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  1. This wont do nearly as well as A Star is Born. Doesn't have Cooper and not a familiar story to american audiences (so flyover states wont care) It should do well with Gaga fans though.
  2. Stillwater probably has an older demos so I wouldnt expect heavy presales however that audience doesn’t seem to be going to theaters right now. So I still expect Green Knight to beat it for opening weekend.
  3. The only films that I can see moving are Sony films( venom, ghostbusters and Spider-Man) because they don’t have a streaming service. Everything else is likely staying put.
  4. Disney and WB movies will obviously stay put. Sony might move some films because they like to do that.
  5. I mean its just a ploy to sell more tickets for their attractions at Disneyworld, so if it does flop it would be deserved.
  6. why does Space Jam cost so much? WB is losing alot of money with this HBO max deal.
  7. would it have made any difference? I dont see Free Guy making that much either.
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