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  1. I can’t see them showing a trailer before the summer. Maybe a teaser in March with Mulan. But If I had to guess either May or June to be shown in front of Black Widow or Wonder Woman as those will be the two biggest movies of the summer and West Side Story is the lone Fox/Disney December release.
  2. It’s not like Jlo is a bad actress. I know it’s hard to remember but she was great in Selena and Out of Sight.
  3. Reviews are horrible, feeling sub-10m opening.
  4. Getting good reviews out of TIFF especially for Lopez. Could help it breakout at BO
  5. It's too early to say what WOM does to Mr. Rogers movie, at worst it makes 80-90m (which is still good) instead of 100m+. You're also forgetting Jumanji 2 which is going to their second billion dollar grosser.
  6. I dont think it makes sense for them to put the CM sequel in February, she's a marquee player now-deserves the big summer slot. That FEB date makes more sense to launch a new franchise aka Blade.
  7. I love the addition of Cassie Steele, i haven't seen her in anything for awhile.
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