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  1. People are probably overestimating this, it'll have direct competition with Bombshell and Cats. Still I think it can hit 100m.
  2. Charlie’s angels (2000) also came out during the time of Austin Powers so people were into spy comedies but I don’t think it’s a beloved property with a dedicated fanbase. The marketing seemed confused from the beginning about what it was trying to sell- silly comedy or serious action. They should have gone with one or the other. Also they should have cast more well known leads if they didn’t want to bring back Diaz, Barrymore or Lui.
  3. I don’t know why people are down on Beautiful Day when it’s not the type of film that needs a million trailers or extensive marketing. They’ll probably put out a final trailer next week and ramp up the marketing before release. This is the type of film that’s going to have very long legs over the holidays.
  4. So it seems like Lionsgate offset alot of that budget by selling the film overseas, I could definitely see this film legging it out to 50-60m since its playing well to older audiences.
  5. Exactly. You can't predict breakout shows. They just happen. The Witcher will probably do ok and last a few seasons but any comparisons to GOT will only hurt it rather than help. Netflix is going to have to try harder than that to keep it's subscribers.
  6. I guess the benefit of weak competition this weekend. All holdovers benefited.
  7. Yup. It'll come and go without much fanfare but its sad because this film could have been so much better with right cast and director.
  8. A24 was definitely smarter than Amazon., better to make as much money as it can during the spooky season being that it's so niche.
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