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  1. Call of the Wild overperforming but still going to be a flop because of the budget. No wonder Fox was bought by Disney, stupid decisions.
  2. This would be decent numbers under normal circumstances but that budget.........
  3. I like the original title more but from a marketing standpoint they are clearly trying to be like disney/pixar and keep it as simple as possible.
  4. They should have made Gotham City Sirens movie first before Birds of Prey. I think WB will want to forget anything to do with BOP.
  5. I doubt they are making a Gotham City Sirens movie.
  6. Wow at Sonic. We are in for some huge surprises this year. Buckle up folks.
  7. does it need reviews? This is a walk-up type of movie.
  8. If morbius and ghostbusters both over-perform than maybe. Because we know that Venom will probably do well.
  9. the only one i am confident in is Fast 9
  10. I agree with most people that the easiest explanation for the somewhat underwhelming numbers is that Harley Quinn's popularity coming of Suicide Squad was overestimated and it looked too much like Suicide Squad and marketed focused soley on her. Ultimately it's still good numbers because the budget was reasonable but i dont expect anymore harley quinn movies for awhile.
  11. But the film is rated r so they messed up if that was their target audience. I dont think this was marketed well enough to women.
  12. Seems like Harley Quinn might be too niche for general audiences. I thought this had potential for 80m+ at one point.
  13. I think this will do ok it seems perfect for date night movie on Valentine’s Day.
  14. That's true in general for american comedies/dramas with non-black leads too. It's a myth that movies with a black lead don't sell. Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington are proof of that..
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