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  1. Watson is fine but she will be outclassed in this film. Her weaknesses as an actress will be more pronounced with this cast.
  2. It looks like a well made and well acted film but I predict Widows numbers at best. Green Book was much more audience friendly film and I anticipate this film will have a depressing ending. I do have some faith that universal can push it for awards though.
  3. I just looked at Disney's 2020 and yeah you right it does look like a down year. They do have two untitled Marvel films slated though but i dont know what those could be. Onward Mulan Artemis Fowl Untitled Pixar Animation Jungle Cruise The One and Only Ivan Cruella
  4. they think showing millie bobby brown will get more people interested. lol
  5. I feel like The Little mermaid could easily be as terrible as Aladdin. They really need a good cast for that one. If zendaya is really going to be Ariel that could cause a huge firestorm that I don’t know if Disney wants to deal with. People already hate that Will Smith is genie.
  6. He’s probably gonna do a few more horror movies before switching it up. This is his favorite genre.
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