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  1. What do audiences expect, exactly? Because I think it's safe to say that Wonder Woman and Aquaman have more in common with MCU movies than a DC movie like Joker.
  2. The fact that this movie will likely end up with 850M+ is certainly impressive. But a mid-budget movie starring the most famous villain of all time is hardly what I would call "financially risky." There was nothing risky about this movie, despite all the drama and controversy surrounding it.
  3. If you ignore the quality of the storytelling, sure. It has a great third act that takes it from mediocre to good but that's largely due to spectacle.
  4. I mean, I guess this sounds slightly better but that last sentence still shows his elistist mindset. Cinema is not one thing or another, cinema includes every kind of movie. I'd say it's unfortunate that he can't see that but whatever.... I can't say I particularly care what he thinks.
  5. Harley Quinn was a main character in a movie that made nearly 750M ww. She already had a huge headstart over a character like Shazam. So to me, this movie should be able to do 100M more than Shazam, at the very least. Anything less would be underwhelming, imo... regardless of the budget.
  6. Phillips doing a HP movie is some of the strangest speculation I've seen here. To say the compatibility of this match is low would be an understatement, indeed.
  7. Who said they did? It's not about BP or WW being firsts but how their massive success shows that there are no excuses for why we shouldn't have more CBMs with women and poc leads. It's amusing that you only call out Disney when WB wasn't doing much better. Again, Catwoman was over 15 years ago.
  8. Don't be dense. That was over 15 years ago. My point is that Cyborg was supposed to get a solo movie yet we haven't heard a thing about it. I'd be surprised if it was even still on WB's radar.
  9. What's wrong with that? Would be no different than WB rushing to build a cinematic universe because it's worked so well for Marvel. If only they looked at the success of Black Panther and finally decided to give Cyborg (or any black superhero) a solo movie....
  10. Lol at his comments not being negative. And doesn't matter if someone said something worse. What Scorsese said is no less ignorant.
  11. Ummm, a famous director says a very popular brand doesn't qualify as cinema and you don't think it would be all over the news even if people weren't "easily offended??" Please. His comments make him look small minded and out of touch in any case and deserved pushback.
  12. Who said he's not allowed to have an opinion? He is. And people are allowed to criticize his opinion. Not sure why that's equated to being "easily offended." Although what he said is offensive to the people who make these movies.
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