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  1. It’s not really worldwide though. It’s been mostly in Europe which makes sense since tennis is popular there. The only other place they went was Australia, where tennis is also a popular sport. The US will be the next and final stop. It makes sense to spend time in these specific markets if they want atleast decent numbers. Zendaya gets attention for her outfits everywhere she goes and goes viral regularly on social media, she’s a fashion icon. So the press tour seems bigger than it actually is. This is nowhere near a blockbuster press tour like for example Dune which had stops in Asia/Oceania, Europe, Middle East, Latin/South America, and North America.
  2. Do they even care anymore now that Shawn is gone? It’s unacceptable to get release dates wrong.
  3. Grace Randolph has basic taste so her not liking this may or may not be a preview for WOM with general audiences.
  4. The marketing for this has been unremarkable so far. We shall see what happens this month but they need to kick it up into high gear if they want this film to be profitable with the reported budget. Right now I’m thinking this does around The Lost City numbers.
  5. Yes they were marketing it to the right audience but it seems like not enough were interested or excited to make the trip to the theaters.
  6. I agree that the festival didn’t seem to move the needle that much in terms of pre sales or interest. Also Dev Patel isn’t a Keanu Reeves or Jason Statham but 10m opening isn’t that far off from The Beekeeper or John Wick. So it’s an ok opening in the grand scheme of things.
  7. Yeah I would not put all my eggs in the Civil War or Challengers baskets. Both of those films have drawbacks and honestly any money they make would be a success considering the subject matter. The Fall Guy is going to be more of a real litmus test. It’s the first time in several years that the May opening isn’t going to be a Marvel property.
  8. Fall Guy releases the next week after and it’s also getting an IMAX release.
  9. The tennis scenes are apparently great and it fills up an empty slot in the IMAX schedule so why not.
  10. This isn’t a Peele directed film though, so I’m not sure how much it will appeal to his fanbase.
  11. Godzilla doesn’t really have much competition. The next big ‘general audience’ film won’t be until Apes in May. Dune and Kung Fu Panda should continue have good legs too.
  12. Exactly. This year and beyond we will start seeing films that were greenlit under the Zaslav regimen like Horizon, Red One, Mickey 17, and Superman Legacy etc
  13. Agreed. Tennis movies are a tough sell even in the best of times. It’s ironic that another MJ, Kirsten Dunst, also starred in a romantic tennis movie back in the day called Wimbledon, which didn’t make much (16.8m dom) So you see where the bar is for these movies. Any money this film makes is because of Zendaya.
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