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  1. yea i honestly dont know what ppl expected with absolutely no marketing and a trailer that dropped a week ago.
  2. It’s target audience isn’t willing to see it in a theater. Words on the Bathroom, and The Broken Hearts Club showed proof of this.
  3. It’s honestly not that bad for these type of films; if overseas is decent as well it could break even. Movie studios can afford to release some of their mid budget films in theaters with these results just not the big blockbusters for awhile.
  4. I saw it. Looks as terrible as expected. The cast is pretty good so I don’t know where they went wrong or why it looks so bland.
  5. It probably didn't cost that much to make and with little to no marketing it'll be a drop in the bucket for Sony. They aren't releasing any of their heavy hitters only small things like Broken Hearts Club, Yellow Rose wtc. At this point theaters are desperate for content so they will take it.
  6. Unfortunately they used three minutes and still didn't sell the movie. I think they dropped the ball with marketing, and this will probably move to spring 2021 anyway.
  7. Those are actually decent numbers for something like this. In a regular year, that's close to what I think it would make as a late August release.
  8. I havent seen bigger outlets reporting this news so i do wonder if the movie is going to be affected at all.
  9. Cute. Don't think it will make a whole lot of money though, looks more fit for a streaming service.
  10. The trailer says 'coming to theaters' so it seems like they are still holding their cards to their chest and the release date could still change.
  11. Trolls worked because it was for families and people are starving for new product. I dont think VOD model is sustainable for certain types of films like comedies and once you start releasing multiple new films it really becomes dicey.
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