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  1. From what I'm seeing, these are likely people who are there for the limited new merchandise. There will be an "official" line starting this afternoon for those who want to make sure they get a seat at the Friday panels.
  2. Yeah. Can't wait for the wannabe film nerds to accuse any critics of this movie of not being smart enough to understand it. And of course it's gonna be interesting to see what word or pejorative ends up being the most overused. Woke vs incel vs sjw?? Lots of fun and enlightening discourse ahead, I'm sure!
  3. Take several seats and continue putting in all the work while Sony gets the great majority of the profits. Lol Any company in that position would want to negotiate a better deal. The only thing open for debate, as far as I can see, is what is considered a reasonable percentage that works for both companies.
  4. No one needs to spin this in Disney's favor. The fact that the consensus was to immediately blame Sony says it all. Sony is the one with the bad rep for ruining live-action Spider-Man. And regardless of what you think of Disney, to say they are being greedy for wanting a larger share of profits for movies they produce is simply ridiculous. Maybe 50/50 is too much but falling back on the default criticism of big bad evil Disney is just lazy. By the way, there is a viral video on twitter of Garfield saying he was heartbroken by what Sony basically did in sabotaging his Spider-Man. That will be Holland sitting in that same situation if Sony is back in control of the character again. And ultimately the only people who lose are Sony and the fans. Consider that while you're cheering for underdog Sony to stand its ground against evil Disney.
  5. Dune, from the same filmmaker who delivered the smash hit BR 2049. Lol It may very well be a big hit but that's hardly a guarantee. In any case, I don't think Disney has any plans to move Eternals or TLM.
  6. The point is, it wouldn't be the first time an actor didn't side with an employer and he doesn't owe Sony his loyalty. Not sure how you missed that.
  7. You mean like the Guardians cast was under contract with Disney yet still supported Gunn. Perhaps he needs to pressure Disney as well but I'm certainly not going to criticize him for a lack of loyalty to Sony.
  8. Uhh, he is young and Spidey was his breakout role but his potential is huge given that he is a very good actor. Anyway, the point is, he is a large part of the reason this reboot has been successful and if he wants to use the leverage he has to pressure Sony, so be it. Why should he be loyal to Sony when Sony would have no problem dropping him for a better deal? Just ask Andrew Garfield.
  9. Lol I don't care about the enunciation of the lyrics as much as I care about the actual voices and their version is certainly better than the underwhelming rendition that appears in the movie and this song as well. Mena is not a singer and it shows. He is the weakest link.
  10. A massive blow to the cinematic universe that now has X-Men, FF, Blade, Deadpool, etc and produced billion dollar movies before Spider-Man even showed up. Yes, what a massive blow.
  11. Watts knows how to make a fresh, entertaining movie and I will take that any day over many film nerd favorites. As for Reeves, I'd like to think I know a pretentious movie when I see it and I wouldn't describe his Apes movies as such. Maybe there should have been more levity but the serious tone never felt try hard to me.
  12. Sony will be fine as long as they have Watts and Holland but the spin here couldn't be more obvious. They are losing the PR battle and they know it. From their perspective, they are probably praying Disney "comes to its senses."
  13. Not happening, nor should it. He was the worst Peter Parker and highly overrated as Spider-Man.
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