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  1. That trailer is significantly better than the official one from April, how does Disney keep stuffing their marketing up? It's also better than the "Come Home" TV spot which further perpetuates the idea that the remake is an emotionless cash grab. The official trailer should have shown that level of emotion and the talking voices, not just the moody scenes we got. Hopefully they ramp up the marketing now and show more footage like that.
  2. 53M mid-Friday update from Deadline for Pikachu... only mid-Saturday can prove itself as a family film now. Otherwise it's not looking good at all (sub-10x multi?!)
  3. Are we really expecting a 10-11x multi from previews? I put it at the lowest-end of a kids movie multi, which is 15x. That's $85M OW. With 3x legs that's $256M. Big success. Hopefully I'm not being delusional... I feel like the split will be somewhat DOM-heavy at 38/62, so $675M WW. Hope it does 700M+ though.
  4. Dragons did $3M previews and $55M OW $100M OW is possible after these $5.7M previews if it plays the same
  5. It's looking like 6m or more based on Litio's post: Dumbo OW/P gives it $105M-$120M OW If its previews comps are like Lego Movie 2 which did $1.5M previews -> $34M weekend (22.7 ratio), then it's $108M based on the $4.75M number. I think people have been lowballing Pika Pika
  6. What should its OW/P ratio be? Dumbo, another live action kids movie featuring a CGI animal did $2.6M previews with a $46M OW. That's a ratio of 17.7 or so. Other animation kids movies seem to all fall within 15-20 OW/P ratios. Does this mean Pika's estimated $6M-$7M previews leads to a $95M-$125M OW?
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