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  1. I loved it easily the best transformers movie I pray we get a direct sequel
  2. Gonna hard to be a commercial failure with a 100 mil budget this movie will still do huge numbers in China
  3. So true they sold out before the movie even hit theaters 👎🏻👎🏻
  4. Not bad for CR should be interesting to see what happens with discount tuesday
  5. Any word on Christopher Robin? I’m rooting for that movie as well
  6. All 3 are fine films especially considering the smaller budgets of Pete’s dragon and CR. As much as I enjoy the big budget blockbusters Disney has come out with recently I.e. lion king and beauty and the beast. These smaller art house takes on classics have been their best work Pete’s dragon and Christopher Robin were both thoughtful well made movies
  7. Just got back from the matinee showing thank god I was in a row to myself from about 3 minutes in I was bawling like a school girl I don’t give a damn if this movie loses its ass at the BO it’s one of the finest pictures Disney has ever produced. So much feels
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