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  1. Ororo Munroe

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    That would be the most obvious spoiler of all. What we don't know is how Spider-Man is resurrected or who dies for good, both bigger spoilers than the former.
  2. I don't think the issue with MoS is so much about people taking issue with Superman killing as it is that the movie itself simply isn't that entertaining. After all, the general audience doesn't really care about canon or being faithful to comics...they want an enjoyable movie experience above all else. That is the difference between MoS and CM. Whether you personally like CM or not, the vast majority see it as a good time at the movies.
  3. Oh how I wish this were true since I love Cavill as Supes and think he deserves at least one more solo movie. Unfortunately, the only GOAT aspect of MoS is its score. Sad.
  4. THR is saying 64M as well. Based on that preview number, I would have said at least 70M. Perhaps it'll go up. We'll see.
  5. There's a whole section of fans who have never even read a comic so comic Carol's likability, or lack thereof, is not all that relevant. Even with a so-called mediocre origin film, she is already a fan fave. And given the MCU's track record, you have to think she's only going to become more popular.
  6. He's already involved in 2 remakes and I wouldn't be surprised if he directs one soon. Even the best desire a break from conjuring up original ideas or just want to remake something they enjoyed.
  7. Lmao. Snyder wishes he was as inventive as Peele. Please.
  8. Ryan Coogler, who is equally as talented, didn't turn his nose up at the notion of doing a CBM and I'm glad he didn't or we wouldn't have gotten the phenomenon that was Black Panther. That said, I don't have a strong urge to see Peele do a CBM, so he can steer clear if he likes.
  9. Well...obviously. The point is, don't use her to sell a movie in which she may not have a meaningful role. Her role in IW was sufficient, particularly given the presence of 3 other prominent BP characters. But she'll be the only one in this movie, or at least, the most prominent and given her presence on the poster, her role in Endgame should reflect that.
  10. Eh. While I love Thor, there was no denying that pre-Ragnarok/IW Thor didn't exactly wow most people. I'd say Carol is already more of a fan fave than Thor was after Thor 1. Now sure, that has a lot to do with how much the MCU and its fanbase has grown over the years but still... I don't think I'll love Carol as much I love Thor but I'd certainly say she deserves more than one movie before we decide it's a bad trade off. I don't disgree... I think Strange in Hulk's position is a big enough upgrade though. It's harder to argue Strange over Spidey given how beloved the latter is. It'd be easier if Strange's solo were a bigger success. I think most of the less prominent heroes will still have roles to play, a few will feature more prominently perhaps, while others less so. I don't expect a huge change there, at least not right away.
  11. Yes, I'm sure that is part of the reasoning as well. But there will be complaints if she doesn't have a notable role in Endgame and rightfully so. (I think she will. I'm just saying...if she doesn't...) I don't know about that Tony/Strange comparison, mainly because there's also Tony/Peter and I can't imagine a new MCU trinity that doesn't include Spidey. Maybe Strange takes Hulk's place as the fouth most prominent?
  12. Ummm, no. But if you're going to include her on the poster, she better be doing something noteworthy. Otherwise, what's the point...other than to avoid Rhodey being the token black character?
  13. Eh. I'm not counting minutes. She can have 2 scenes at 3 minutes max and I'd be fine with that as long as it's a meaningful 3 minutes.
  14. A better shot of Okoye on this poster. Didn't like that the official one basically reused her image from the BP character poster. Still wondering how big of a role she has in this. Better not be a case of false advertising.
  15. Teyonah Parris would be my first choice but if they want someone a little younger, I think Kiki Layne would be perfect. Well yes, I didn't mean that she doesn't grow to understand some things. Obviously, there are some revelations in this movie that alters her perspective. I just meant we don't see Carol go through some journey where she has to humble or learn to believe in herself. She is shackled by things she has to break free from but she is confident from the start.

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