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  1. Sure but in terms in that particular speech, not many white male actors would have the self awareness or humility to say what he said. There was also some nuance to it that made it more impressive. The fact that he likely annoyed the "SJW" crowd (many of whom loved Joker) was a bonus.
  2. I'm late but I refuse to celebrate Joker in any way. That Phillips has been nominated for directing/writing awards is laughable. BUT I will admit that Joaquin's BAFTA speech was brilliant and made me soften to him as a person. I'm cool with him sweeping the best actor award this season.
  3. I recall saying that the marketing for this movie wasn't very good and being told to wait and see. Mmm... lol I'm glad to see the good reviews, all the praise the action is getting and especially the love for Jurnee as BC. But I don't see how it wouldn't be disappointing if this movie doesn't open to 50M+. Certainly, that would be more than enough proof to me that Harley Quinn is an overrated character. That said, someone made a good point earlier about how this may be one of those movies where tracking doesn't capture the actual interest in the movie. We'll see. Ultimately, I just want it to be successful enough for WB to greenlight a sequel/spinoff that doesn't heavily feature Harley. I have a lot more interest in seeing a Black Canary/Green Arrow spinoff than GCS. No disrespect to Ivy and Catwoman but with SS2 coming, I need a longer break from Harley. (I'd honestly be surprised if GCS happens anytime soon.)
  4. I deleted it before I even saw this reply exactly because I knew someone would have this reaction. I don't even give af about Grace one or another, nor do I even care about this movie that much or her reaction. Just thought this tweet was funny. It ain't that serious. Now let me go back to my space on twitter where there is less sensitivity and faux outrage.
  5. First time here in awhile, just wanted to say I'm glad the movie is getting genuinely good reactions and most importantly, this is why I'm here..
  6. Best thing about this trailer (and poster) is how JDW is undoubtedly the star. Would have been easy (and the safe choice) to feature Pattinson more but he barely registers. Nolan giving me even more reason to stan.
  7. I've said it before but BoP making Shazam numbers would be disappointing. No that wouldn't make it flop but it would prove that Harley Quinn is indeed overrated. That said, I would hope Shazam numbers are enough for WB to greenlight a Black Canary/Green Arrow spinoff. That's all I want at this point, frankly.
  8. Even if The Hand plot in season 2 wasn't good, the stuff with Punisher and the Matt/Elektra relationship made it the most interesting season for me. Bullseye was the best part of season 3 and it's shame we won't get to see more of him but overall, I thought Daredevil was pretty overrated. Luke Cage was my favorite of the Netflix shows, namely because of how many great women characters it gave us. It reminded me of Black Panther in that way and how none of the other shows/movies even came close. Luke Cage also gave us the best version of Danny Rand...it deserves praise for that alone.
  9. Better than any of the official posters which is disappointing because WB at least does great posters but I've been unimpressed with the BoP ones thus far.
  10. I'm not even a big Lupita fan but the fact that she isn't a lock for a nomination in the same way Phoenix is considered a lock is both telling and predictable. The same applies to why Cynthia now looks like the favorite for the token black nomination. The idea that Harriet is a better role or that Erivo is a way more serious actress is laughable to me. She's in an awards friendly movie and a familiar role, re: black actors and what voters are willing to reward. It's that simple.
  11. Haven't had the time to respond to this since I watched but just wanted to say we are in agreement on this being a poignant episode, the best of the season in that regard. I can't quite place it above episode 6 because Hooded Justice's origin really is that good but it's right up there as well.
  12. Did I miss this being posted? I thought Black Knight was her love interest? Was that fake news, or are they going for a triangle?? 🤔
  13. Will be watching before bed. No spoilers but does it top episodes 6 and 7 for you?
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