed because I was so excited for the film and it took me nowhere. Fantasy is my favourite genre, on top of that Teen protagonist which I fully dig, yet it was ugh. This almost felt similar to Shape of Water, with female lead dealing with fantasy part and a military asshole as villain. I found SoW better.
  5. Highest Grossing Films in UAE Avengers: Endgame: $12,785,000 Furious 7: $10,842,000 The Fate of the Furious: $10,241,000 Aladdin: $10,123,000 Avengers: Infinity War: $10,070,000 The Lion King: $9,160,000 The Jungle Book: $9,141,000 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: $8,985,000 Hobbs and Shaw: $8,469,000 Joker: $7,923,179 Mission: Impossible - Fallout: $7,853,000 Avengers: Age of Ultron: $7,850,000 Jurassic World: $7,750,000 Jumanji: The Next Level: $7,795,000 Aquaman: $7,547,000 Avatar: $7,311,000 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: $7,255,000 Batman v Superman: $7,023,000 Black Panther: $6,987,000 Baahubali: The Conclusion: $6,900,000 Beauty and the Beast: $6,698,000 The Avengers: $6,690,000 Spider-man: Far From Home: $6,440,000 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol: $6,402,000 Dangal: $6,400,000 Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation: $6,260,000 Frozen II: $6,099,000 Spectre: $6,058,000 Star Wars: The Force Awakens: $6,055,000 Captain America: Civil War: $5,963,000 Fast and Furious 6: $5,803,000 Captain Marvel: $5,771,000 The Meg: $5,762,000 Iron Man 3: $5,725,000 Bajrangi Bhaijaan: $5,650,000 Maleficent 2: $5,248,000 Rampage: $5,145,000 Sultan: $5,100,000 Venom: $5,092,000 The Amazing Spider-man 2: $5,085,000 Spider-man: Homecoming: $5,023,000 These are the ones which grossed over $5 million. Since ER is fixed, that's same ranking in local currency. Red Ones are non-Hollywood i.e. Indian films.
  6. Considering Saudi Arabia will be potentially $60-70mn by 2025 but growth will be limited like UAE. UAE grew 17% in last 4 years, I don't see Saudi hitting $100mn till 2040. The next biggest is I guess Indonesia, but too far from $100mn, however, with better growth, it also should reach there by 2040s.
  7. So I watched Pan's Labyrinth and man this film is overrated. For a fantasy film, fantasy part was the weakest. War side was bit interesting.
  8. UAE Weekend admits since reopening May 27-30: 4571 (4 Days) June 04-06: 4563 June 11-13: 4273 June 18-20: 6240 June 25-27: 11280 Jul 02-04: 9794 Jul 09-11: 10804 Indian films 273 admits last weekend. In normal times, 200k admits were done more often.
  9. Saudi Arabia. The market current highest grosser is just $9.5mn, but by 2025, they will be touching $60-80mn. Endgame did just $3mn.
  10. Thanks. That would explain the $200mn overseas gross. $3.34mn from 9.3mn admits.
  11. Week 14 04-10 Jul 2020 Movies The Green Mile: Prefect mix of emotion, story and fantasy, things I loved in a film. 8/10. Doctor Sleep: It is pretty good. Plays like a blockbuster horror like IT than how The Shining did. It's sad it couldn't get that reception. 7/10 Along With The Gods: Two Worlds: Well it sounded like an interesting concept but turned out to be routine story and Afterlife as whole concept was ehh. May be you need Korean sentiments to appreciate it. 3/10. Oldboy: Otherwise just good film but the whole third act take it another level of disgust and sickness. 8/10. One Cut of The Dead: The first 30 mins of the film are like what...? But hang on till the end, it really feels good. 8/10. Hateful Eight: Just WOW. How was I sleeping on it. Definitely in Top 3 QT films for me along with IB & DU. 8/10. Death Proof: Well H8 gave the motivation to complete QT filmography and well it was good. 7/10. The Fault in our Stars: I was liking it way more till Cancer comeback of Gus was revealed, nice film though. 7/10. Movie of the Week: Hateful Eight.
  12. It is quite possible that after some re-releases it actually is there. In Korea, it has done atleast $3-4mn in re-releases
  13. Watched this. Pretty cool. Would definitely make to list but now I don't know where to put it. Listing is hard.
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