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  1. I expect this to be in the vein of something like Cruella. It's not really a kiddie film even though it's brand is family oriented.
  2. Or it could have a sub-60 drop like GvK and The Conjuring 3. We shall see.
  3. Ashton Kutcher and Josh harnett? lmao when's the last time either one lead a film? This isn't 1999. Gosling is just fine.
  4. I would keep Dune in October as well, its the perfect fall blockbuster and similar titles have performed well in this spot.
  5. Dune will probably had a good-ish drop next weekend it has no competition, but Eternals will hit it hard because it's taking those premium formats, so legging it out to 100m is going to be a tough task.
  6. They need some content for HBOmax, that's the only reason they stayed with the day & date release.
  7. Anderson has basically become parody of himself, buts hes one of the few directors with big name
  8. if they want to go for someone who isnt white, then he would be the most sensible pick.
  9. Henry cavil is too long in the tooth, And I don’t understand these Tom Hardy predictions either. He’s already has a few franchises. They’ll go for somebody not well known.
  10. Bond has an older demographic who is not ready to come back and might not ever come back since get have gotten conditioned to streaming/vod. We have seen it with many other adult dramas too. Doesn’t bode well for things like House of Gucci, King Richard and Nightmare Alley but we shall see.
  11. Dune making more than GvK should be the goal. I’m hoping for around 35-40m ow.
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