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  1. Eh. Of course it's ok to be objective. I wasn't suggesting otherwise. Although, I think it's safe to say that a lot of people aren't objective and that goes for those who loved BP and disliked it. It's a film that brings out a lot of strong emotions. This is what I was referring to. On another note, BP was nominated for a USC Scripter Award, which I think boosts its chances of being nominated for best adapted screenplay. So even if BP doesn't get a VFX nom, it stilll has a chance to land 8 or 9 Oscar noms.
  2. We've reached the point where we are celebrating no noms? BP evokes strong emotions, indeed. Lol
  3. Nope. It was "snubbed" and I'm ok with that. BP has and will continue to get recognition in several other categories. Infinity War is getting most of the VES love and is still probably the favorite to win the VFX Oscar.
  4. Ororo Munroe

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    I don't know. How many movies has he been in that had a chance to make 100M+? I'm not a huge Jake fan but from what I have seen of him, I've liked and I'm looking forward to seeing him in this. In any case, this movie will make millions, regardless of Jake's level of buzz. I was just pointing out the irony in saying he's bland when he seems to be the highlight of this trailer for a lot of people.
  5. Orm was good but with a better script, he could have been great. All the characters suffered from a weak script, really. Though, Jason and Patrick managed to shine in spite of that. I wish I liked Amber more as Mera. Her action scenes were great but Mera herself is just meh for me. And the humor could have definitely been better.
  6. Ororo Munroe

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    Not sure how this is relevant. I was merely talking about the buzz Gyllenhaal is getting in this movie.
  7. Ororo Munroe

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    Well, I wouldn't say no one cares but the majority doesn't seem to. The trailer is getting a lot of buzz but Gyllenhaal seems to be the highlight for most, at least on twitter. So it's funny coming here and seeing people say he's bland. (We haven't seen nearly enough for that to be a fair or accurate description, imo.) Anyway, I really like this trailer. It left me wanting more, in a good way.
  8. None of that means it deserved to win an award for best hair and makeup. I'm sure the crew worked hard enough, they did a good job. But Vice winning is the equivalent of awarding Ant-Man or Christopher Robin a VFX award. Why do that when there are films on another level, that truly did strive for something ambitious and creative?
  9. And... this is sarcasm, clearly? You are aware that *at least* 90% of the credit goes to Bale for his transformation, yes??
  10. It's funny seeing people get so worked up over a tech award. Not that they aren't important but lets be frank, most people don't pay as much attention to such award categories at major award shows...as evident by the fact that Vice won tonight for best hair and makeup and very few people cared or were outraged. At least one can argue that the VFX in BP is ambitious and imaginative (even if the execution is inconsistent). Vice doesn't have that going for it in the hair and makeup department... at all. Alas, Black Panther is a much more mainstream film and is seen as depriving other films of their one chance of winning an award. So I get it, but still...quite hilarious. Anyhow, I'd still say Infinity War is the favorite to win the Oscar in this category, as voting is more specialized. Costume Design and Production Design are deserved wins for BP though. Hopefully, it can repeat in these categories at the Oscars.
  11. Emma Stone is great in this movie, the highlight imo. I'm honestly surprised at how good she is. Colman is good too but I don't think she gives a major award-winning performance and positioning her as the lead is questionable as well. Frankly, I think Viola Davis and Toni Collette are more deserving of the love Colman is getting.
  12. Ororo Munroe

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    I think Spider-Man appearing in Civil War was a bigger boost than simply having Iron Man in a Spidey movie. I'm not saying the latter didn't help but I doubt it added millions to Homecoming's box office numbers. We are still talking about Spider-Man, after all. His popularity, coupled with starring in a good MCU film, benefitted the character more than anything else. So I would say Lion King is the only real worry.
  13. Ororo Munroe

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    Well most of us already knew Spidey was coming back and I doubt anything in the FFH promotion will reveal what happens to him in Endgame, so it's fine imo. I'm excited to see the trailer.
  14. I like Taylor Russell and would love to see her in more things but she is no Storm. That would be a terrible casting choice. If the MCU is going for a young Storm then someone like Kiki Layne from Beale Street would be a great choice. I just watched that film and developed a girl crush. She deserves more shine.
  15. Just responding to other posts in the thread. I wasn't the first to bring it up, after all. But cool...

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