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  1. Homecoming is also my favorite live-action Spidey movie but I thought there was still some room for improvement so hearing that FFH is better is a good sign. I groan every time I hear fans gushing over the the Raimi movies, as I find them grossly overrated. They are just ok to me, with only a few moments that still standout. The weakest link in every movie was always Mary Jane, whose depiction was so bad that MCU MJ is already improvement, despite only having about 5 minutes of screen time. I enjoyed TASM movies more but mostly because of Garfield and his chemistry with Stone.
  2. It benefitted from the fact that it was a phenomenon. A movie that ticks off just about every box (critical acclaim, huge box office success, thematically rich/thoughtful narrative) was always going to be hard to "snub" regardless of the quality of other contenders.
  3. My goodness, this is such an awful take. The fact that you are even trying to make a comparison between Black Panther and Shaft is wholly ridiculous. A comedy sequel to a movie that came out nearly 20 years ago, which in itself was no blockbuster, being compared to any big budget super hero movie in any way is an absolute joke. I can tell you that as a black woman who enjoyed the last Shaft movie, I have very little interest in this sequel because it looks corny and just plain bad, not to mention that the guy playing Shaft's son is relatively unknown and looks to be a miscast with zero sex appeal. The latter is half of what made Shaft appealing in the first place.
  4. A grown, married man as the love interest? Only the creepiest parts of tumblr would love that.
  5. This post is really what's laughable and asinine. Yikes.
  6. Yes. Honestly, I'm baffled to see people compare a Spider-Man movie, featuring a Peter/Spidey whom the audience has totally embraced, to Ant-Man. Come on, that's ridiculous. Have we already forgotten the amount of buzz the first trailer got? At the very least, this movie is going to match Homecoming.
  7. There may be some truth to Ehrlich's tweet but attempting to shame fans is just more of him being an attention seeking contrarian. The guy is annoying af.
  8. Eh. To me, it would be similar to Hulk in Ragnarok. His presence is powerful but Thor is still the lead, as Quill will be in Guardians. As polarizing as Quill may be for some, he is still a large part of the reason people love the Guardians movies. Thor, like Hulk, would just add to the level of hype. And I have to say, Guardians 3 with Thor definitely has the potential to make 1B.
  9. I think so too. It better be, lol. I definitely would not have preferred that. I loved the scene with Quill and Gamora, though I did feel for Quill. You could tell by the end that he is desperate to have any version of Gamora. And I do think a Gamora who has to come to love Quill and her Guradians family again has great potential.
  10. Oh, I don't think it's a bad strategy either. It's the right thing to do for now. I just don't have much faith in WB's ability to develop a successful shared universe. I'll have to see it to believe that they are capable.
  11. I'm still not sure fat Thor was a good idea, it bordered on mockery or parody to me. BUT Hemsworth certainly delivered. I'm convinced he could make me love any version of Thor. Those scenes with Thor and his mom were some of my favorites.
  12. I agree, it still can be. Things are going in the right direction but I'm still not that optimistic because I'm not sure WB has much of a strategy, even now. I reall hope BoP is succesful and they can finally bring Flash to the big screen and do him justice. That's all I'm hoping for at the moment, more consistency and success with the solo and smaller teamup movies.
  13. Well no, I assumed since we didn't see her get dusted, that something else was going on. Then again, why wouldn't she have been dusted? I'd think it was automatic, no matter where she went? Interesting idea. I don't care how it happens, to be frank. I just can't get that excited about a Guardians 3 with no Gamora.
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