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  1. $65M is the budget of the 1995's Jumanji, welcome to the jungle's budget is $90M and next level's budget is $125-132M.
  2. They've been pretty accurate for the past few months though, in terms of estimates not projections of course.
  3. With $395M after a $10M weekend and labor day in a month $440M easily yes, Charlie is expecting $455M domestically I think. In Japan it was at $36M last Sunday, $50M this Sunday and is expected to finish with at least $110M.
  4. There's $70M minimum coming from Japan following projections it will be at $40M by Sunday, $50M at least domestically, 11 countries yet to come including Germany and still a reasonable amount overseas, you can doubt about $1,1B but certainly not about $1B. In 2 weeks it's done at worst.
  5. Aladdin had bigger increases on Saturday at the beginning because it was the end of may beginning of June, not all kids were on vacations yet, the Saturday's increases during July were between 33 and 37%, that's a comp!
  6. With that I can see $80/83M but I don't understand the $90/95M range that the industry is expecting.
  7. Do you have an estimate for Thursday? Is that you already who said $29,5M for Tuesday?
  8. And overseas too, $4/5M is probably coming just from France.
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