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  1. TF5 projections: SUN: 230M (870M weekend) MON: 100M TUE: 85M WED: 75M THU: 65M (~1.2B) FRI: 70M SAT: 100M SUN: 80M (1.35B) May add another 300-350M after that.... so 1.65-1.7B finish.
  2. I'm thinking around 25% drop for 230M.... but 30% isn't out of the question either.
  3. TF5 running at 18M per hour right now (75% of FF5). If it continues this pace for the day, it will land at 310-320M Yuan.
  4. Added nearly 14M in the last hour (vs 17.5M for FF5 or 80%)..... if it can continue this pace... maybe it can push towards 280-290M, giving it a shot at 2B.... but let's see how the evening goes....
  5. It was at 211M. Added another 200M for the day (accrording to FRI estimates). Currently, TF5 running at 75% hourly pace of FF5.... but the latter was a April release. In the evenings shows.... the ratio should be 65%. So, taking 70% as avg... TF5 should add another 140M after 12PM.... i.e. 135+140 = 275M.
  6. 135M at 12PM..... Should be the midpoint.... FF5 was slightly over midpoint at this time. So.... 260-280M OD.
  7. Decent opening..... Beating TF4 and hitting 2B Yuan is still possible.... but it will need some effort; decent WOM is critical. If it can somehow manage 300M OD then it would have a decent shot; anything less than 280M, and it is probably gone.
  8. That is the norm.... for instance, last year same weekend: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/daily/chart/?sortdate=2016-06-12&p=.htm All movies in Top-10 dropped 27-33%.
  9. Sunday drop should be closer to 30%. Still, 55M 2nd weekend is fantastic. Edit: With deadline's new Sat estimate of 23.8M.... 57M weekend is possible.
  10. Decent opening for Mummy.... let's see how far it can go.... Dangal still chugging along..... Nice!
  11. Fantastic number for Dangal... it will easily cross 1.1B by Saturday... and if it gets an extension, should finish with 1.2B+. 1.1B translates to around $160M, so Dangal made twice in China than it did in India!
  12. Dangal looking to do 40M+ today! It should cross 1B by Tuesday.
  13. Baabhubali 2 crossed 1500Cr this weekend. Dangal also crossed 1450Cr and is quickly closing the gap.
  14. That's true.... but the day-to-day drop was pretty steep... maybe it is just an anomaly. But I guess 1.1B is the high end now.
  15. At this rate, Dangal will get to 1B even without extension.

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