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  1. Infinity War did $30mn in 4th weekend FSS and $76mn approx afterwards. If EG clones the number of IW and add 76mn flat, it will hit 1296-1297. If EG match IW legs and do 2.5x i.e. 90mn after this weekend for 1310 which will keep it in race with Avatar. 1st case is more likely.
  2. Blockbuster film and Blockbuster Gross are too separate things. A 500mn is Blockbuster Gross but couldn't be Blockbuster film for something like Endgame. 300 is Blockbuster film for something like IT but not a Blockbuster Gross.
  3. Every film's verdict is unique case. What I was trying to point out is that in the age when we are getting $500mn plus films frequently now, $300mn is no longer the BLOCKBUSTER gross number which it was in 2010.
  4. That's obvious. Its like saying 100cr was a Blockbuster number in India in 2011 but not even a HIT now for Khans. For a film like Badhaai Ho, 100cr is still relevant.
  5. I am not saying 300 is medium. It's definitely a HIT number but not a Blockbuster as it was early this decade.
  6. All it need for 300mn is 30mn admits Approx. That's around 30% of potential capacity. Not a Blockbuster number IMO. And we have a film now doing 300mn in weekend.
  7. So ~¥17-18mn Approx today. Hopefully ¥27mn plus in next 3 days for ¥4250mn full run.
  8. I don't think 300 is any long a blockbuster number. I think that's over 400 or even 500 now. Also Aquaman is again Superhero film.
  9. What a terrible last 2 years if not for MCU and Pixar. In fact if removed superhero genre, last year was just $8.34 Billion domestically. This year in 5 months is just $2.8Bn.
  10. Euro is similar ($=€0.92 in 2015 and $=€0.89 now), pound is down. But yeah, TFA will be bit ahead.
  11. USA China Rest WW Change Week 0 154.00 153.00 307.00 Week 1 474.00 357.00 648.00 1,479.00 Week 2 187.00 81.00 273.00 541.00 -63.42% Week 3 81.00 24.00 109.00 214.00 -60.44% Week 4 40.00 14.00 50.00 104.00 -51.40% Week 5 29.00 25.00 54.00 -48.08% Week 6 16.00 13.00 29.00 -46.30% Week 7 10.00 7.00 17.00 -41.38% Rest 23.00 11.00 34.00 Total 860.00 630.00 1,289.00 2,779.00
  12. In actual gross, i.e. in local currency, Endgame will be ahead of The Force Awakens. Similar for sure.
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