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  1. So if it does $1b domestic and $1.9b overseas, what will be the profit ? $1B
  2. So basically it is crossing $2b next Sunday USA $650m China $550 Others $880m
  3. People gave standing ovation to this movie, I haven't seen anything like this in my lifetime. Now having watched this movie 3 times, I can say yaa this movie is really the greatest CBM if you have watched all 21 previous marvel movie. Russos and the writer deserves so much accolades for this, Infinity war was action packed, so in endgame they went for the characters we love,
  4. Just came out of the #AvengersEndgame premiere!! I’m at a lost for words!! I witnessed cinematic history. I’ve never cried, laughed & cheered so hard at a movie ever. Y’all are in for a heck of a ride!! This movie will forever change the MCU & how cinematic universes are seen!!, Someone on twitter posted this
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