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  1. Horror 2017

    Exactly, besides there are sub-categories to the horror genre. Slasher, monster/creature, paranormal, etc... It's never been about just one thing.
  2. American Made, American Assassin and Kingsman all share similar audiences. Studios were dumb with the scheduling of these three.
  3. I'm sad this is being dumped in February. Maybe it can be an unexpected hit like Get Out?
  4. Not surprising. Although I've seen famalies show up in large groups at a few r-rated films this year. Specifically Logan and IT.
  5. I thought it looked cute. Bunch of negative nellies in here.
  6. The featurette is better than the trailer. You can see how much she trained for it and looks quite acrobatic/nimble.
  7. No one has star power these days except probably Leo DiCaprio. It's about the established brands and franchises.
  8. Cinemascore is a joke. Yet people continue to use it as some sort of a barometer.
  9. It will make more this way than it would have as a limited release. The studio probably realized that awhile ago.
  10. She's not literally getting 20m per movie. That was only for Passengers. She took a very small fee for mother! 13m production budget if I remember correctly.
  11. I prefer not to have all the plot points given to me in trailers. This is why I usually don't watch 2nd or 3rd trailers.
  12. Supposedly they moved it up because Darren didn't want his movie spoiled for general audiences.

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