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  1. Anime Box Office in Mainland China: 2021 : ¥4,175,030,000 (JPY75B) (1.5x of 2020) 2020 : ¥2,787,070,000 (JPY50.1B) More than 20 Japanese Anime Film has been released in 2021 &Japanese Animation Share is about ¥748M (JPY13.4B), where STAND BY ME 2 (¥277M), Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet (¥216M), Hello World (¥136M) takes No.1, 2, 3 respectively. 2021 Total Box Office in Mainland China : ¥47,038,350,000 (JPY840B)
  2. Actuals Until 01/23 (Sun): ■ Jujutsu Kaisen Movie 0 : ¥9,310,477,450 ■ Confidence Man JP Hero : ¥1,259,717,000 ■ Spiderman: No Way Home : ¥3,088,190,570 ■ 99.9: Criminal Lawyer : ¥2,403,082,900 ■ The Midnight Maiden War : ¥113,231,780 ■ ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5x20 "Records of Memories : ¥4,325,830,410 ■ Drive My Car : ¥293,362,080 (Expanded to 57 locations) The Midnight Maiden War Day-Date Breakdown:
  3. Studio Reports: WK Numbers (Sat-Sun) Jujutsu Kaisen Movie 0 : ¥409M /288K attendees Confidence Man JP Hero : ¥310M /215K attendees Spiderman: No Way Home : ¥254M /160K Est. Total: Confidence Man JP Hero : ¥1.2B /900K attendees The Midnight Maiden War : ¥113M /82K attendees (3-days /🆕) 99.9: Criminal Lawyer : ¥2.4B /1.83M attendees Your Turn To Die : ¥1.9B /1.44M attendees
  4. In 17 days, Spiderman: No Way Home grossed ¥3,086,443,080 with a mobilization of 2,029,613 until 01/23 (Sun). Global Total is ~¥192.8B.
  5. WK: Jan 22-23, 2022 (Sat-Sun) Rankings based on WK attendees 1️⃣ Jujutsu Kaisen Movie 0 (5th WK /P.W. : 2nd) ↗️ 2️⃣ Confidence Man JP Hero (2nd WK /P.W. : 1st) ↘️ 3️⃣ Spiderman: No Way Home (3rd WK /P.W. : 3rd) 4️⃣ 99.9: Criminal Lawyer (4th WK /P.W. : 4th) 5️⃣ The Midnight Maiden War 🆕 6️⃣ House of Gucci (2nd WK /P.W. : 5th) ↘️ 7️⃣ CODA 🆕 8️⃣ Cry Macho (2nd WK /P.W. : 6th) ↘️ 9️⃣ Boss Baby 2: Family Business (6th WK /P.W. : 8th) ↘️ 🔟 Your Turn To Die (7th WK /P.W. : 7th) ↘️ P.W. : Previous Weekend Rank Note: Only W
  6. Jujutsu Kaisen Movie 0 complete it's 1-month run (31-days), grossing ¥9,310,477,450 with a mobilized crowd of 6,812,266. Just made its way to TOP 50 highest grossing film in Japan with 50th. 4D &Dolby Cinemas expansion will start from 2/5 (Sat). Distribution in Premium Format 4DX &MX4D : 80 Dolby Cinemas : 5
  7. At January 21, 2022, Media Link Taiwan, a division of Media Link (Head-quarters at Hong Kong) announced that Japanese Animation Film, Jujutsu Kaisen Movie 0 will release on February 24, 2022 (Thurs) in Taiwan via Facebook.
  8. AEON Cinemas at 50% occupancy, but restriction actually shows stronger legs because non-casual movie-goers seek films as alt. Entertainment when restaurant, parks &Gym closes early.
  9. Given Sequel was announced 1 month after releasing TBALC. Yes, that 875K anticipation is a lots of hypes in 3-months.
  10. They are looking for drop less than 40%. But, I hardly doubt about it's effect. Whatever it might be, Holland will pass the lifetime of his former Spiderman by Sunday. Sony's present target is just to have as many repeated visitors as they can to hold WK &to encounter new local film appearing each WK. Let's see how they ends Saturday. Cumulative Total for No Way Home until Friday (01/21) is ~¥2.8B. BTW, I myself have watched once. Because I want to save money for 4DX → Jujutsu Kaisen Movie 0.
  11. First 24 Hours of pre-sales Avengers: Endgame : ¥137M /$20M Detective Chinatown 3 : ¥103M /$15M Detective Chinatown 3's Pre-sales Records 103% of Avengers: Endgame ($331M /5-days) 202% of Avengers: Infinity War ($201M /3-days) 237% of Monster Hunt 2 ($190M /3-days) 307% of Furious 8 ($196M /3-days) 358% of it's former (DC2) ($156M /3-days) Detective Chinatown 3 Closed in $75M pre-sales OD : ¥1,040M /$160M (Via Gavin)
  12. $1.2B is my highest bet. I do not think $1.5B is possible. Well, Our present target is to reach $1B in single market. Anything above like $1.5B is great but can not think about it as of now.
  13. 2022 Chinese New Year Pre-sales (Day 1 ending at 24:00 CST) 1️⃣ Water Gate Bridge : ¥15.7M 2️⃣ Nice View : ¥6.9M 3️⃣ Too Cool To Kill : ¥5.5M 4️⃣ Only Fools Rush in : ¥4.7M 5️⃣ Sniper : ¥4.2M 6️⃣ Boonie Bear : Back To Earth : ¥0.86M 7️⃣ Dunk For Future : ¥0.36M 8️⃣ Run, Tiger Run ! : ¥0.1M In Compare To Their Anticipation At Maoyan: Water Gate Bridge : 860K Nice View : 580K Too Cool To Kill : 446.5K Only Fools Rush in : 510K Sniper : 124K Boonie Bear : Back To Earth : 302K Dunk For Future : 110K Run, Ti
  14. Can not pair with DC3. Originally, I forecast $480M, but 1st Day seem slow (neither I was alive at that period). Let me see how Day 2 runs. I do not know what will happen tomorrow but at this moment your bet ($300M) is safest one. Maoyan Anticipation is about 860K
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